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Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: The Arrival Of Skullgreymon

We have been walking for about two days since Tai got his tag, and Etemon became a problem for us. Matt suggested that we take a break, and we all agreed to this. Tai and I went off to some food.

'Do you think we might be able to use your tag now?" I asked Tai. Tai shrugged, and I felt the same exact way.

"Either I can start using it now to digivolve Greymon even further. Or that we will have to collect more tags to add up our collection. I want Agumon to eat a lot now so he be full enough to digivolve. Or at least try it out." This was true, digimon usually can't digivolve further unless if they are full on food, at least for the first time they go into the champion stage. I felt it would require the same for this stage in the digivolution chart.

'You know what?" I told Tai, and I went on. "I will let Agumon be fed the food we find that you will have for me. But for everybody else, you might have to do a little convincing." I looked over my soldier, and found a good portion of food. "I found some food, a bunch fruit and that good stuff. Like bananas, apples and oranges." Tai and I went to the tree I was talking about, and took some of each. I climbed up the tree a little bit, so I could get more of the fruit. I was crawling up the tree as I was grabbing some. When I grabbed some pieces, I threw them down to Tai. He was able to catch them without problem. With the exception of one orange. after I climbed up about half the tree and getting a few days worth of fruit, I jumped down the tree. I reached the ground, my foot turned the wrong way. Wow, that hurt a good deal. However, I didn't fall down enough of the tree to get greatly wounded. "Never again." I told Tai, and we walked all the way back to everybody else. I did the math, about three days worth of food.

"Agumon, time to eat." Tai told his digimon, and Agumon looked intimidated. I took everybody up to the tall of a small hill, so Tai could do his business. Tai started to shove food down Agumons mouth, and he obeyed at first. But as time passed, Agumon slowly started to eat slower. Even stopped eating after a while.

'Why did Tai have to take all of our food? I'm so freaking hungry. " Mimi said to herself.

'Hey Agumon, eat the food now. It's not my fault everybody let me take the food. So you could eat as much as you can. So open up now." Tai tried telling Agumon, and Izzy groaned under his breath.

"We didn't give him any of the food. He just decided that he should feed Agumon like three days worth of food." I glared at everybody. Because they were being little whiny snobs. I can go almost two and a half weeks without eating. Then again, they probably didn't have to deal with my father. Sora was thinking to herself. Tai was just being a friend to us all. Although what he does affects the group now, he was doing it for the best of the group. She thought to herself, and she wanted to explain it to everybody.

"Listen, just because Tai is doing this now, doesn't mean he doesn't care about everybody else. I can say from experience at being his friend, that he does this for the best of everybody. Even if it hurts somebody he cares about at the moment. He cares about us all in some way, as friends. Like about three years ago, when he and I were having a soccer game against a rivaling team. What happened was this. Somebody in my team was kicking the ball, our team was three points behind, and the person wanted to kick the ball to me. But he came in, and kicked the ball for my place. He managed to kick the ball into the net, and we scored the goal. we were now on a tie with the other team. We then got two teams, and we won. But only because he took the role as kind of the saver at that moment. So he's just doing this right now to ensure Agumon can digivolve using his tag, and filling him up with food. But deep down, he cares, so go nice on him. besides, we can eat anytime."

"I can't take anymore of this food." Agumon tried telling Tai.

"Everybody relies on you to do this. So please, eat up as much as you can. Get going again." Tai told his digimon, and Agumon had to give in. I looked down, saddened. I don't know why I felt so sad. Maybe it was being next to all this these people that might even care about me. I knew Matt and Sora both didn't give a damn about me. I noticed something, however. My necklace was glowing. It was glowing a color of light blue, my favorite color in the bank.

"Guys, my necklace is glowing right now." I got up, and started to run. Sort of in the direction of where it was glowing. Everybody ran after me after a few seconds of being confused. Even Tai and Agumon stopped the eating and coaching session. I ran until the point when I just couldn't anymore. The necklace stopped glowing, I guessed I missed the chance to get it. However, I did see something in the distance. It looked like a house, and I wanted to see if I was correct. I started running again to the place of where I thought I saw the house. It took about ten to do so, but I did it. Everybody was considerably behind me, but they caught up to me. I was correct, it was a house. It looked dark and empty.

"Do you think we should knock?" Tai asked, and I shrugged. If we can get in, there might be somebody nice. Then they might let us have something good to eat for once. Izzy knocked on the door, and there was a answer. But nobody was there. It looked as if the door just opened by itself. We all looked confused, but everybody nodded towards me. They approved of me going inside to check it out. They also indicated that they would come with me if I did or not. I came inside the house slowly, hoping it wasn't haunted or anything like that. Izzy went out to the corner of the room, and opened a fridge. Inside it was all the things you could want to find for regular lunch and dinner. Eggs, meat, lettuce, cheese, and the stuff you make tortillas with. That was just the basics, but I could see there was even more in it. Matt and Tai sat on the couch, right next to each other. Like within inches of each other. I went to the small one person couch, and sat in it before anybody else could. T.k. was chilling in the seat in front of the T.V., and he turned it on. It turned on the news.

"Environmental problems are happening all around the world. Snow is covering a good portion of the country of Japan. In some countries in Africa are starting to get very flooding. Flooded with water that looks sort of like chocolate sauce. Places that are normally freezing are burning hot like Greenland. Places that are normally blazing hot are now freezing cold like Death Valley." T.K. turned off the T.V.

"What?' He asked. 'Does this mean that some things that happen while we are in the Digital World are affecting the real world? If so, then soon the entire world will be affected in some way if we stay here too much longer." Sora came out of the bathroom, I wonder what kind of things she was doing in there? I always wonder what females did in the restroom, because I'm straight. Besides, Sora is a pretty cool girl, somebody I would like if she was my age. Mimi was in the corner, looking like she was crying. I came over to her.

"Hey, why the are you crying?' I asked Mimi.

"Just thinking about what my home is like. What my parents might be be thinking right now since we're missing. Or Eric from the summer camp. I wonder what everything would be like if, you know who is still alive. We might still be living in America." Mimi answered, and I put my hand on my solider.

"Sorry for that." I told her. Then I went back to the one person couch I sat on earlier. Matt started to play with Tais hair, and he was smiling. Looking like he was taking in pleasure to it with every stroke he made. Tai looked at Matt, and pushed his hand away.

"Don't do that to me.' Tai told Matt, and Matt looked down. All disappointed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings Tai." Matt said in pure honesty. He still wished he could have played with Tais hair just a little bit longer. To take just in a small bit of more pleasure. He got up, and made us all dinner from the fridge. It looked like he made us some pizza, Round Table style. Because Round Table is the honest pizza, as they say. I would have to agree, it's my third favorite fast food place. Behind Flamethrowers at Diary Queen and Subway. It took a little over a hour for Matt to make this food.

'Joe, get the crap up and help me give all this pizza out to everybody." I got up, and helped him distribute out the pizza. He made three thirty-six, seven inch, pieces of pizza. I gave everybody three slices, and matt gave the digimon about three slices each. We ate all our pizza in ten minutes, and we still wanted more. But we decided to keep all the pizza we had for later accounts. When the sun was setting, Izzy pulled us all aside.

'Can you get yourself comfortable right now? I have a story to tell you all.' Everybody reluctantly did as he asked.

'What is the story about?' Tai asked Izzy.

"Everything there is to tell. I will start from the bottom. From the day I came out of my moms belly, and had my doctor cut my cord, so I can be set free into life." He was implying that he was telling was about his whole lifetime, and I knew that we really did have to make ourselves comfortable. Izzy popped all his fingers, and gave us all a sinister look.

"I was born in the year of 1976. On the day November 11th. Somewhere in England. My mom and dad loved me for how I was and looked. That was until the first couple years of my life have passed by. I lived in England until I was about one or two years old. when my parents were going on a trip, they had a caretaker for me, but the plane crashed, and they both died. My uncle and his wife obviously got heartbroken by this news, as you all could tell. I, only being a little baby, would not be able to express my feelings for what happened. But my uncle and his wife decided to adopt me. For the fact that I was true family, and they felt bad. Another thing that brings this to being is the fact that my uncles wife has a problem that makes it so she can't have any kids. At least it's nice to know that they don't have sex, because it would very weird if I was hearing loud gasping as they did it. Or worse, if I walked into them doing it. Or maybe they do have the deed, and it is just done when I'm not around. Anyways, you might ask, how would I know all this? Including the fact that my uncle and his wife have never told me personally all of these little details. well, for a few years, I was blind to this finding. But about three or four years later, I heard them having a brutal talk one night. They wanted to decide if it was right to tell me about this happening or not. Well, they should have, because I wouldn't be busy trying to live this stupid lie about something like this. The thing was, my door was open a jar, so I went up to close it. You know, so the light wouldn't keep me up all night long. But it was when I heard it, and I listened to them. They said it they should let the truth out, or if I should be able to live a life that I thought would have them being my true parents. I know it's not true, and I wish I just had a bad dream, but deep down, I wish they are my true parents. So I was about five or six years old when this event occurred. Just when I was old enough to go to Kindergarden school. I truly don't remember much of the time I was in this school, besides the fact that I know it isn't in my current living area. Like city range is what I mean by this. I know I lived in Highton View Terrace for a while before I moved to Obadiah. I also knew that I lived somewhere else before I lived in Highton View Terrace. New in first grade, I remembered none but one thing. That my teacher was not the same person throughout the whole school year. I think I had a teacher who stuck around for a few months of the school year. But they had to leave due to a need for a leave of absence, and somebody else took over afterwards. The weirdest part was this, everybody else acted like this teacher wasn't even somebody in the school staff for the rest of the year. In second grade, I think the principal was different from the one I had in first grade. I think the one in first grade was a female, and the one in second grade was a male. As well as every other principal I had beyond this point were males. I also think most of the students of the first grade I had along with me were also not here that school year. I wonder why everybody would leave. I think the teacher I had in second grade was different from the one I had in first, but nobody gives a shit about that. Third grade was the year I moved to Highton View Terrace. I only remember living there for a few months to about half a year. I can't remember how long I was there off the top of my head. I was starting a good rap in Highton View Terrace, everybody got along with me very well, which was fine with me. All the teachers started to get along with me very well with me as well. But something happened around January or so of the school year, and my parents started to freak out. The weirdest part is, I remember hearing about the talk they had when I was six. But I still can't remember why they decided to leave Highton View Terrace, I wonder why? But I remember that they told me to get all my things on, and that we would leave by the end of week. Incredible rush for moving from a place to go to another. So I moved to Obadiah, the same place I've been living in since then. So I've been living in Obadiah for the last five to six years now. In fourth grade is when I start to remember more of what has happened to my life since this point forward. In this school year, my teacher was a middle-aged man, or so I remembered him being. He was my favorite teacher, and he would always let us do activities in class. The activities aren't boring or anything like that, they were always fun. Like how to write all the names of the people in a certain book on the whiteboard. See which student can write all the names, and correctly the fastest. I always got in last place, but my time got better with each book we read, so I was happy myself. The person who always got in first place was a stupid preppy girl named Brittany. (No, not the one in My Immortal). I hated her so much, or at least for the first half of the year, but then... I should move on, before I get to into this kind of stuff. Or else I will get in trouble. Let's just say, during the second half of the school year, I didn't hate her nearly as much. Anyways, in the fifth grade was the time I met somebody. His name was Ken, Ken Ittigouchi, who was inside my own grade. But Ken was in my senpai by about five months or so. He quickly became friends with me. We hanged out at school a lot, and sometimes when we are at our houses. He had a older brother named Sam, with the same unpronounceable last name. I think Sam is a year younger than you, Joe, so he would be seventeen. I don't really think I interacted with Sam himself. Ken was always kind of depressed, and he also looked scared around the presence of his mother. Like he was trying to hide something from me, because he was worried I wouldn't want to hang with him anymore. I also remember Sam being kind of in the background, like he wasn't really really in a good relationship with Ken. One thing about Kne that you need to know is this, he nevers likes to talk with people that well. For he was kind of shy around people who aren't really friends with him. He also always had long hair, like it would get cut, but it always grew back quickly for no reason whatsoever. His hair is black, something I haven't seen with many people before, surprisingly. In the sixth grade, Ken and I hung out regularly. Although I remember not really getting along well with my teachers that well. Because they thought I was a bully to other students. They were wrong, for I was the one who got bullied without break from anybody. I loved how my parents tried to help me out in this problem. They told me to stand up to myself, and I tried. But it never worked out for some reason. By this, I mean I always the one who got truly beat up in the end. Despite how hard I tried to fight back, it was painful. I felt like nothing was able to help me, and that nobody could be able to help me to help me feel better. Not even Ken, and I thought he was able to help me get over anything until this all happened. I broke my nose and three of my ten fingers while fighting back one time, and I will tell you something. It never felt the same to write and breath again, due to knowing how truly grateful people really are with this kind of stuff. I don't get the school staff most of the time just because of these fights. They never hear you out, because they don't care about the students. Just what would satisfy them. Well, I think that is the best way to describe my horrible sixth grade experiences. Well, since I was about to reach seventh at the end of the school year, I can go to summer camp. Since that is the first grade I can do so with. I went over to the camp, when I was able to convince my parents of it. But I was only able to do half of the length of the camp, before the school year started again. During this school year, I had put on many updates to my computer, when I realized it really far dated back. Now I was able to do all this cool stuff on it, and expand my full memory by about double. Tai, remember, you needed help on your High School entrance year. You went up to me, despite the fact we almost never talked to each other before that point. I started to aid to you with all your subjects and the material they would have in the exam. At the end of the year, we you took your exam, and we found out that you got a high enough of a score to get the school you wanted to. Because of my assistance, you let me become one of your friends. Which takes me up to the point when Tai and I went to to summer camp together. It was nice to know when we got assigned to the same camp, and we had no consuler. That is, until you arrived Joe. Now Tai is going to Obadiah High School with Sora, and he didn't have to move to a new place. I am now in the eighth grade, and I will need to take the entrance exam this year. Well, this is pretty much my whole story. I hoped you liked this story, sorry for taking so much of your time." Izzy told us as much of the story he had as he could. I got up, and saw that almost two hours pass by.

"No, don't apologize." I told Izzy. "You needed to tell us this, and now I know a lot about you.' I finished my thought. Matt nodded, and agreed.

"Now you're not totally in the dark to me anymore. In fact, I know more about you than most of the people here right now. It's past midnight, let's just all go to sleep now." I sat back down in the one person couch, and made myself comfortable for my night of sleep.

"Might be a good idea." I replied, and Tai got up to turn off all the lights in the house. Tai went to sleep on the floor. T.K. slept in the couch that was directly in front of the T.V. in the house. Matt and Sora slept next to each other in the multiple person capacity couch. Mimi slept in one of the sleeping bags that we have had with us this whole trip. Izzy slept on the rug, to make the hard floor feel a little bit more tolerable. I stayed up long to watch everybody do this, and I closed to my eyes.

-In my dream, I saw Jim walking home from his day at college one day. My dad was waiting for him, but I didn't know why.

"Jim, how was your date Beth today." Jim looked at our dad, and sadly replied.

"It never happened. We broke up when I was driving to her house." Jim told our father, and dad looked disappointed. He walked up to Jim, and was ready for something I was only to familiar of.

"How did you break up?" he asked, and Jim was reluctant to answer.

"She has been cheating on me for a long time. Because she said I wasn't any good for her anymore. She said that I had expired, and the contract was over. Why would anybody say anything like that? Better yet, why would they be hiding this from me for months on end?" Jim answered, and without awaiting our fathers response, left the room. Our father was staring at the wall, and whispered to himself.

'You have disappointed me too many times now. I will need to teach you a lesson tonight." Jim was in the restroom, talking to himself. (I do it, so it's not weird).

"Why has Joe been to blind to see that this has been happening to me for years on end now? Dad has been putting me down in several different ways since mother had left. I still have the cut on me that reaches all the way down my leg. I've had that since I was twelve, but Joe doesn't know about that. Or all the other cuts and harm he has done to me over the years. Since dad only treats me that way when he's not around. But Joe doesn't deal with this kind of torture, he lives a perfect life and everything. Nothing happens to him, dad thinks he's the most overly hard working child a father could ever want. I want to live in his shoes every once in a while. Why do the younger ones always get the better attention of the two? It's not fair to the older ones. But I shouldn't care, for he is happy. I would sacrifice my glee for his own. I just hope Joe is fine wherever he currently is right now." He got up, and left the bathroom. But stopped, and went back inside. He called me, and we had the conversation we did when I was on that island part with Sora. Then he got up again, and had dinner with our father. They didn't talk to each other at all the whole time, just like how it is when dad and I eat together. He got up, and washed off his dishes, and dad looked at him. He went into our room (get it, since he and I share the same room. Kind of like what happened to you and Jacob, Grant. Remember.) He took off his shirt, and I felt like throwing up. He had cuts all the way down his back. Like tally marks, I was able to count nearly two hundred before I had to stop. He took out a knife, and added another onto his back. Then he told himself.

"One more for another argument and put down with my dad." The worst part was, there was barely any of his back that was just normal, no cuts. How was I so blind to this? I thought he lived the good life, but it looks as if he doesn't, and might be as bad as mine. He got onto his bed, and sighed, while whaling a small amount.

'My back is so numb now. It feels as if it will just break on itself. I have to keep my pain in every night when I sleep here, for I don't wake Joe up. Or make father curious of what I might moan about. You know, as the years passed by, some, if not most, of my cuts on my back have worn away to nothing now What Joe doesn't know is that I had to fight to go into the lawyer profession. Father and I fought almost every night when he wasn't around for almost a entire year. It was only when joe walked in one day when we were fighting, my dad made a cover. To make it look as though nothing had been happening. That was when he gave in, and I can tell still today he regrets giving in. He wanted me to become a doctor for a long time, until then. So thank Joe for being the true reason I can become a lawyer. I wonder if Joe has been able to go his own path yet, or if he is still fighting for his own independence. I hope truly he has won with dad by now. I wonder if he is coming back tonight or not. I will check." He called me, and we had the talk that we had when I was tending to Mimi and making our flag. When our talk was over, he hung up, and talked to himself again.

"I hope Joe does a good job watching the kids. Including that girl Mimi, I wouldn't want anything to happen to her under his watch. But Mimi sound familiar, I wonder what it was. Yeah, I remember. it was when Joe and I were driving around that one day four years ago. She was talking to her father to see if she still had to attend school, and he told her it was so. She was also wearing all pink, that color is so adorable on little girls. I wonder if it's the same one as the one I heard about that day." He went to sleep, and our father walked in. He had a pillow, and he put on top of Jims head. He was trying to suffocate him. Jim kept on resisting, and was able to get out of it. Then he pushed dad back, and dad took out a knife. He slowly rammed the knife into Jims kneecap. Jim fell down, truly crying in pain. If I was there in person, I would have called the police on dad. Dad walked out for a little while, and came back to see that Jim cried himself to sleep. He then acted like he just saw this for the first time, and called the hospital. He was faking the story and everything, and I gritted my teeth. The ambulance pulled up soon afterward, and took Jim to the hospital. Then father called me, and said what he did when I was away for the moment that one day after we defeated Devimon. Then I was able to see what Jim was like currently, and he looked like he was healing. He was still going to be in the hospital, for three Earth days. So seventy-two in digital world. He was just going to be asleep the whole time, and that was good for him. I regret everything I had said about father treating Jim like a heavenly offspring. -

I woke up, to see my necklace glowing again. I needed to pursue it a second time. It was seven thirty in the morning, and everybody was going to be up soon. I ate one slice of the Round Table pizza Matt made last night, and headed out the door, and saw Tai outside.

"Joe, what the hell do you think you're doing?" I told him about my necklace glowing, and how I was going to find my tag. "Let's go together, then we shall come back when we find it." So we called Gomamon and Agumon over, and they didn't react so pleased.

"Thee have woken up thy. Why?" Gomamon asked, yawning (I hoped I spelt that correctly).

"Yeah buster, what are you doing to us right now?" Agumon asked. Tai and I rolled our eyes, and we went on our way. As we walked on, my necklace started to glow even brighter. I was hoping my tag was close, until we found a stadium. Then my necklace started to glow brighter by the moment.

"I think that we should look in here to see if my tag can be found." I told Tai, and he nodded. We went inside the stadium, great. How the hell are we going to find it here. It contained over a thousand seats, and a big screen. as well as soccer nets on each end of the field, okay. This has to be possibly the biggest soccer field I've ever seen in my entire life. That's saying something considering the ones on T.V. It had to have been at least two hundred yards twice as big as the ones in school and stuff like that. I looked at Tai, and gulped a little. "How about we split up?" I asked, and Tai nodded to me in a 'oh yeah' kind of way. We did exactly that, and we still looked around for most of the day. The sun was starting to set, when all the other kids came here.

"Why are two here?' T.K. asked. I met them in the center of the field, and Tai joined me.

"Looking for my tag." Tai and I both said at the same time, but Tai was so tired, it took him a while to notice his mistake.

"I mean, we are searching for Joes tag." Tai said, and I patted him on the soldier. I saw that my necklace was glowing like absolute crazy right now. I ran around, until I reached one of the end field goals, and everybody followed me. The goal scoring net fell down, and I tried touching it. I electrocuted myself.

"Ow, what the crap?" I said to myself more than to anybody else. the the screen that I mentioned just five moments ago turned on. It was Etemon.

"Brilliant idea, wouldn't you agree? Sure, I had to accept the fact that one of you would get their tgas for it, but it wouldn't matter. Since you will all be defeated, if all goes well to my plan. Joe, look down, then you will find your tag. Now, to the main game, round one." Etemon pressed a button, and a digimon came out. it was a Greymon, with what looked like a black gear inside of it. "I bet you guys have seen the black gears before. but since Devimons defeat, I can start using them for myself. This game will last seven rounds, if you guys don't die before then. One with each of your champion digimon, in the order they came in. If you can defeat them all, then you may leave. If not, then you would be dead, and it will show I am truly more powerful than you all." Sora looked at Tai.

"Sorry for reacting that way to you when you told me the truth. But you will still have to work really hard for me to truly forgive you. So don't think I will just be happy about this now." She told Tai, and he shrugged. I put my necklace down to the ground, and part of the ground started glowing. It was a color of blue, and a small tag came. It went inside my necklace, The tag had a symbol on, but it was different from Tais. It was a cross, with little triangles pointing to it on all four sides. I mean, like to the center, okay, I give up. And then the ground opened up. Everybody fell down into it, and we could see nothing. I was walking around, and then saw a light in some sort of direction. I ran to it, and went to the other side. We were back in the stadium, great. Everybody came out about a minute and a half later. Under Tais lead. The Greymon with a black gear charged towards us, and Tai was ready.

"Agumon digivolve to... GREYMON!" Agumon yelled, and tried fighting the other Greymon. With failure, he burped. Then started to fall back, and others joined the fight.

"Gabumon digivolve to... GARURUMON!" Gabumon yelled the other Greymon with a roaring blaster.

'Tentomon digivolve to... KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled and hit the Greymon with a electro shocker. T.K. and patomon were afraid to join the fight, due to the Angemon incident. Sora stuck next to him to protect him and Mimi. Mimi was still heavily hurt from the Ogremon attack a while back, and we all agreed she didn't have to fight if she didn't want to until she got better. Gomamon tried to digivolve, but was tired from all the other times he had to do it since Devimon showed up. So Gomamon wasn't able to do it.

"Greymon, try to digivolve again the power of the tag and necklace." Tai told Greymon, and he tried. However, it was a failed attempt.

"Sounds as though you all got yourselves in a corner at the moment. It seems as if this job will be easier than I even thought it will be." The other Greymon hit Izzy in the legs, and he fell back in pain. Blood was pouring on the ground. Great, him and Mimi now have bad injuries. But Izzy got up, and was still able to walk just fine. Looks like it wasn't so bad, after all. Tais Greymon tried to digivolve even further, but without luck.

"Come on Greymon. We all depend on you to come and save the day now." Tai told Greymon, and the necklace started to glow. In a black sort of color, as well as Tais digivice. Greymon was started to glow black.

"Greymon dark digivolve to... SKULLGREYMON!" Tai was terrified, it was a skeleton form of Greymon.

"Theres no way that can be what Greymon digivolves to normally." said, and almost everybody agreed right away. Besides Tai, who was to terrified to even speak. Etemon even looked confused.

'I know for a fact this isn't what Greymon is supposed to digivolve to with the tag." Etemon told us on the screen. "You did something wrong with your raising it, Tai. I think you fed it way too much food.' Etemon told us, in a surprised way. Skullgreymon attacked the bad Greymon, and almost crushed the life out of it. If Etemon didn't make the Greymon fall back. Skullgreymon started attacked us, and our digimon. Even nearly defeated Garurumon, and started destroying the stadium. Etemon retreated, I can't blame the monkey, if you can imagine it. After a few minutes, Skullgreymon went back to Agumon, it was evening now. So we decided to leave the stadium, get a good distance away, then stop for the day.

"I'm so sorry Agumon. I shouldn't have given you all that food. I should have stopped when I saw that you were getting full form it." Tai told agumon, but the digimon didn't even respond. In fact, none of us did. Everybody ate a slice of the pizza without me. I was thinking to myself, about my dream last night. As well as our successful failure today. I was able to get my tag, but Tai couldn't properly digivolve Agumon higher with his own tag. That made it official, we had to each find our own tag before we can even have one person use theirs. I just hope Agumon and Tai aren't to affected by this experience. I hope they can take it as a learning experience. This shouldn't make it so Agumon can't even digivolve, but I fear it might. First, we need to find all of our tags As well as keep a solid ground with Etemon. When we all get all of our tags, then I think we might stand a chance with the monkey digimon. He's already worse than Devimon. To destroy a whole village, and use Devimons black gears to control even more digimon. Then put us in a deathmatch with pretty our digimon. What else can he possibly do to us, besides kill us off one by one? WIth Mimis injury, Izzys now hurt legs, T.K. having a good excuse to be afraid of having Patomon digivolve, Tais destroyed confidence now. Only really Matt, Sora, and myself haven't gotten ourselves into a pickle right now. But I fear that we'll get into one soon as well, then all of us would be ruined in some way.

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