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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Departure For A New Continent

The old man looked at all of us, one at a time. He took a sigh, and then started speaking.

"Hello, digidestined. As you may know, this is not the end of your problems in the digital world." The old man started. I wanted to know who this man was, so I asked him.

"What is your name, old man?" I asked, hoping that saying old man at the end wouldn't offend him. "Sorry for saying old man." I added in pretty soon.

"I don't take offense to that. For I know I'm a old man. Now on to your question, what is my name? I will tell you, my name is Gennai." The old man told us. He was wearing black outfit. Like a long black jacket is what I mean, and I couldn't see what pants he was wearing. He also had a big beard, and like three hairs on his head. His gloves were red, much like Soras. It also looked like his shoes were red as well. He was a very short man, only a little bit taller than Izzy himself. "I will try to advise you on how to defeat these new threats."

"Hey Gennai, did you send us here? I mean, like did you send us to the digital world to have us defeat these enemies or bad digimon?" Tai asked Gennai, and he glanced at Tai. I can't tell if he looked annoyed or not at Tai. I wouldn't see why he would be though.

"I did not send you here to the digital world. You were chosen to come here and save the digital world. The problem is, since you were chosen, it is up to just you seven and digimon to save us all. You want me to tell you what you must do yet?" Gennai checked out all of our faces. I was ready at least, I just hoped everybody else was.

"How about you tell us?" Matt told Gennai. Gennai held out his hands in a sort of slow down sort of way. Like a kind of give me some time sort of way as well.

"You cannot be able to defeat any of these new villains without digivolving even further than before. Because the way you digimon are will not be enough to just go into champions." Gennai gave us his answer, and as you can guess, we were all surprised. i wanted to know how this could happen.

"Gennai sir, you said we can digivolve further. How is this possible?" Izzy asked Gennai. Gennai laughed a little bit, and he was ready to speak us his words of wisdom once again.

"Mr. Izzy, you want to know. so tell you, I will. Their are these things called digidestined necklaces. With their is a extra attachment called the tags. There are seven of these necklaces and tags, one for each of you." He showed us the necklaces by images. Well, images by mallage.

"Where do you get these necklaces and tags?" I asked Sir Gennai, and he looked happy. Probably because we were asking him all the questions we needed to right now, instead of trying to find him later.

"You must go to a new area of land. You have to travel by water over to the continent of Server. Once there, you must first find the necklaces. They are all at the same area. The reason you must find the necklaces first, is due to the fact that you can't find the tags unless if you do so. And as I said, the necklaces are in the exact same place each. Once you find these necklaces, you must find the tags. The tags must be found one at a time, for they are not in the same area. The necklaces shall glow when you are near the location of your tag. When your necklace glows, you must search for the tag, or you will not be able to find it. Although a order of when the necklaces are going to glow for you guys is not at all planned." I was glad that we at least where getting all this out the way and learned now instead of learning about everything later. "This shall be the end of this conversation with us for now. If we need to talk again, I will contact you. If you need my advice, you can be able to find me if you really try. I will be your helper and mentor throughout these events." Gennai disappeared right as I was going to ask how we were going to find Gennai if we needed him. I was trying to decide if we should trust this guy. I mean, he gave us all this information, and we first met him. It could possibly be a trap set up by one of the enemies we must face. One thing was for sure, we needed to get out from the mountain peak.

"Let's leave now." I told everybody. They agreed, and I lead them all down the mountain. Since I had went up this mountain three times by now. once down the mountain, we decided to take a break for the day. The place we chose to take a break at was near the water edge. While we were resting, I noticed that Tai was starting to have a small spass or something like that. I ran up to Tai to see what his problem was. "Tai, what's going on?" Tai looked at me. Sora walked next to me, and she got a angry look on her face.

"He's having withdrawal. He told me that he does drugs with his father when you guys were gone." I was shocked by this. I looked at Tai, and tried to keep my cool. It was his choice if he did that kind of stuff or not, and I can't do anything about it. But I wanted to know if this true.

"Is Sora telling the truth?" I asked Tai, and he looked down. As if he was in trouble.

"Yes. She's also right. I'm going into something called withdrawal. When you stay away from them for too long. But you get over it within a couple of hours. So you don't have to worry about me." Sora shook her head, and walked away from Tai and I. I can tell that she doesn't like the idea of Tai getting into this stuff. I might not approve of it either, but as I said, it's his choice.

"I hope you can get over this withdrawal business. For you're going to have to stay away from these things for a long time." I walked away from Tai. He gave me a look of thanks, he thought I was most likely going to chew him out. I do hope he can get over his addiction. I sat away from most of the people, so I can observe them. They were all asleep, besides Tai. Even he was going to sleep pretty quick. So I was just watching the asleep, to make sure they didn't get hurt while they slept. However, since I was watching them, it would be fine if I got hurt. I sat in the distance, watching for about half a hour before I got a call on my phone. In order to not get distracted while I was watching, I didn't answer it. I would check what it was later. About a hour after I got the call, everybody awoke. That was I thought it would be okay for me to check who called. I walked away from them into the woods, so I could be alone. I checked my messages. It was Jim, what would he be calling about. I listened to the message, and it wasn't Jim. It was my father.

"Hey, Joe, wherever you are come home right now, your brother Jim got beat up really bad by a gang. He's in the hospital right now, and he's requesting your presence." Damn it, when I was away, he gets hurt. Then I remembered the warning Devimon gave us when he was defeated. If the digimon dies, then the human companion will be affected in some way. not even a day in the digital world passed since we defeated Devimon, and Jim gets beat up by a gang. I added it all together, and the results aren't pleasing. Was it possible, that Devimon was Jims digimon? If so, then wow, I would be responsible for this happening. I think T.K. also told me that Eleckmon said Devimon was born almost twenty one years ago, and Jim was turning 21 in December. I just hope it wasn't serious or anything like that. And that it can be taken care of within a few days, hours in there. I sat down, and held my hands to my face. This wasn't something that would be pleasant to think about. Matt walked in to the area I was at, to see what was going on.

"Joe, what's the problem? Everybody is wondering where you are right now." I took my hands away from my face, and told him.

"I found out that there is a chance that Devimon was my brothers digimon partner this whole time. Because just now, I got a message from my father that Jim got seriously beat up. And Devimon and him are both the same age." Matt sat down next to me.

"How do you know this wasn't just some prank somebody made up?" I clasped both my hands together, and got up. I was shaking my hands up and down, trying to get my point extra across.

"It's my father. He cares about Jim more than anything else in the world. He will give Jim any luxury he wants, and let's him make the choices he wants. Even let him makes the decisions he wants with his career. So do you think that he would just be lying about something this serious? Huh, Matt, you tell me!?" Matt was walking away from me. With his hands in the air.

"Woah. Calm down Joe, I was just trying to make sure about this." I settled down. I just left Matt to be alone in the woods, and headed back to the place everybody else was. Everybody was looking at me, and Izzy was concerned for my sake.

"Joe, why were you gone for so long?" Izzy asked me, and I shrugged. Matt was right behind me, and he was panting for air.

"You know what Izzy, maybe I was just taking a walk to calm my head won from all this stuff." I sat down next to Tai, and I looked at everybody else real close. Now was time to make our choice. Were we going to go to Server or not?

"Everybody, let's get right to the point. We need to decide if we will follow the advice Gennai gave us or not. About going to Server to find these necklaces and tags." I started. I held my hands out, waiting for people to speak up. Was anybody going to speak up?

"I think we should stay here a little longer. So we could get a little better. Because at least here, we know what we are to face." Izzy voted. I wouldn't put in my vote until everybody else gave in their contributions. So one against it, I counted.

"Izzy, at least if we go to Server, we would have a lead on how to go home. I say we go to Server." Sora gave in her vote. So now we have one for the idea, one against the idea. I hoped it wouldn't be a tie by the time it came to me.

"I want to go home. I will be fine with whatever it does take for us to all go home." Mimi voted next. Now we and two for the idea, and one against the idea.

"I think we should stay here until we truly know what Gennai says is the truth or not. For it might be a trap somebody puts up for us." Tai stated his vote. Two for the idea, and two against the idea now.

"We should go there, give it a try. Maybe we can't do it, we can find a way back here." Matt voted. Now we had three for it, and two against it. I looked at T.K., ready for him to decide.

"I want to follows Matts lead. Besides, maybe Patomon will return if we go, so he can help us defeat these enemies. Because like it or not, we will have to do what Gennai says. It's the only way we can return home. And I feel as if finding these necklaces and tags will be of a great help to us when we find these evil digimon. Because let me tell you, we will need extra digivlution. Devimon said these were even more powerful than himself, and we barely defeated Devimon. Even with all seven of our digimon going to their champion stage. So my final vote is that I'm in." I knew that we had a majority vote now. So my vote was decided for me.

"Since we have a majority voted already. My vote is that we go to Server and see if we can find these necklaces and tags." I put my hand out in that sort of way when sports people do it and have that 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown. Then once they reach one, they throw their hands up. Everybody did the same thing. I did the countdown. "Five, Four, Three, Two, One, the digidestined." I threw my hand up, and everybody did the same. The six of them ate their dinner that night, I told them that I would pass on it. Everybody went to sleep within the next hour or so, for we were all tired. Yesterday was a long and crazy day, T.k. was right. If we were to defeat these enemies, we needed the necklaces and tags. We barely defeated Devimon, with just the regular champion forms. I went to sleep, and had another dream.

-I was in the hospital, watching Jim, he was in a coma. I hoped he would remember me when he woke up. It was really late at night, like one in the morning or something like that. I knew I had to stay up and pull a all nighter, so I can see him when he first awakens. Then I heard a loud noise, like glass breaking on the floor. I got up, just to investigate what the noise was. It was really dark in the hall of the hospital. lights were flickering, and I went for the closet light socket. I flicked it open, and I saw a little girl crying. I went up to the little girl, and saw that she was covered in blood. She was wearing a green t-shirt, with short blue jeans. She was also wearing pink running shoes. She couldn't have been any older than eleven.

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" I asked her. She cried even harder.

"Tai's such a jerk. I just asked if I can read one of his comic, and he told me I wasn't old enough for that. He also said that it's a guys thing to read comics." She came into my embrace, and I hugged her.

'What's your name?" I asked the little girl, confused by the fact that she just mentioned Tai. I wondered if this was the Tai in my group.

"My name is Kari, I know your brother is ill. Why don't you go back to his room?" I shook my head, she needed to get home first.

"Let me take you home first." I led her to my car, and I drove in the late night. It was really scary driving in this time of night, and there was almost no lights on. The only reason I was able to take her home was because she told me where her house was. "Why are you covered up in blood?" Kari looked at me, and held her head down.

"Just something that happened on my way to the hospital I would rather not talk about it." I didn't ask her any further, because she didn't want to discuss it. Wwe reached her house, and I let her inside. It was really dark inside, and I turned on the light. I saw three dead bodies on the floor, and I came to check who they were. Kari ran over, and started to cry like how she did before. I looked down, and saw Tai. As well as his parents were on the ground, and Kari ran out of the house. I was just in shock, and I left the house a minute later. I shut the door as hard as I could on my way out.-

I woke up the next morning, everybody else was already awake and waiting for me. I wasn't able to eat anything that morning, since they already had all the food while waiting for me. We went to the water, and decided that we would make it to Server by raft. So we all went our separate ways to get all the wood we needed to use for it. But while we were doing so, Leomon came over. Along with all the other digimon that had black gears with them during our adventures on this island. With the exception of Ogremon that is. They finished making the raft for us, and we got on it. The flag we made was put onto the center of the raft, so we wouldn't lose it on the way there. I was already seasick, so I threw up real quick just to get it out of the way. Now we were ready to go. While we were in the sea, we saw a shadow below us. I assumed it was another digimon, and I was starting to freak out.

"What is that thing?" I asked, and it swallowed us, I guess my question was answered. It was a whale sort of thing. We started to go all the way down it, and we reached its center real fast. The acid started to melt our raft, and I looked up. I saw another black gear. "Guys, how are we going to destroy this black gear?" I said, pointing up at it.

"Leave it all to me." Agumon told me.

"Agumon digivolve to... GREYMON!" Agumon yelled. He looked up into the gear.

"Nova Blast!" Greymon yelled, shooting out a ball of fire. It hit the black gear, and the whale started to fight around. It shoot out some water, and we flew through that hole thingie on the top of its back. We all went into the water, and I was already starting to sink.

"Sorry for almost eating you. My name is Whamon. As a apology, I will take you anywhere you want me to."

"Can you take us to the continent of Server?" Izzy asked, and Whamon lowered itself so we can get on its back.

'It will take a few day for me to take you there. About five days or so, if you went by that raft, then it would have taken over ten days. So you save over half the time it would have taken you guys.

"Do you know of these necklaces and tags?" T.K. asked Whamon, and the whale answered.

'I don't know anything about tags, but I know where seven necklaces are. Devimon hid them when he took over File Island. It is under the sea, I will take you there along the way to Server right now." Whamon lowered itself into the water, and took us to the location it said they are at. A store, interesting. We went off the whales back, and started to go inside the store. But then a digimon came out of the ground, and attacked us right before we went inside the store. Gomamon and Tentomon looked at each other.

"Doht thou want to show this digimon a lesson?' Gomamon asked Tentomon.

"It's (I can't remember the name so I'm winging it!) Omanymon?' Tentomon replied. They started to digivolve.

"Gomamon digivolve to.. IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled.

'Tentomon digivolve to... KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled. We went inside the store, while they held the digimon off. They started to fight so hard that the store was falling apart, and I found was under a counter. T.K. was right next to me, and we found a box. We opened it, and found seven necklaces. I yelled at everybody that T.K. and I found the seven necklaces. We regrouped just outside the store doors and we each put one of the necklaces on.

"Harpoon Torpdeo!" Ikkakumon yelled.

'Electro Shocker!" Kabuterimon yelled, and both attacks hit the digimon. The black gear was destroyed. It was nice to know this was the last of the black gears Devimon made that we had to deal with. The digimon went back down underground, and we went back on top of Whamon. He went back from under the water, and five days later, we reached the continent of Server. We were all hungry, and very much energetic. Since we all had a lot of sleep along the way to Server. We got off of Whamon, and thanked it.

"I hope we meet again. If you need my help again, I will try to find you." Whamon said, and went back under the sea. Now we just needed to find the seven tags that went along with each of our proper necklaces. I hoped we didn't have to deal with one of the enemies Gennai spoke of when we are searching for the tags. But if we work together, then we shall be fine until the tags are all found.

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