Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot

Genre:Action, Adventure, Shōnen
Writer:Jayce Signmorou

Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot is a fan made digimon series. It's premise is twenty five years after the events of Fan: Digimon Academy a new group of tamers go to Digimon Academy. Once there they run into an all new set of problems caused by the Big Death-Stars and other villianous digimon.

Plot summary

So far in the series the 'Noobs' of Digimon Academy have arrived and have already starting forming friendships and enemies. As per usual with Digimon Island their digimon reverted to In-Trainings as they entered the island. We have also seen a glimpse at the goings on of the Digital World. Dorbickmon was seen summoning a powerful and dangerous digimon to rampage across the Digital World. Hawkmon sees this and flies off to Mount Olympus to warn Jupitermon.

At the academy, the noobs are initiated. Their Digimon all recieve physicals, and they choose their classes. Most recently, they were paired up with "battle partners" for Fighting 101.

Also, several of the villains are introduced or revealed (Such as Gwen, Lessa, and the Evil Masters) making plans against the heroes, Royal Knights, and Olympus Twelve.


(Main Article: List of characters in Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot)


Dorbickmon is one of the Big Death-Stars and summons a Volcdramon to rampage across the Digital World

  • Flamedramon is one of Dorbickmon's minions in his Dragon Army.

Shademon is an evil Digimon who managed to escape the Dark Area by posessing an unknown human girl. NeoVamdemon is one of the Big Death-Stars. He sends Lessa to destroy the Evil Masters starting with Puppetmon.

  • Lessa Reanne and her partners, Novos and Duro, were sent by NeoVamdemon to destroy the Evil Masters.

The Evil Masters are a group that was first formed by Devimon while disguised as Apokarimon. They decided to leave him and form their own team.

  • Piedmon is the current leader of the Evil Masters.
  • MetalSeadramon is presumably Piedmon's second in command* and seems to be the pessimist of the group.
  • Machinedramon is the 'muscle' of the Evil Masters group.*
  • Puppetmon is the weakest Evil Master. He was destroyed by Lessa using Puppetmon's DigiDreams*, apparently stolen by NeoVamdemon.

Other Characters

Hawkmon: is a digimon who witnesses Dorbickmon summoning Volcdramon and goes to warn Jupitermon

Digital World

Because the Digital World was reset twenty five years ago it aged thousands of years in a few weeks and is now incredibly different from how it was during the events of Digimon Academy. It has not yet been explored and so all we know of it is Digimon Island and Digimon Academy. Digimon Island has not been fully explored and Digimon Academy is much different from how it used to be.

* This part of the article is either presumed or fan-named due to insuficient evidence.

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