Digimon Advances

Genre:Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance
Director:Zekons AKA Samjoos[1]

Digimon Advances (デジモンアドベント Dejimon Adobento?) is the first Digimon X-Evolution season.


In the 2014 years, Daiki Yuto, the 14 years old aloof boy who searching the endangered and rare insects before he saw the unknown Digimon voice named Dorumon that the glows into thin air like so. Two humans who was friend of Daiki named Mizumi who how to learn bakes a sweet cake and Gin who research about strange mutation which is heard their unknown voices; like Daiki, they transported into the Digital World.


Main Protagonist

Daiki Yuto

Main article: Fan:Daiki Yuto

Daiki's Partners

Mizumi Yamazuki

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Mizumi's Partners

(Fused into Bewitchmon)
(Fused into Bewitchmon)

Gin Judai

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Gin's Partners



  • Rika Yuto
  • Peter Carter
  • Gennai



The Five Dark Kings

The Eight Dark Knights

Enemy Digimon


  1. The Beginning of the Seven Sea
  2. Advancing the Worlds
  3. Dorumon's Evolution
  4. Biyomon's Firepower
  5. Howl like BlackGarurumon
  6. The X-Antibody Virus
  7. The Decision Battle
  8. Dorumon's Full Power
  9. Phantomon's Attack
  10. Seadramon's Sea
  11. Etemon's Rocks
  12. Rising up Velgemon
  13. Velgemon's Strike Again
  14. Phantomon's Playmate
  15. Shadows Like the Wolf
  16. Seraphimon's Story
  17. The Insectify Way
  18. Breaking the Limits
  19. Angel and Demon Fusion
  20. Digimon In Space
  21. A Dinosaur Planet