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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Tag of Sincerity

It had been about three days almost since our fight at the stadium. Since Greymon had digivolved to Skullgreymon. Since I had gotten my tag. I was still hurt by the fact that my tag was a cross. Referring to one of only two things for me. Either the cross of Christ, or the cross of medical related purposes. Both are things I wouldn't want to be shown around my neck in a necklace. But that's not the part that matters, what matters is that we have found two of the seven tags. I wonder what the other five are going to look like. The area we were wandering through is a desert. Strange, it feels like we always go through a forest or a desert. I want at least a variety of places we get to walk around on. The sun was blazing hot, and everybody was burning up. Even Agumon, who is the most fire resistant, is still burning up a little bit. Sweat was pouring down all of our faces, and I saw a huge cactus in the distance.

"I wonder if the cactus is a Togemon." Matt said, and T.K. replied to Matts comment.

"Still probably a little one compared to the one Mimi has with us." Palmon smiled at us a little bit.

"Maybe we can use the Palmon to have a cooling place for us to use." Palmon told us. Matt and I both laughed at Palmon at the same time. I think the burning sun is starting to hurt Palmons little brain or something like that.

"Palmon, I think you might be going a little insane." I told her, and Palmon looked offended.

"I think you're starting to become a little bit of a insane dimwit." Palmon told me, and I took it as a constructive criticism. We still needed to make quite some distance before we can reach the cactus.

"How much longer do you think it's going to take reach the cactus?" T.K. asked out loud. Not really to anybody in particular. Izzy, Tai, and Sora were all in the back of the group, due to them being the slowest in the group. That along with walking in the desert for two days in a row. The sun has never left us alone since we started walking in the desert, except for the late night times. Like from ten at the night to five thirty or six in the morning. I wiped my hands to my face, and looked down at my hand. It was drenched in ugly sweat. I looked down at our Round Table pizza bags, we still had over half our supply left. I looked in my medical bag, almost all of my supplies was gone by now, great. Now I can't help the group when something big happens. We reached the giant cactus, and it did look like a big Togemon. It had a big smile and honestly scared me a little bit. Mimi and Izzy ran up to it, before I can stop them. So they can see if the Togemon was legit or not. It scared me even more when I saw that they just ran right through the cactus. So it couldn't be a real Togemon. What was the word, when you think you see something, but don't really see it. Oh, I remember now, it's called a mollage. Then I saw a huge shadow behind all seven of us. T.K. and I looked back at the same time.

"This that a boat?" T.K. asked, and Matt looked over.

"I think this might be the real thing. Let's run for it!" Matt said, and Ta, T.K., and I followed after Matt. While Mimi, Sora, and Izzy stayed behind for a couple of seconds, because they didn't quite believe it for themselves. But soon they ran after us as well, but soon the boat came to a halt. The a ramp went down, so we all can get in. A Numemon (remember from chapter 8?) was working on the boat.

'I can't let you on the ship. Captain says so." Numemon said, and I put my head. In a sort of complaint mode. Everybody made a sort of complaint with their bodies, just different from mine. But then Mimi started to hit on the gross looking digimon. Am I only one who finds this idea very gross.

"Oh big boy, can't you spare a few extra rooms for us? We won't be much of a trouble to your hard working labor. Besides, is that some muscle that you have on you?' Mimi said, playing around a little bit. Moving her hair around in a fashion star sort of way. Then took off her hat. That's when I was like 'that's it', and looked away from this horridness.

"I think I can spare seven rooms, one for each of you. Come right in." As the digimon let us on his boat, and we did. it was already nicer than the desert, that was for sure. We all went inside the boat dining room, and we were surprised. We could see not only nobody, but also no digimon in the room. Which was surprising, since I assumed at least some digimon would be hungry around the clock. Making the dining room being used around the clock as well.

"Let's go the table at the corner." T.K. said, pointing to a corner. It had seven chairs around it, so we each could use one. The table was also pretty wide spread, meaning we could be be sitting a nice distance from everybody. Something I hate about eating at a dinner table in my house, even though our house has a really small table. It has three chairs around it, and it is a really small circle formation. And the chairs were like two inches from each other. All of us went to the table, and sat down. The digimon who would put in our order showed up, and we put our order in. The food showed up about ninety or so minutes later, but mainly due to us having seven orders with us. As well as the digimon each putting in their orders, so a total of fourteen. T.K. laid back on his chair, in a sort of relaxation way. He also put in the smallest order, aside from myself. He ordered a granny burger from the Genos fast food place. While I ordered a little burger from McDonalds. I don't really like its food, but I noticed it was the smallest thing to eat, which is all I'm allowed. Matt ordered a super burger from Genos. Tai ordered some chicken things from KFC. Sora ordered some fries from that shitty place called Burger King. Izzy ordered a half footlong from Subway. Mimi ordered a burger from that called place called In-N-Out burger. All the digimon ordered some in digital world stuff, like grass and other things like that. When we all ate our food, I got up, and tried to find the place you throw the food away at. It was clear on the other side of the eating room. Afterwards, the digimon at the boats entrance we saw earlier decided to show us around. It went around the whole ship, and the boat had the following: A room that had a spa, wow, is this wow digimon bath? I wonder if Mimi was going to go in it, and Tai shows up and pulls another stunt he did earlier. He probably learned his lesson from earlier. The problem was solved when the digimon said there was a spa room for males, and one for females. In the boat, there was a section of rooms where we can game. like play sweet games like Pac-man and things related to that. maybe Tai will introduce me to what he calls the greatest game ever. It's called Dungeons and Dragons. I never knew that Tai was possibly a nerd from behind the scenes of being a male jock. Not even Sora knows this is the case. He told me his father got him into it after his father got him into the whole drug situation. I wonder what kind of video games he likes. The biggest games out there today are Mario, Pac-man, and Donkey Kong. Well, there's Legend of Zelda. None of these games really scream his name to me, but I could be completely wrong. Another thing on the boat was a big lobby, a place people can just sit around. They can rest, and talk with all the shipmates here, so that would be nice. To get to know fellow digimon in this world. In the boat, they had a nice lookout area, a place we could out to be at. You can get a nice breath of air normally, but in this case, that wouldn't work. Since we were in a desert area, and we would just start to sweat a lot. That would not be fun. Obviously, the boat had a captains room. But we can't go in there, since we are not the captain, as you can tell. The tour guide took us down to the basement level, a place regular passengers are only allowed to go to when we are on the tour. It had a ground that was all metal, and it smelled pretty bad. It had a small water place in the middle, where they keep the whole ships worth of water at. The last rooms they had to showed us to where the top floors. The places everybody slept in, each floor had about fourteen rooms on each side. So twenty eight rooms in total per floor. So about fifty six rooms total from both floors. That was when the guiding digimon let us all leave the tour. He left us to be, so we can do as we please. I looked around to everybody, and they all had looks on their face indicating they wanted to do something else. The guiding digimon said we each can have a room for ourselves, so we picked ours. most of the rooms weren't used, fortunately. All of our rooms were close in range from our whole group. matt, T.K., and mine rooms were all on the right side. While Izzy, Mimi, Sora, and Tais rooms were all on the other side. in my room, I saw a painting. It was of a river, and it was very well made. I was proud of who ever made it. I also saw a T.V., it was a twenty inch. Small, but good enough for entertainment purposes. I had a small fridge in here, I looked inside. What the crap? I saw all of my favorite drinks in here. All the flavors of Vitaminwater I liked, and Mountain Dew. as well as Virgil's Root Beer. In my bathroom, I saw a sink, some toothpaste. The one I use, Colgate whitening. Fortunately, I saw a toilet. Nice, because I needed to use it, so I did. I should shut up, before you get uncomfortable. I had two bed in my room, probably like every other room in the boat. I looked outside, and saw the desert going by outside the window. At a very slow pace. it felt like maybe one mile per hour, hopefully we can't at least stay here long enough to pass through the desert fully. I went to the fridge, took out a focus Vitaminwater. Then I went to the bed, and turned on the T.V. On the T.V., I saw a news reporter reporting something.

"Temperature rise to over 100 degrees these days in Obadiah Japan, and these weather occurrences are happening in other cities of Japan. Or around the world. A city in California just got flooded just half an hour ago, casualties have not been counted yet." The news reporter said, she wasn't even looking at the screen. So she didn't notice a monster passing by a part of the city. Wait a second, a monster? Was a digimon able to come into the real world? This was insane, no, I'm going insane now. I tried blinking, to see if it was me going insane. Nope, still here. Okay, so things we are doing in the digital must truly be effecting the Earth in some way. Props to T.k., for being the first one to get onto this idea. He really is getting more and more a part of the group. I think I had a enough of finding about the world I live in to turn off the T.V. for now. I drank all of my Vitamin Water, and threw it in the recycle bin. I brushed my teeth, nice to have my teeth be brushed for the first time in many days. I ordered my dinner by calling the front manager of the boat, and they gave me the food I requested. A half footlong from Subway. Wait, I should have brushed my teeth after I ate the food, whatever. I will take care of it in the morning. I went to my bed, after I closed my blinds, and went to sleep early today.

Tai was in his room, talking to himself. (It's not wrong to do that, including if he was in his room alone. Besides, he has that problem, when he thinks he's talking to people, when he's really not. Okay.)

"I wonder what it must be like at Earth right now. Maybe Kari is playing around right now, enjoying her friends. She's such a little and sweet sister of mine. I just hope she never has to find out what happened five years ago, when she was five. She was playing soccer with me, and she fell sick really bad after a little while of us playing. She didn't do so well in her performance, and I was able to see that quite well. I told her that she needed to try harder, and that we must go on. I feel horrible for it, because I didn't know she was ill. I kept pushing her, then she fell down on the ground. She had to go to the hospital, and my mother slapped me across the face when this happened. She said it is my fault that she could be dying, and I've had this fear of her dying away from me in my mind ever since. I get terrified whenever she gets sick these days, for fear of this happening again." Tai said, as he started to cry to himself. He went inside the cupboard, and took out a box of cigars he found in it. He too his lighter from his pocket, and started to smoke a little. The smoke surrounded the room a little bit, but none of it went outside. He felt at ease now, like nothing ever could go wrong with this world. A nice feel to it. He went to his bed, and just decided to take everything easily. Then he went a head and closed his eyes a little bit. But he still kept them enough open to see what was going on in his room. Kari, he thought to himself, you will always be fine, no matter what the curcatances may be.

Matt was in his room, drawing something in his notebook. Matt was really good at drawing, which nobody would believe in at first. On his paper, he had a picture of tai on it. It was fully done, and now he was just coloring him in. After he was done, he drew some hearts around him and smiled a little bit. Now he could just always look at this drawing. Next, he started to draw Sora. He wanted to draw a picture of all the members of the group in some way while he was on the boat. Halfway through drawing Sora, he decided to take a break. So he could walk around the boat a little bit, to see everything it has to offer for his true self. He reached the gaming rooms, and saw T.K. setting the high score on a Pac-Mac machine.

'Hey little squirt, want to play a few rounds with me?" Matt asked.

"Sure, do you need to know how to play?" T.K. asked his big brother.

"Why not. It's been a while since I've been good at playing Pac-Man." Matt replied, and T.K. started teaching him the basics. Matt toke quite a while, but he was able to get ahold of the rules after many tries. He almost beat T.K. on two or three rounds, but he lost every time.

"Want to go out for some dinner tonight, Matt?" T.K. asked, and Matt was glad he was asking his brother to pretty much hang around with him now.

"How about at six thirty, we meet back at the same table we ate at when we came here?" Matt asked, and T.K. was down with this idea.

At six thirty in the evening, Matt and T.K. met back at the table they ate at earlier. They started to eat what they ordered.

"How's mom been treating you, T.K.?" Matt asked his little brother.

"She's alright. Can be better however. I just wish she would get off of my back about college. What about dad for you?" T.K. asked.

"Dad is very well to me. The worst part is that due to his job, he can't watch me that often. So he can only show up late at night, and I have to be the one to make dinner for him and everything. That is the reason I know how to cook so well." Matt answered. T.K. asked the question that they both didn't know the answer to. They both wanted to know the answer to it as well.

"Do you know the real reason mom and dad got divorced?" T.K. asked Matt, and Mat shook his head.

"I wish I knew the true answer to this question. But I don't know, so I can't help you out here. Maybe we can try to find out the answer to this question together. Want to agree to this?" Matt his T.K., and they both shook their hands to it. Izzy walked in to the two of them talking.

"How is it going for you guys. Can I join you right now?" Izzy asked, and Matt and T.K. nodded. They started walking around the boat together. They went to the spa, and took of all their clothes. They jumped into the spa, and took a nice bathing to the hot water. After almost a hour of nice comfort they got on. Then dried off themselves, and put their clothes on. Izzy went on a long talk about computer related things that neither of them understood. Matt was thinking about other things. Such as his home, how nice it truly was. He also had Tai in his head. He wondered what he was doing in his room right now. He also really wanted to know the real reason of his parents divorce. It was truly bothering him. T.K. was thinking about how Davis could possibly be doing. As well as his mother at is house. He wanted to just go to sleep already, and have a good nights worth of sleep. He most likely thought this wasn't true. They went back to their rooms, and went their separate ways.

Izzy was messing around on his computer. Trying to get onto the internet. He wanted to try to get some updates on what was going on around in Japan. As well as the rest of the world. He didn't get any progress, however so he turned the computer. Then wen to sleep.

Matt went to his bed, he had his robes on, like T.K. and Izzy. Gabumon looked at Matts bothered face, and tried to ask Matt what was going on.

"Matt, what is the problem?" Gabumon said, and Matt glanced at the digimon for a moment.

'Nothing.' Matt replied, and closed his eyes for the night.

T.K. was in his room for a while. He started to read a little bit. He like reading, it let him know more and more about the true world. Patomon was impressed by T.k.s persistence about expanding on his knowledge.

"Do you ever take a break from trying to be well developed?" Patomon asked, and T.K. shrugged a little in his digimons direction.

"I do, when we are busy running around the digital world. Besides, it is a nice way to get away from my mothers wishes. It is beyond college that keeps on requesting from me. She also requests that I do all these things that require years of honors at my school. To be the valid Victorian rank among my student body. It scares me to see if I can do this. I will be heading to high school in two years from now, so I have to get myself totally ready for the real game in this time. She is forcing me to get all A's for the rest of my school life, or else she would ground me for three months straight. It's insane. That's as long as an entire third of the school year, and a fourth of the real year as of itself. I will try to get more of this geometry stuff in my head, even though I've already mastered everything algebra. I know much of the science terms, and details of foreign language. I know a good deal about American, Japanese, Chinese, and European history." T.K. explained to Patomon, before turning his lights out. He was asleep now.

Mimi was in her room. Thinking about a bunch of things. From the adventures of the digital world. To the basics of getting popular at school. Mimi knew everything about that, she is arguably the most popular student in the freshmen class. On three times, somebody in her grade asked her on a date. But she refused them all. Mimi wasn't attracted to people her age, or younger than herself. She has taken usual attraction to males that are a couple years older than her. Such as sixth grade in valentines day, when she sent a valentine to a college student. Yes, somebody at least eight years older than her. But he was so good looking to her, and how he knew everything. It also felt like he can catch her if she fell, and everything else she needed. Which was something she knew more than anybody else she truly needed. Even if her parents might not like it so much. Besides, Mimi just always liked men that were older than her anyways. It was just a part of her taste in them. Mimi laughed, and went to sleep.

Sora was in her room, drinking some water. She was outside, taking a smell of the air. She has been out for a little while. But when she got tired, she went back into her room. Biyomon was on the other bed, already nice asleep. Sora just realized how cute Biyomon is when she is asleep. Sora took her shirt off, and her pants. She usually only slept with her bra and underwear on. It was so she can take in a bit of fresh air around her entire body. Because if she had all her clothes on, she can only feel the air around her face, and arms, if she was wearing a t-shirt. Obviously she was going to put her shirt and pants on before she went around the boat the next day. Now being ready to truly sleep, she went to bed. And she slept for the night.

Meanwhile, while these events occurred, I woke up for a moment. I went to the restroom. When I was done with the restroom, I went to brush my teeth. Because I remember my Subway incident. Now I can sleep with nice breath again. Gomamon was nice asleep on the other bed. I was thought the fish was a nice addition to my life. Mainly due to how he talks. But I was and still am pissed of to no end over what he said about me in the baby Agumon village. I went to sleep.

-In my dream, I saw a girl in her own house. She came back from playing a game of something, as I can obviously tell. She was waving good-bye to somebody just outside her door.

"By Tai, want to play soccer again sometime soon?" The girl asked.

"Whenever you want to Sora." The guy who was younger Tai said. They both looked about thirteen, so this must have been two years ago. She fully went inside her house, and her mom, or so I was assuming was waiting for her.

"How was soccer practice today?" The I'm assuming mother said to Sora.

"As if you care." She muttered under her breath. The mom was very calm to this, and didn't lose her cool.

"I might not like the fact that you practice soccer, but I still do care. The biggest reason I don't like the idea of you going in that field and kicking a ball around is because of your injury. I just can't see to witness you in that much pain again. I hope you can understand my point of view."

"No, you don't care about what happens to me in the soccer field. You only care about me running the flower shop. Because you won't SHUT UP about it." Sora said, and I was confused. Was I witnessing this argument in a dream I was having.

"What are you talking about? I've only mentioned it twice. Not even in a forcing way. Just a 'I wish you can run the flower shop when you turn old enough. Because my retirement is close at hand.' There's nothing more to it, just a request I made to you twice. I still let you do anything you want." Her mother was saying, before she was interrupted by Sora.

"You don't let me do whatever I want. You tell me to do dishes everyday. Then when I come back from soccer, or hanging around with my friends, you instantly asked how it went." Sora said, come on, dishes. She's throwing a fit over doing dishes.

"Are you kidding me? Doing the dishes is the one chore I request of you doing. I don't ask it from you everyday. More like every other day. I do everything else around the house, and you know it. Because you're always playing soccer or hanging out with your friends. But I don't interject to it, in fact, I let you do it all the time. I just ask when you come home because I love you. Why can't you open your eyes, and see that I do?" The mother asked, and Sora rolled her eyes, in front of her.

"You don't love me. You just say that as a illusion, to make yourself feel better. When in fact, you're just a disgusting little maggot. Then you use being ill as you master excuse, yeah right." Sora said to her mother.

"Why do you say this to me all the time? But I am ill. You where there when I found out about it. It hurts my feelings. It feels like I'm always doing something wrong because of it. What can I do to make you feel better? Please, tell me." The mother said.

"You can just stop lying to me. You know how much I hate that. First. Dad said he was going to the university for a few months. Look now, three years later, and he is still gone. He says it's to help him fully complete his degree, but why would he need three years to do that? More by now. Then you." Sora said, pointing her finger right at her mother. Touching her many times, as if in a pushing her mother backwards everytime. "You say I can do something, then I do it, and you won't get off my case about it when I'm done."

"Universities take years to finish. Not just a few months. Besides, I let you do the stuff. That's not lying." The mother said, and Sora started walking around the room. Her hands on her hair, as if she was trying to pull it. Then she saw something. A picture, with her, the dad, and the mom on it. She was no older than nine when this picture was taken. She grabbed the picture. "What are you going to do to that picture?" Her mother asked, then Sora ripped the picture. So it was her and the father on one side. Then her mother alone on the other side. "You better apologize for that." The mother said, and Sora shook her head.

"Not happening. You don't deserve apologies anymore. You poor excuse for a mother." Sora said, and ran out the door, she was gone in a few seconds. Her mother tried running after her, and she feel down on the floor. She couldn't handle the running, due to her illness. Then a younger guy showed up. He grabbed her, and put her back in her bedroom.

"What happened?' The younger guy said. Then saw the picture, and how it was ripped up in half. "Cute girl, wouldn't you agree?' The mother nodded.

"Yeah, but that's what happened. My little girl got into a fight with me. I don't get her issue, she does this all the time. To make me feel like the bad guy, but she's not even the bad guy either. So I don't know what her deal is." The guy scratched his chin.

"Whatever it is, I doubt the issue isn't as bad as my father and mine. Besides, what's her name?" The guy asked.

"Her name is Sora." Her mother said. "What is your name?"

"Joe." The guy said, and that was when the dream went black.-

I woke up, and noticed that it was past nine in the morning. I went to the eating lobby, everybody was waiting for me. What was Soras deal in that argument? That was disgusting.

"I told everybody to wait for you to show up." T.K. told me. I sat down next to him.

'Thanks, how mature of you." I told him, seriously for a 14 year old, T.K. is very mature. We put all our orders in, and we ate our breakfast. It was all different breakfast items from places. Like from McDonalds. The best food they have is honestly the breakfast items, sadly. The stuff from Pig-N-Pancake. Then things from I-Hop, and other places. After we ate our breakfast, we just traveled around a little bit. Tai and I walked around some of the levels of the ship deck.

"I can't hold it back any longer. I'm so sorry for ranting you out that one day. It was very immature of me, and we should learn to be god teammates. Wouldn't you agree with me?" I nodded in agreement, we need to learn to work together. Or else the group will fall apart. I know we barely defeated Devimon, T.K. does to. I don't see how we can defeat these even more powerful enemies the way we are.

"Let's learn to become good teammates, then everybody else will pick up on it. Then we can be fully united." We shook our hands.

Matt was still in the eating lobby long after eating breakfast. He just wanted to be alone for a while. Maybe try to find the reasons of his parents divorce We wanted to get to the bottom of it, so his mind can be more freed than it currently. He knows he needs to change his ways, but he just doesn't know how to do it. Maybe tell somebody the truth about him being gay. Either Sora or Joe, but which one? He flipped the coin, heads for Sora, tails for Joe. He got heads, he would talk to Sora about it soon. Not tonight, but soon. He went back to his room, for the rest of the day, so he could draw his emotions out.

Izzy and T.K. played some Pac-Man at the game slots together. They played six times, before Izzy was even able to win once. Then T.K. won every other game after that.

"You're the first one to beat me in a game of Pac-Man. Nice job." T.K. and Izzy fist bumped in a sort of friendly way. It was so nice to see the two youngest of the group get along so nicely. Or just two people in the group get along so nicely in general. T.K. and Izzy went around the boat a little bit, just to take the beauty all in. This was the first boat either of these two people have ever been in their entire lives. But I think you should be able guess this for yourself. They went to the ship outter area, so they can see everything ahead of it. But after a few minutes, they started burning up, and went back inside the boat. Then went back to their rooms, so Izzy can use his computer. Also, so T.K. can study his insane geometry that he still has to learn.

Tai and I were walking around the general ship area, not really going to any place in particular. We walked right past Sora, who stopped the second she saw me. But I didn't see why she did so, or what she was doing. We went down the stairs, so she can be left to her own devices.

Sora was thinking to herself. She put her hands on her chest, and Biyomon noticed her.

"What's wrong Sora?" Biyomon asked her human partner.

"Nothing." Sora said, sighing. She knew that she liked Joe. But she was debating if he didn't like her back. And that's why he doesn't react to her blushing. Or if Joe was just blind to her feelings for him, and that was why he never reacted to her blushing. If so, when will he wake up? She shook her head, she will be patient about it and let him get onto it when he finally does. She went back to her room, so she can rest there for the rest of the day.

Mimi was the female spa room, taking a bathing. At least Tai didn't walk into the room this time. He was hanging out with Joe. Everybody was starting to grow on Mimi, even T.K., who she thought was just filler. Like, why would he be hanging out with such older people. But he proved himself to be a rather good teammate in the last few fights. Maybe she was thinking this because T.K. was so many years younger than her, and she usually judges them pretty roughly. She doesn't know why, but she does. Because they don't understand her. Only older people like Joe, formerly Anthony, and teachers of hers truly understood. Matt and Joe are probably the most leader material out of any of the members of the group. In her point of view, at least. She got out of her tub, and put her clothes on. While she was putting her clothes on, she was thinking about Anthony. How he would make her go all blushing crazy if he was still alive. Or the SUPER good looking life guard at the town water park. He was the most attractive person she has ever met in her whole life.Aside from possibly Anthony. He wasn't that much older, in Mimis point of view. Only five years. Nobody would approve of it, since they would still consider her to be a little one. Which made her sad. She went back to her room, and messed with her hair a little.

At the lowest level of the boat, three Gazimon were talking to Etemon on a broadcast.

"When do you want us to deal with the digidestined?" The Gazimon asked. Etemon thought about it.

"How about noon tomorrow, you can take the whole boat hostage. I will send a few more Gazimon over. They will be holding black gears, so we could possess all the digimon on this boat. Our friends can't be able to beat all these digimon in black gears, and you Gazimon. See you later." Etemon called them off, and the Gazimon got ready for the next day. Etemon was their master, and they always followed his orders.

I reached my room area with Tai, and asked if he wanted to come in with me.

"Sure, maybe we can talk more." We went inside, and I looked at the time. It was past four in the afternoon. I realized that time passes by super fast in the digital world. Tai went and sat down on one of the beds.

"What do you think of Etemon?" Tai asked.

"Insane. How he would destroy his own village. Take Devimons black gears, and made us face champion digimon with our own. The worst part is, we are all getting hurt. In some way, besides Sora, Matt and myself." I said, and Tai nodded.

"Since we are the only ones with our tags, what do you think our next plan of business? Do you think we should get them all before we attempt to use them. Or do you think we can use them now?" Tai asked me.

"I think we should wait before we attempt to use them. I think this is truly the best idea after what happened with the whole Skullgreymon situation. Want some Mountain Dew or Vitamin Water?" I asked Tai. And He held his hand out.

"Essential Vitamin Water. If you would please." Tai said, and I threw him a bottle. I took out a bottle of Mountain Dew. Tai took out a box of cigars. He lit one for himself, and smoked. I knew of his drug addiction, Sora told me about it a while back.

"Want to join?" Tai asked if I wanted to partake with him.

"No, I think it would best for me if I passed." I sat down on the other bed. Then sighed.

"Do you like anybody?" Tai asked me, and I shook my head.

"I used to like a girl named Sarah, but I got over that. Now I am just waiting, to see if somebody likes me. If so, I think they would be good for me. I hope Mimi finds somebody good for her, after the Anthony story." Tai nodded.

"Why can't it be you?." Tai said, and I shook my head. I just can't imagine it.

"Why would it be me? She wouldn't find me attractive in any way." I told Tai, and he got a confused look on his face.

"WHy not give it a try, see how it turns. Maybe it can turn into something bigger later." Tai replied.

"Why do you care if Mimi and I dated?" I asked Tai. He gave me a 'come on' face.

"Because you're a good person, and I can see you two working out." Tai asked. I had a mind blown look on my face.

"Can't. I'm her camp counselor. If I started dating her, people would disapprove of it in many ways, and I would get arrested fro being a pedophile." I told Tai, checked the time, seven in the evening. "Dude, it's past seven in the evening. Do you think it should be time we go back into our rooms for the night?" Tai shrugged, and got out of the bed. He went to the door, and looked back towards me.

"I think you're probably right. I will try to get some sleep now." Tai left to his room. In his room, he took out another cigar, and smoked it. He was I heaven now, until it was all gone. He drank a cup of water, and tried to go to sleep. Well, after turning off his bedroom lights.

Matt was in his room, reading a book provided in the room when he first came in. It was just talking about a brief history of the digital world. He found out that in the continent of Server, there lays a mine. Like in a huge cave that spans a few miles underground. And that there are four continents in the digital world. So the group has explored two. File Island and Server. He wondered what the other two were like. He was going to study even further the next day, when it wasn't so late at night. He went to his bed, thought about Tai for a moment, turned off his lights. Then went to sleep.

Sora was in her room. Dancing around, while listening to her music. People said she had a beautiful musical voice, that's why she didn't sing in public. Or else people would try to take advantage of her, in many ways she wouldn't even want to imagine. Still better than trying to own a flower shop, and only earning like twenty-thousand a year. She supposed that would be a good wage for just out of high school people, but not much beyond that. Sora sighed, and went to bed.

Izzy was surprisingly the first person to go to sleep this night. Even Izzy needed a break every once in a while. He was taking a break going to sleep. It was to recharge his brain, and he would start again the next day. He was proud of his story he told a few nights ago in that one house. Someday, he would admit to his parents that he knew the truth. Sure they might fight because of it, but he didn't care. He deserved to tell the real truth.

Mimi was in her room, laying on her bed. She didn't really ant to do much wandering around for a while. So that was why she liked to be on this boat so much. She wanted to see her parents again, and she could be in their arms. It would be so nice once she can tell them this. Mimi hoped her parents wouldn't be trying to find her in a panic when they found out that she was missing from camp. Enough scary for one night, she told herself. She turned off her lights, besides the bathroom one. For she kind of like a small amount of light in her room when she was asleep. She hoped that when she found somebody for her, they would be fine with this. She went to sleep.

T.K. was up the latest out of everybody this night. He was up till past two in the morning, Ever since he left Izzy in the afternoon, he was studying his geometry work. It was torture, and Patomon was no help. He had to look at the book, and spend almost a whole hour doing each problem. He had to get each problem right. His mom would truly be proud of him, and he wanted to make her mom proud. For as the years pass by, he noticed her slow neglect for him. She started to leave him behind more and more as the years pass by, after the divorce. Because he was now almost teenager, and they rebel more. He assumed she didn't want to deal with the rebellion, and he didn't either. So he was doing the best for the both of them. But he was up so late, that his eyes started to blur like crazy. It looked as if the text was flying around on the paper. He got up, and fainted on the ground. Patomon tried to wake him up, but failed. Patomon cried a little bit, and watched T.K. on the ground until four in the morning. When he woke up, then went to a real bed. He fell asleep with all the lights in the room, but he didn't care in this instance.

I was asleep at about nine in the evening. After I read a few chapters of the first book of Percy Jackson. I was trying to read the entire series, and I was really enjoying it. I got to the part when Ares first shows up in person. But you guys most likely don't care about what I read and stuff like that.

-In my dream, I saw a little boy in his living room. His mother was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. The boy looked to be about thirteen. He was watching T.V., just so he could pass by time. A younger boy, about tent, came behind him. He started talking to the older boy.

"Matt, want to hang out a little bit?" The younger boy asked, and the older boy shook his head right now.

"Sorry, I'm too bust thinking about important stuff. How about tomorrow, T.K." Younger Matt replied. Younger T.K. nodded, and got up.

"I understand Matt, I will just go off and play some Legend of Zelda. Because that's a super fun game, you should try to play it sometime." Younger T.K. left the room, and the mother got up.

"Matt, can we go to my room for a moment?" The mother asked, and Matt was sort of forced to accept what his mother was saying. In the mothers room, she made Matt sit down. He sat on the bed.

"No, on the ground. Get down!" Matt was so surprised that he went down as soon as she yelled. "How many times do we have to go through this Matt? When T.K. asks something of you, you say yes. Then you do it! This is the third time." The mother went to her closet, and Matt was already starting to cry. Why was he doing this already. She didn't do anything to him. "Stop crying!" The mother yelled, and Matt stopped right away. "Since tis is the third time, we will start of with three." She had a hanger in her hands, and she took off Matts pants. Then his underwear, so he had no protection. 'Let's not forget the fact that you almost failed fourth grade, that's another two right there. Now we're at five. If you flinch once, we have two do another two whips, so don't flinch!" (It happens in the past. Mr. Hensley said so.) Before she was even able to land the first hit, Matt flinched.

"Sorry, now we have to do seven." She whipped him once, as hard as she could. The mark clearly showed up on Matts butt. She did it a second time, and he flinched again, and another mark appeared on his butt. "Now we have to do another seven, stop flinching." She went for a third whip. Matt started to cry, and the mark showed up even deeper. It looked as if his butt was starting to open up a little bit. Then she went for a fourth round, and Matt screamed a little bit. Blood was starting to go down his butt a little bit. She went for a round five, and blood was trickling down his blood like a slow going fountain. Matt screamed even harder this time around. His mom went for a round six, each hit was getting harder than the last. Blood was going down his butt as fast as tears were going down his face. On the seventh whip, Matt was screaming like a car alarm. Blood was now covering a large portion of the ground. Tears started to combine with the blood, and it wasn't a good combination. He was crying harder than he ever did as a baby. On the eighth hit, Matt yelled at her to stop. Matt now had tears that started to go inside his mouth. Just a little bit though. The blood was now dark read, and the hanger left a definite permanent mark on his butt. On the last whip, Matt yelled to his mom that he would report her someday. The blood now left a little pond on the ground. The mark on his butt almost went as deep into the bones, and the flesh was now noticeable. The tears started to cover his entire shirt, and he ran out of the room. Well, after he put his underwear back on. Matts dad walked into the situation right as this happened.

"What happened?" His father asked.

"She deserves to go to jail!" Matt yelled, as he showed her what she had done. He saw the hanger in the mothers hand.

"Come on Matt, let's go get T.K., we will go to Joes house to the next few hours. Until we get this obvious divorce case over with." So Matt, T.K., and their dads went into our house for a few hours. When Jim, my dad, and I were all out of the house. Few months later, the divorce was made clear The father tried to have T.K. live with him as well, but they said that one kid had to live with each parent. And it was obvious Mat was going on his dads side. How horrible for Matt. How did I not know this? I felt so bad for him at that moment.-

I woke up, and it was around breakfast time. When I went to the lobby, everybody besides T.K. was there waiting for me.

"Let's wait for T.K. before we start eating." I said, and ten minutes later, T.K. showed up. I could see that he was very tired. I wondered how late he stayed up last night. None of my business, as I would assume. After breakfast, Matt, Izzy, and T.K. stayed in the lobby. Sora and Mimi went to the female spa to have a bath with each other. It wasn't weird because they were both female. While Tai and I went to the pool together. We took off our shirts, and went inside for a swim.

"Nice day isn't it" I asked Tai.

"Very much so. I'm glad Etemon hasn't given us trouble while we have been here. Wouldn't you agree?" I nodded in a 'do you even need to ask' sort of way.

"I agree all the way." I said, while Gomamon and Agumon showed up. We stayed in the pool for a little while, and all was well.

The Gazimon were wandering around the boat, and they found the captains room.

"Hello, how have you been able to enter into my room?' The captain said. It was a chicken digimon. It looked at all the digimon and people occupying the boat at the current moment. On the boat radar. "I notice that a lot of Gazimon are in here right now, why is that?' The captain asked, and the two Gazimon in the room put a black gear inside the captain. The captain was now under every order they, or their master Etemon gave them.

While in the bottom floor, another bunch of Gazimon surrounded the working Numemon on the boat. The Numemon all gathered around in a corner, to try to hide from them.

"Burn them down, all of them." One of The Gazimon said, all the other passed up torches to that one. "This is for our master Etemon. He will be so pleased to see what we have done." The Gazimon at the front threw all the torches at the Numemon, so they can burn alive. In front of them, and the front Gazimon started laughing. They went back to the screen they talk to Etemon the day before to report their progress. "Look at what we have done master Etemon." The monkey digimon looked at all the Numemon burning alive, screaming for help. He laughed, knowing that he had very reliable assistants.

'You have done the first thing I have asked of you. I also noticed you have put the black gear into our captain. So now the boat belongs to us, now get the captain to turn all the human digimon to stone. Then I will have fun defeating the humans for myself." Etemon said, and the screen went black once again.

All the guys and their digimon joined Tai and I for our leisure swim in the pool. Their digimon walked around the outer area of the pool, because they didn't want to go inside. After almost twenty minutes of chilling in the pool, we all got out. Then the boat captain along with a group of Gazimon walked towards us. We were about to have all of our digimon digivolve when the captain shot them all down with something. They turned into stone within a matter of seconds.

"You do as you please to these humans." The chicken like captain told the Gazimon, and walked away from us. "I got the females to worry about right now." The captain said, in a mutter under his breath.

Sora and Mimi both relaxed in the spa just a little bit longer. Before they decided it was time for them to leave, and go back to their rooms. But they saw the captain digimon, and noticed that it was trying to turn their digimon into stone. So they ran on. With only their towels covering up their breasts and other places. They didn't stop running until they reached the ship deck. The edge of it, at that. They got truly stuck in a corner. The captain kept on advancing to them, and was about to turn their digimon to stone.

"Let's not let this bully get to us Sora.' Mimi said, and Sora nodded.

"Are you ready to digivolve guys?" Sora asked Biyomon and Palmon. Both the digimon nodded.

"Biyomon digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!" Biyomon yelled.

"Palomon digivolve to… TOGEMON!" Palmon yelled.

All the guys and I were now fully trapped by some Gazimon. We kept moving back, whole they started advancing forward. Until it was to the point when we couldn't move any further back.

"This is it. Now Etemon will soon be ready to defeat all of you digidestined." The Gazimon told us, and I closed my eyes. I knew that it was true, it was the end of our good run. Then T.K. did something insane. He jumped onto the back of one of the Gazimon. He started to struggle against the digimon, and the digimon put forth the same amount of effort with T.K.

"T.K., why are you doing this?" Matt yelled, and tried to save his little brother from the Gazimon. But the digimon kept on thrashing on and on. Until T.K. took a bite at the digimon, to stun him a little bit. Then the digimon threw him back, and T.K. landed on the deck, with a loud thud. Matt ran to his little brother, and started to cry. He thought T.K. might be gone, but he was wrong.

"Don't worry Matt.' T.K. told his big brother. "Remember what dad said, we always have to have faith." T.K. was able to get up, with the help of his brother. The Gazimon looked in the direction of the two brothers, distracted for a few seconds. Everybody took this surprise moment and ran past them without them noticing. All of the guys, including T.K., were running away form the Gazimon. T.K. had the help of his older brother, and he was the slowest of the group, naturally. But I knew one thing at that moment, that he was the true hero in this case. We started running around the entire boat, with the Gazimon in close pursuit. I wondered where our digimon were, or Sora and Mimi. After a while of running, we went inside of our rooms. Each one of use took what we knew we truly needed from this boat, and ran out. We met in the spa room, where we knew the Gazimon didn't expect us to be at. We stayed in that room for a few minutes before trying to leave. None of the Gazimon were in the main deck, with Sora and Mimi.

The ship captain looked at Sora and Mimi, then let out a little laugh. Then the Gazimon showed up to the captain.

"It looks as if the guys have found a way to escape us." The Gazimon said, and the ship captain looked at them.

"I will not be the one to deal with you. For lord Etemon will deal out a harsher punishment. But for now, I will need to defeat these little girls." The captain looked back towards Sora and Mimi, and the two of them had their digimon ready to attack.

"Needle Spray!" Togemon yelled, and the boat captain started running around. Due to the pain of all the needles in its body.

"Magical fire!" Birdramon yelled, and the captain flew up into the sky a little bit. The black gear tried to find its way out. But couldn't, because of something Etemon. He set a self-destruct button inside his black gears. So that if these servants failed, they would be blown up. Sadly, that was what happened to the ship captain.

Izzy, Matt, T.K., Tai, and I were running around the boat. Until we reached the floor of the lower deck, it was unlocked. We walked in, and found a big pile of ashes. Our digimon came to us, and told us what happened.

"The captain turned us to stone." Tentomon started explaining. "Then he put us back in here, so we could not come out and safe you. When this was happening, Etemon sent Gazimon around the whole ship. Some of them gathered all the Numemon here, and burned them alive. That explains the ashes, and there is a new kind of black gear he made. It will instantly self-destruct any digimon taken over by one that gets defeated. So now the captain is dead, as well as all the digimon working here. But we must go to Sora and Mimi, for they are fighting the Gazimon right now, we will show you the way." Tentomon told the whole situation to us real fat, so we could get a move on. We reached the females in the upper deck, and we found a group of six Gazimon up there. Sora took care of one, as well as Mimi. So we only had four left to deal with.

"Gomamon digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled.

"Gabumon digivovle to… GARURUMON!" Gabumon yelled.

"Agumon digivovle to… GREYMON!" Agumon yelled.

"Tentomon digivovle to… KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled. They each went to one of the Gazimon, to take care of themselves. T.K. had a good excuse not to participate in this ordeal, since he almost killed himself getting all the guys somewhat free.

"Harpoon Torpedo!" Ikkakumon yelled, and the Gazimon he was dealing with just ran off deck.

"Roaring blaster!" Garurumon yelled, and that Gazimon was destroyed.

"Nova Blast!" Greymon yelled, and his Gazimon followed in pursuit of mine.

"Electro Shocker!" Kabuterimon yelled, and it stunned the Gazimon to sleep. Izzy was going to suggest us to defeat it, but I had a better idea.

"No, we keep it, so it can tell us of Etemon and his plans." I said, and everybody agreed, due to the fact that it was a good idea. And that I was a semi-leader, besides Tai, who I appointed to be leader. We took the rest of the day to make a memorial to all the digimon that Etemon and his Gazimon killed today. Etemon was a serious villain, he makes Devimon look like a little school girl. Mimi started crying.

"Why do I have to see so much death in my life? It hurts to see everybody I care for dying. It's so unfair!" Mimi broke down, and her necklace glowed. A thing appeared out of the ground, it was her tag. Her necklace glowed in a green color, if you wanted to know. The tag showed a tear, with a circle inside of it.

"Nice, we have three of the tags." Matt said. "Now we only need for left." He finished, and we all looked off into the sun.

Meanwhile, in a pyramid, Etemon was talking to the two escaped Gazimon.

"You failed me horribly. You destroyed the Numemon, but we lost a great addition to our army. But no matter, we will keep pursuing them. They also have three of the tags, but they still need four more before they can start using them. We will send more Gazimon after them later, as well as us taking over more digimon with the black gears. You are now dismissed.

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