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Chapter 23.

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Chapter 23: The Piximon Cometh

Hello, it's Joe once again. I know you might all be wondering the same thing. Why did you let Matt narrate last chapter if you were still in the scenes the whole time? Well, the answer is this. I wasn't there with Matt during the time when he was talking alone to Sora, so I had no idea what these events were like. That was why I let him do it, since he was there. So he could be able to write down the whole thing to point. But now I'm back, and we can move on with the story.

The next day, we were still in the desert. That didn't surprise me anymore. Since the Gazimon said that seventy percent of Server was a desert. I was serious by my idea of letting the Gazimon travel with us, for it may be able to come into use later. Besides, we need as much help as we can get if we want to defeat Etemon. As well as all the other great villains Gennai said we would have to face. That we never even heard of or seen so far. All of us started to burn up, like what happened before we went inside the boat. I felt that the climate was getting worse than it was when we were walking in the desert about three days ago now. The Gazimon was next to me, in the front of the line. It didn't say anything, and I didn't blame the digimon. It was on Etemons side, and still probably is to its mind. Then to suddenly see what the other side is doing, it would be quite a big transition for me if I had to do the same thing. T.K. was in the back of the line, taking it easy right now. I had kind of suggested him to do so when we woke up this morning. I didn't want to see him putting any more strain on himself than he already did today. The sun was high in the sky, so it left me to think that it was maybe somewhere in the late morning to early afternoon area. Which I thought was a safe assumption. Matt had been right behind me the entire time. He had a really happy look on his face, like he was glad of something. I wonder what it was that made him so glad. But you know, it really wasn't any of my business. Although I would admit, it would be nice to find out.

"Hey, what's your name?" The Gazimon asked me. I was surprised to hear it speak.

"Oh, my name is Joe Ki'do. But you can just call me Joe. Everybody else does so already." I told the Gazimon, and it didn't respond for a short moment.

"Think you for the choice you made last night. To let me join you guys. I hated Etemon, and every second I had to serve him. I am glad that I can join your side. I will stay by you all as long as you guys are on this journey. If you wish for me to do so, that is." I was extremely glad that it didn't want to serve Etemon, and that it was just shy to open itself up.

"Wait, really?" Tai said, walking up to the Gazimon and myself. 'You would want to help us as long as we allow you to." The Gazimon nodded, and I sighed in relief. Mimi was rubbing her hands on her face. It must have been murder for her. Due to the fact that she had a long pink dress pretty much. As well as that big cowgirl hat that she was wearing. She easily had the most clothing on her over everybody else in the group. After a while, the Gazimon looked at everybody, then back to Tai and I.

"I think everybody is hungry. How about you ask them if they are?" I would be surprised if they were. Because that would mean that it was right, without even trying to figure it out.

"Are you hungry guys?" I asked everybody, and they nodded. Wow, this Gazimon could be surprisingly useful. Like by telling me everything everybody needs. "Oaky, let's have some lunch now. What do we have on us." We all sat down, and Matt looked around his things. He shook his head.

"I can't see anything. Maybe we don't have that much eat right now." Matt said, desperately looking around his things. He really was trying to find something for us to all eat. Just then, something started to shake the ground. We all jumped up for a second, and started running around. We all ran to the same general area, and grouped up in a circle. With the Gazimon in the center.

"This is how the desert form of Kawagemon shows up. This digimon has one form for most of the environmental conditions. In the forest, it is a giant red insect." I knew right away what digimon the Gazimon was talking about. From the very start of our adventures in the digital world.

"Remember guys. The very first digimon we ever faced in the digital world. The one we faced when we met our own digimon." Tai and I both said at the same time. Because we were thinking the same exact thing. "What is his desert form?" I asked the Gazimon, and it had a scared look on his face.

"It is a giant black and blue centipede. It is over twelve feet tall, and it has poison coming out of its mouth. Its stinger is very sharp, and can leave a deep cut in anything it touches. It will be coming soon." The Gazimon said. "I know all these digimon in Server because Etemon forced us to learn all of these things." In just a few seconds, we saw the sand exploding. Soon, the desert from of Kawagemon burst out of the sand. It was even bigger than twelve feet tall. It was so fast, that it closed half the distance between itself and us within a few seconds.

"T.K., I must digivolve." Patomon told T.K., and he wouldn't let him.

"I'm scared of what would happen if you do. I fear that you would have to give up your live to defeat the Kawagemon." T.K. told his digimon, and Tai was to paralyzed to even attempt on Making Agumon digivolve. He was scared that if it digivolved, that it might go into Skullgreymon instead of old Greymon. However, I knew this was just a fear. Because he had Agumon digiovlve to Greymon when we were surrounded by the multiple Gazimon in the boat. I knew that I was the only who could possibly save us in this case. Because the Kawagemon was now advancing towards us, and Mimi had tried to make Palmon digivolve, but it hit Palomon. Preventing it from digivolving. Another thing that Etemon did to his controlled digimon, that we didn't know about. He made it so that if a digimon he had put a black gear in also could prevent our digimon from digivolving if it made contact with the digimon while it was doing so. The prevention would last a whole twenty four hours. I looked at Gomamon with a horrified look in my face, and I saw the horror in Gomamon as well.

"Gomamon digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled. The Kawagemon advanced toward Ikkakumon a little bit, but my digimon held its ground.

"Harpoon Torpedoes!" Ikkakumon shoot out three torpedoes at once, but it didn't phase the digimon in any way. Instead, it just kept on advancing towards all of us, and it hit Ikkakumon. He lowered in digivolution back to Gomamon with the hit. Everybody started to run back, as the digimon was about to take a blow on Matt. But right as its claws was about to slice Matt in half, something pushed him out of the way. Then something started flying around the Kawagemon at such a fast rate that I couldn't even see what was going on. It was all done with within a few seconds. Then the Kawagemon was going back underground, and we tried to find what it was that had saved us. We tried for a little while, but after a couple of minutes, we gave up. Just then, I saw a little digimon, no more than six inches tall, walking back and forth between us. I thought I was imagining at first, but I realized that it was real after a few seconds of bewilderment.

"What the fuck is that?" T.K. asked us, and I just couldn't answer. Nor could anybody else in the group.

"That's Piximon, an trainer to some of the greatest digimon that have ever lived. I didn't know I was ever going to meet it in my whole lifetime. It has a secret facility somewhere in server, that can only be revealed to the digimon it trains. Well, that is what the legends say, of course. I don't know if you can always believe in the myths. Some of the myths say that Piximon has even been around for over two thousand years, which makes it even harder to believe. For some people, that is. I know this is truly Piximon is because this is how you always look inside of the myths." Gazimon told us in a trying to explain a story sort of way. "Well, am I correct?" Gazimon asked, in the direction of the small digimon. I could trace some sort of admiration in its voice. Maybe this particular Gazimon looked up to Piximon as a nice legend that it hoped was real somewhere inside of its heart.

"Yes you are correct. I am Piximon, trainer of as you said, some of the greatest digimon fighters out there. I have been around for over two thousand years, since, well that doesn't matter. I have come here to offer to train you all in my hidden facility. I hear that you are all the digidestined. Since this is this case, and I see that you are all less than team working here, I will try to rectify this. It is also very obvious that you all are suffering in some way that will never have you put in your best effort. Let me say, this will not help you live up to your duties as the digidestined. I know of your actions in File Island, and I will only tell you what I thought of them after you tell me yes. When we are away in my facility, where you can not be attacked. So, what do you say to my offer of training you all?" Piximon said, and we were all to confused to really say anything at first.

"I say that you do so." Gazimon said. "Piximon is the best out there, You will never find a mentor as good as this one. Besides, you are not quite the best when it comes to teamwork, as I can see. Well, from the battle you just had." Gazimon told us, as if trying to truly help us out. I looked around at everybody, to see their points of view. Well, from just the looks on their faces, that is. Some nodded, while a couple shook their heads. Some just still looked confused by this whole situation. But, I wouldn't blame them. I thought about it for a good long while. Piximon could be a secret servant of Etemon, just leading us to a trap. But Piximon could be telling the truth, and wants to mentor us a little bit. Whichever way I look at it, we do need to learn to work better as a team. And Piximon was right, we each do have a weakness that drags us all down anyways. I decided that trap or not, it will help us in some way if we went this way.

"Fine, take us to your secret facility. Teach us some of your ways that you want us to learn." I said, and Piximon looked at us. Then smiled, and led us all the way to his facility. That took a whole day, and night. But the digimon had something for us to eat along the way, which was surprising. It looked like some sort of forest looking area. I was wondering how this was so secret. I even commented on it. "How is this so secret. Anybody could just walk in, and find their way to your place." I said, and Piximon just shook his head.

"No, not exactly. This is just a image to throw off unwanted visitors from getting into my place. Watch this." Piximon took out his staff-ish looking thing and spun it around a few repitions. Then pointed it towards the as I learned fake forest looking area, and we saw that it wasn't a forest anymore. "Quickly, get inside, so nobody could see." As we all went inside, I looked back, to see if anybody was watching. Nobody, so I guess that was fine. Inside here was a big building. Well, big building at the top of a giant semi-mountain. Well, hill, but it was so big you could consider it to be a mountain. It was in a large spiral formation, and gave off a intimidating presence. The big building at the top was easily six or seven stories tall, and it looked all black. Black with some obvious aging showing on it.

"You see here everybody." Piximon started, and looked at us all. "To get up to my facility, you must go up these two-thousand three hundred and four steps. I add a new one at the start of every year I am a living mentor. It is the first test of my training, it is a good way to teach discipline. If you can all make it up to the top, then you will be ready for my second lesson. If you can make it up here, then you have failed my training. I will let you take as long as you need to reach the top of the hill. I will consider you to have failed, is if at any point coming up, you start coming back down the hill. It shows that you are leaving the course, and I will lose all interest in even teaching you." Piximon said to us, and we all gave in a huge gulp.

'Hey Biyomon, are you are to digivolve?" Sora asked her little digimon.

"Yeah, how about you?" Izzy asked Tentomon. Piximon slapped both Izzy and Sora across the face.

"You must walk up here. Flying up to the top shows a obvious lack of effort. I am disappointed to even see some of my potential students trying to cheat. Don't go all bitchy on me over that little slap, you had it coming for you. So begin you climbing now. May I also mention this. Throughout your climb up here, you will see various checkpoints. These are places when it is flat land, and no extra steps. While you are in these areas, you will see the amount of steps you are at. A quote will be there, resembling you guys in some way. This is a place you can take a rest at, if you need to." Piximon told all of us, and he flew up to the top of the hill. There he stood in a perfectly still position, watching us, and every move we make. The whole first section wasn't difficult at all. We reached the first check point in no time. I assumed that Piximon wanted us to read each of the sayings when we reached them.

You have climbed up 275 steps of this hill

Seven kids went to the digital world by swarm

Five males, and two females

The youngest, was also the smallest. And had a older brother come along with him in this journey.

The next youngest, is obsessed with his computer, and won't think of anything better to pass by time then this.

The middle one, was also pretty short, although very active, and can make friends easily.

His friend, was pretty active herself, and always wears her hard blue hat as a tool of a helmet.

The next one, wears pink and has had a rough live with her babysitter, and due to this, is insecure about how she likes things.

The youngest ones brother, is much taller, and more to himself than anybody thinks he would be. Also hard to make friends.

The oldest, is the one you would consider to be the geek. But he was make leader by his assigner. He also has lived a really bad life, and wants somebody to help him out of it.

It was then when they each met their own partner digimon

This was when their destiny begin

That was what the first message said, and it was true. Since we made it up there so easily, we thought we could just go on even further. Without really having any sort of break. It took a little bit longer, but we were able to reach the second breakpoint. This is what the second tablet said.

You have climbed up 550 steps of this hill by now

After the kids met their digimon, they were attacked by a giant shell fish

It was then that one of them experienced digivolution

It was the digimon of the alethic boy

It had went from a small dinosaur to a bigger one that learn the power to shoot out fire balls.

This was the second message. I knew that it was telling us of the events of when Agumon had digivolved to Greymon for the first time. We were somewhat tired, but we could still push on. After a very decent amount of effort, we made it to the third checkpoint. This si what the third tablet said.

You have now climbed up 825 steps of this hill

Soon later, the seven kids found a trolley car

They decided to spen the night there

But they were attacked by a giant seamonster

This was when they experienced digivolution again

It was the digimon of the brother of the young one

It had gone from a dog like creature to the start of a wolf

This was what the third tablet had engraved onto it. It had explained what had happened when Gabumon had difgivolved into Garurumon for the first time. Knowing that we were a little tired by now, I decided that it was a good time for us to rest for the night. So we did so, and the next day, we got up very early. So we could try to climb up the rest in one day. We were so energized from our night sleep, that we got to the fourth checkpoint in no time. This is what the fourth tablet said.

You have now climbed up 1100 steps of this hill

Our seven heroes went to a village, full of Yokomon

But their socializing didn't last long

For they were attacked again

By a monster made fully of fire

But this was when we had seen digivolution once again

It was the digimon of the alethic ones friends

It had gone from a little pink bird to a giant fire bird

This is what the fourth tablet had said. I was able to see that it explained when Biyomon had digivolved into Birdramon for the first time. Not being tired in any way, we charged up through to the fifth checkpoint. This is what the fifth tablet had said.

You have now gone up 1375 steps of this hill

The seven kids went into a old factory

While seeing some interesting things, they were attacked once again

By a android that was stuck from doing anything for a long time

The events of digivolution had happened once again

It was the digimon of the computer geek

It went from a little red bug into a giant blue bug

It was the recount of when Tentomon had digivolved into Kabuterimon for the first time. We went up to the next checkpoint after we had some tiredness come to us. This is what the sixth tablet had said.

You have now climbed up 1650 steps of this hill

These seven kids got taken by a teddy bear

Only one was able to do anything this time

It was the little girl wearing all pink

Her digimon had to digivolve for the group

It went from a green plant into a giant green cactus

I was able to see that this was the recount of when Palmon had digivovled into Togemon for the first time. Now being somewhat tires, it took was some effort to reach the seventh checkpoint. This is what the seventh tablet had said.

You have now climbed up 1925 steps of this hill

The seven kids traveled in tough snow

The oldest, who hold himself responsible, climbed up a mountain for the group

This was when he was attacked by a giant unicorn

He didn't even wait for his digimon to digivolve, before trying to save the day

But his digimon did anyways

It went from a small sea fish into a giant walrus

The recount of when Gomamon had digivolved into Ikkakumon for the first time. But we were now starting to get close to the top. So although tired, we decided to keep pushing on. After much effort, we made it to the last checkpoint. This is what the last tablet had said.

You are now at 2200 steps, now every close to the end

After these events, something unfortunate happened

A evil digimon showed up and threw everyone apart

The athletic one and the older brother of the youngest one stayed together

The computer geek and the pink girl stayed together

The oldest and friend of the alethic on stayed together

While the youngest was all alone

After re-meeting, they battled the master of File Island

A evil devil like creature who held no mercy

But this was when the digimon of the youngest one had digivolved

From a little thing into a powerful angel

They won, but with the loss of the angel they had gotten

This was when we barely pushed through to the top but we did it. After almost half a hour at just that one section. That was way smaller than any of the others. When we reached the entrance of the building, Piximon examined us all, to see the expressions on our faces. He nodded, as if impressed by what we just put us through. And as if it helped us in his crazy training methods.

"It looks as if you are already improving. I think your patience had gone up quite a bit, and that was my goal while you went up that hill. So I can tell that I've been a good mentor so far. I will let you all rest fro the rest of the day, then the real training will begin." Piximon told us, while leading us to our room. When he got there, he looked in our directions. To see the looks on our faces. "This is the room you will be sleeping in while I am training you. All your things must be kept here. Why don't you go inside to see what your room looks like?" We went inside, and I was amazed by what I saw. Nothing, besides a couch and a light. That was all we had in the room, so how are we going to sleep now? "Well, I hope you all find a way to rest yourselves properly." Piximon left the room, and we were left alone. I scratched my head al little bit. Matt looked at us all, with a 'dude you're so retarded' look on his face.

"We have sleeping bags." Matt said. "But I guess one of us can sleep on the couch. Who wants to do that?" Matt asked, and none of us answered. "I guessed so." Matt told us. "Well, we might as well get ourselves comfortable. Since we will have to start our practicing when we wake up tomorrow." Well, guess what, we all settled down. And we each tried to sleep a little bit, with no luck on any of our parts. We each stayed up until almost past midnight, then T.K. went to sleep. Mimi was the second one to go to sleep. Izzy decided to rest after Mimi. Matt went down after that. Sora was the next one down, but she shot me a quick glance before she did so. Again, she blushed. Why does she hate me so much, I haven't done anything to her to deserve this. Well, anyways, Tai took a little bit longer, but he went to sleep before I did. I went to sleep almost at the exact same time as Tai did. Thankfully, I slept nicely.

The next day, Piximon forced us all to wake up. We all walked outside, and I could tell by the look on Piximons face, that he already had his plan figured out.

"Tai, I have a special plan for you as your lesson. Since I saw how you and Agumon struggled before I showed up, you weren't able to impress me. So you will be going through a cave I have in here, and you can not come out until you find yourselves. It is to get rid of the fear that you both have in your minds that prevented Agumon from digivolving. You can call it a mind lesson. Guys, I will be back when I show Tai the entrance to the cave." Piximon and Tai left with each other.

Tai and Piximon were alone, with the exception of Agumon tagging along. Mainly because Agumon was forced to, since he was Tais digimon. They went down over twenty floors, to the bottom of the building.

"Piximon, can I ask, where exactly is the entrance of the cave?" Tai asked Piximon.

"I will show you." Piximon led Tai around for a little bit longer, and they reached the entrance of the cave. "There is no light inside, so here is this torch I will lend you. You will know your true way out when you pass this lesson." Piximon told them, giving them a torch. Tai and Agumon looked at each other, and went inside the cave.

When Piximon came back to us, he had a grin on his face. He gave us all a bucket, with a towel and some soap and water in it. I gave Piximon a confused look, like everybody else.

"This is the lesson for today. To clean the entire house, or as much of oit as you can. I think you can start right now." Pximon told us, and flew up to the roof. So he could watch us and everything we do.

"How is this exactly a lesson?" Matt asked us, and I shrugged.

"Well, I guess Piximon knows what he's doing. So let's just do it anyways. Besides, I'm used to cleaning up things anyways. So it won't be a problem for me. Mimi shook her head.

"I've never had to do any major cleaning up around my house." Mimi said, and I groaned. Well, we started to clean up Piximons house. I was going slow, scrubbing as slow and easy as I can. So I can make it as well done as possible.

Tai and Agumon tried going through the cave. But the light of the torch only showed them the way for a few inched ahead of them. Tai slipped a little bit, and it hurt him. But Agumon had assisted him on getting up.

"Thanks." Tai said, and he felt something rush past him. When he looked, he saw a group of twenty or thirty bats flying passed him. Tai screamed in horror. Agumon looked at him, wanting to know what the problem was.

"Tai, what's wrong with flying bats?" Agumon asked his human partner.

"I'm afraid of bats. They tried biting me when I was only eight. Ever since then, I get a little jumpy whenever I see them. Sorry for scaring you." Tai told his digimon partner. Agumon shook his head.

"You didn't scare me. You just surprised me. There's a difference, you know." Agumon tried telling him, in a sort of back off kind of way. Tai and Agumon went along on their way through the cave. Soon enough, they saw something that scared the both of them. A dead body, of a digimon. The body had been there for so long, that they couldn't tell what kind of digimon it was. Tai walked back little bit, and walked behind Agumon.

"What's the problem?" Agumon asked Tai, and Tai couldn't answer. He was too busy throwing up.

As we were cleaning the house, I noticed that Matt and Mimi were interacting pretty well. I wanted to see what the fuck they were talking about. So I came over to them, and tried to join their conversation.

"Hey, what the crap are you guys talking about?' I asked them, and they both looked back at the same time. They saw me, and sighed in relief.

"Just about some things. We were betting that Tai is having the better end of us right now. Because all this cleaning just blows man." Matt replied, and I shrugged. It wasn't that bad. As I said however, I already have done this kind of stuff before. So does that really count? Our stomachs started growing all at the same time. Nice timing, because the sun was just setting right at that moment. Piximon came down, and told us to all gather round. Surprisingly, Izzy was making the most progress on cleaning all the way down to the bottom of the building. While Sora was only on the second floor down at the end. Matt, Mimi, and I were in the middle. T.K. was two floors ahead of us.

'I guess you guys did well enough, for your guys first day. I wonder how Tai and Agumon are doing. Doesn't matter, you guys should have some dinner now." Piximon told us, and led us all to the seventh floor. Where the eating room was at. In it, we saw a large table. That expanded on most of the room, and the food looked tasty. Except for the fact that I was allergic to most of the stuff on it. It was a lot, and I mean A LOT of sea food. With a little bit of pizza at the end. As well as Subway. But I also saw a flamethrower from Diary Queen. As well as a Oreo blizzard, my favorite meal from that place. "I think you guys can start eating as soon as you desire. You earned it, I guess." Piximon said, and left us alone for once. We went to the table, and we started eating. I ate my meal quickly, since it was almost the only thing I could eat on there. The digimon took most of the food for themselves. While everybody in the group just had a decent meal to eat.

Tai and Agumon still kept wandering around the cave. They were starting to get hungry, but that didn't matter. The two reached a clearing, or they thought it was a clearing. But as they looked at the things in it, they noticed that it really wasn't. Instead, they saw a kind of scary image. It was of a dragon eating humans alive. They both could tell that it was a painting, and a very well done one at that. But it still crept them out, as you may expect. Tai walked up to it, and rubbed the painting. He rubbed the dragon, and he was shocked. It had a very pleasing feeling. Like how it feels when a baby had their stinky diaper change after having it on for a few hours.

"Why don't you check it out Agumon?" Tai asked, and Agumon did so. He took his hand, and rubbed the dragon for a few seconds. It was obvious that Agumon was thinking a similar thing that Tai was.

"I've never felt anything like it." Agumon said. "I wonder what it's supposed to show. Since most paintings I've seen have some sort of story to them. Like somebody telling a story that happened in the past. Or somebody telling a story that they made, and are telling by images instead of words." Tai nodded.

"So yeah, as we were talking about. I've heard about that before in Earth. Were people just paint to let out either a real life story. How they think it was done on the scene. Or they try to portray a story that they have playing out in their minds. And show it playing out fully in a work of art. These kind of paintings are even better than the regular ones. In my point of view, at least." Tai said to Agumon, and he checked out the rest of the painting.

"It looks like a black dragon. It also looks like some digimon are trying to fight it off, while the dragon are grabbing a hold of some of them. If you look at the near corner of the painting, you can see a digimon firing a bow. You can see a flock of arrows flying towards the dragon, indicating that this will be the bane of the dragon." Tai took out a camera that I gave him a few nights ago. Don't ask, it was in my medical bag. Feels like that has everything in it, doesn't it? He took a picture of the wall after he was able to light up enough of the room to take the whole thing. He saw that the whole painting got in the picture, and he was happy it did do. Now Tai and Agumon decided it was time to continue along their journey in the cave.

In our room right now, the other five kids and I were getting ready for bed. I was setting down the sleeping bags in a way that everyone was a little bit spaced out. Because I didn't want all of the sleeping bags to be right next to each other, and nobody else wanted that either. Now I was aware of the fact that nobody had to sleep on the couch, but T.K. did so anyways last night. Since he was the shortest, and he was able to fit onto it and everything. I looked out the window, and wondered if Tai was going to be returning anytime soon. But I didn't see him anywhere close, so I assumed not. Izzy put his computer next to him, and checked what I assumed was his email. I assumed he had no messages, because he closed out of the tab he was on right away. T.K. jumped on top of the couch, and started reading. He was reading the Lord of the Rings books. I went up to him, to see how far he was. He got up, and moved to the side. So I can sit next to him.

"Hey T.K., how far are you in the Lord of the Rings?" I asked T.K., and he checked out who it was that asked.

"I'm on the second book. I read the Hobbit a few nights after we arrived on the digital world. I finished the first book while we were on the boat. Ever since then I started reading the second book. My favorite character is Gandalf. I hate that little hobbit named Frodo." T.K. answered, I hated Frodo to. He makes Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way look like a decent protagonist.

"I think the guy who dies at the end of the first book was honestly the main character. I main, a lot of the plot lines started from his death. Like the Gondor stuff. Then ninety percent of all the battle events that happened after he died. I haven't read the books since I was fourteen, so I can't remember everything." I replied. I saw Matt taking off his shirt, and went inside his sleeping bag. He quickly went to sleep after he was in the sleeping bag. Mimi was already in her sleeping bag when I glanced over in her direction. Sora was taking her sweet time going to sleep. I don't know why though. Izzy got off his computer, and closed his eyes for some sleep. I got off the couch, because I could tell that T.K. was trying to go to sleep. When I was about to close my eyes, I saw Sora glancing in my direction. She wouldn't remove her eyes from my direction for some reason. She had a big smile on her face, and put her hands together. Then went to sleep, with the smile still on her face. I went to sleep, and Matt woke up right away. He quietly walked out of the room. T.K. saw what his brother was doing, and pursued him. While outside, Matt was close to the door. He was looking down, to the bottom of the building. T.K. walked right up next to him.

"What is the big issue?" T.K. asked, and Matt glanced at him. He knew he could tell his brother.

"I am just thinking about how Tai is doing right now. He's been gone all day long today. Besides, I haven't learned anything from Piximon so far." Matt said, and T.K. put his hand on Matts solider. Matt was smiling because of the affection his brother gave him.

"It's nice to have you around with me on these adventures." Matt said, and the both of them looked down a little bit. They saw Matts necklace glow a little bit.

"I think this means that my tag is near. What do you think I should do?" Matt asked. T.K. knew the answer right away.

"You should obviously try to go out and find your tag." T.K. told Matt, and Matt realized he was right.

"Your right. I will go out right now. I will try to be back before everybody wakes up tomorrow." Matt said, and wandered off. He went down the stairs really quickly. Because he had Gabumon digivolve, so they could go down extra fast. Piximon was watching, but he didn't do anything about it. Since he knew Matt was doing the right thing.

Tai and Agumon were wandering around the cave still, they knew that they must be close to reaching the end. Since their torch was close to running out.

"I wonder if we passed Piximons test by the time we get out. Because if not, then we kind of wasted our time here. Well, aside from finding a really cool painting of a dragon and digimon fighting it. We did get closer in bonding a little bit, I guess. Since you were able to learn that I'm afraid of bats and everything. Well, I should tell you something else." Tai told Agumon. Agumon wanted to learn more about his human partner with every chance that he had. "About a year and a half ago, I would say. My mother and I got into this fight. It was over something that happened four year prior to that. About a sickness Kari had when I was trying to teach her to play soccer. Well, since then Kari had been getting sick very regularly, and now she blames me on it. I was trying to tell her that it was a mistake that I made, and that I learned my lesson from it. But she wouldn't listen. She slapped me across the face, and she had done when we were in the hospital. Yes, while in the hospital after the problem occurred. In front of everybody, and nobody did anything to stop from doing it. My father was there, and he tried to stop her, both times. I mean, that slap in the hospital has kept a permanent battle wound in my memory. For I was only ten when it happened, and I still had my innocence. That was one reason I got into the drugs when my father offered them to me. Now these days, I leave the house and go on for walks. I don't even come back to my house until almost eleven or twelve at night. I go out into the dark alley ways, were the gangs are strongest. I get to see them beating up on others, and I don't do anything about it. Since I'm not involved in the matter, it's honestly none of my business. Some times I even go into the stores and steal a couple of things from the counters. I can get away with it however, for none of the mart people can see me doing it. These days, I don't care about my mother anymore. Since she only cares about her, dad, and Kari now. I can see she doesn't care about me. I care about making my father proud, not her." Tai finished, and Agumon shook his head in the dark. So Tai couldn't see it.

"You mom does care, she just has a harder way of showing it to you than the others. Trust me, from your story, it feels that way. Just try to understand her. It will make both of your lives much, and I mean much better." Agumon said, and they continued walking around the cave. Until they reached a wall.

I was fully oblivious to the fact that Matt had went off to search for his tag. Although in my sleep, I still had that wondering suspicion on how well Ta was doing in that cave.

-In my dream, I saw two older people out having a lunch. They were talking, and I was listening in to their conversation. If you are wondering, they were eating lunch at Round Table Pizza. In the all you can eat buffet. Best place and time to ever have pizza, in my honest point of view.

"I wonder how Mimi is doing right now." The guy said, looking at a girl getting some foo. From the counter were they had pizza, and all the salad and stuff. I don't know, would that be the buffet. Or is the fact that your eating the food be considered the buffet. She looked about thirteen or something, and she was also talking to this guy. He was about five or six inches taller, and maybe a couple years older to. I saw them talking, and the girl started laughing loudly. When she was done getting her pizza and salad, yes, she was getting both, she went to her parents. Or was starting to least. Her parents, witnessing this, nodded towards each other.

"We're not surprised by this, are we dear?" The lady asked. The father looked very confused for a moment. "What we were talking about just a few minutes ago." He got a even more confused look on his face, and she sighed in a esasperated way.

"You know, Mimi and the whole guys thing." She said, and the father gasped.

"Now I get it. Sorry for being so confused." The father said. Mimi fully came back to her parents, laughing really hard. She was glancing at the guy every once in a while. Getting a smile across her face each time. She sat down next to her parents.

"Who was that?' The mother said. Mimi was thinking for a moment, trying to decide if she should answer or not. She shrugged, I assumed was showing that she didn't care.

"His name was George." Mimi said (George dis is u!). "He's in the eleventh grade. He's studying technology and things like that." (Well, whatever my friend George is studying in real life. I should ask him, because I can't remember). "Pretty nice looking." She muttered under her breath, trying to have her parents not her hear.

"Let's go home now." The father said, and they drove home. At their house, Mimi ran into her room. It was dark and gloomy, and everything like that.-

I woke up, along with about everybody else. Well, aside from T.K., and we walked outside together. Piximon was right in front of us, and I just now noticed that Matt wasn't with us right now.

"Matt's not here right now." I said. "Where's he."

"Matt went off to search for his tag. He left in the middle of the night. He hasn't come back since then. Sora put her head on my solider. Why is she doing this to me? Is she trying to plot the best way to kill me? Or is it possible that I was wrong about the whole blushing thing. Is it possible that she might not hate me? Is it possible tha she might L… . No, that can't happen. It just doesn't add up.

"Don't you find it strange how people are leaving us one by one. First, Tai had to leave to a cave. Now Matt is going off to find his tag. This all happened since Piximon came in to save us." Sora said, and I shook my head. Well, I would have, if her freaking head wasn't on my solider.

"Don't you suggest that Piximon is misleading us right now. He wouldn't do anything like that." I told Sora, and Mimi was just standing next to me. Not giving off any kind of emotion. Izzy was checking something on his computer right now.

"Shut up everybody!" Piximon yelled. "We need to find Matt. Let's go" Piximon said, as all of us went down the building, and the stairs. But Piximon was sin the back of the line, for some reason.

Tai and Agumon were staring at the wall. It had a bunch of engravings on it. It was of a tree. A apple tree, to be exact. They waved the torch around, to see it fully. The tree was white. There was only one apple on it however, and this part of the picture was of a different color. It was yellow, to represent the apples color. Behind the tree was a drawing of the sun. The sun was shining bright, to represent perfect afternoon. Like the painting of the dragon, it was done beautifully. So well done, that Tai took out his camera again, and took another picture. It was then that the picture shined bright, and opened a passage way outside. They went through it, and the sun was shining to the point that it blinded them for a few seconds.

"I think we may have passed the test.' Tai said to Agumon. "I was honest about everything I said to you. Which helped develop our bond. Which was what Piximon wanted from us. Now, let's go find everybody else." They left and headed towards us. They were next to a well, right in front of the fake forest Piximon had put up. Tai tried to walk back, but stopped for a second. He sat down, and took a short break.

Matt was down in the well. He was going down it by a rope, and Gabumon was on his back. So they could go down together. He was trying to find a way to find his tag. Since it wasn't anywhere in the Piximon secret facility. When he was halfway down the well, his rope was starting to snap. This was when his necklace started to glow very bright again. In a color of yellow. Something came towards him. He could tell that it was his tag. It had a shape of a barrier, Inside the barrier, there was yin yang symbol inside. To be forever protected by the barrier. The tag went inside the necklace. He then started to come up the well, and went out. There he saw Tai, and regrouped with him. They ran up together.

"Hey Tai, looks as if you made it out of the cave." Matt said, and Tai nodded. Looking down at Matts necklace. Where his newfound tag lay.

"So, I can see that you have gotten ahold of your tag now." Tai said, and Matt also looked down to see what Tai was staring at.

"Yeah, left in the middle of the night to find it. Who would have guessed it would be inside a well. Well, you can never really guess on this kind of stuff." Matt responded, and they looked overhead. Then they saw Etemon. He was next to the Kawagemon they got attacked by earlier. In just a few moments afterwards, we all show up. I went up to the both of them before anybody else.

"Tai, nice job on passing your test. Matt, nice job on finding your tag. But it looks as if we have other big problems." I said, also looking at Etemon and the Kawagemon.

"Think you guys can ran from away from me forever." Etemon said, and then he took out his guitar. "Time fro me to do some more wrecking. I see that you have gotten one of my Gazimon to betray me. I will have to get you all for that."

"I never wanted to be on your side in the first place." Our Gazimon told Etemon, and the monkey looked offended.

"Well I guess that means I should sing a really shitty song now, to make you all suffer." Etemon started playing on his coffin.

"Yesterday was Thursday

Today, it's Friday

We we we so excited

We so excited

We going to have a ball today

Tomorrow it is Saturday

And then Sunday comes afterwards"

Etemon sang Friday by Rebeeca Back. One of the few songs that I didn't hate. I mean, the girl was oly thirteen. She was decent . But for some reason, he, in my point of view, made the song…. Decent.

"Not that song! Why!?" T.K. yelled, while covering up his ears. We were so distracted, that we didn't notice what was being destroyed. It was Piximons secret training facility. I noticed that it was burning down and everything. The place was so big that we couldn't get everything out in time. At least we still had all of our sleeping bags and everything we needed. Piximon looked horrified. How can Etemons guitar do this much damage? We all needed to find the secret behind that.

"I will now destroy you with Kawagemon. Take your pray now." Etemon said. Agumon, Gomamon, and Palmon all ran to it. Biyomon ran at the side, because it can fly and everything.

"Agumon digivolve to… GREYMON!" Agumon yelled.

"Gomamon digivolve to… IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled.

"Palmon digivovle to… TOGEMON!" Palmon yelled.

"Biyomon digivolved to… BIRDRAMON!" Biyomon yelled. Etemon looked at all of us, saw the four champion digimon. He was running back, to let the Kawagemon take care business. But Birdramon was flying above the Kawagemon, to shoot fire at it. While Ikkakumon was in front of the Kawagemon, ready to shoot torpedoes at it. Greymon was at the right side of the Kawagemon, while Togemon was on the left side. We were ready to take on the Kawagemon, as we weren't a few days ago.

"Magical Fire!" Birdramon yelled. The Kawagemon tired to bit the Birdramon, but it was to far above him. So it was now distracted, but when it came back to his senses, he took out Togemon. By touching the digimon, and making him undigigvolve.

"Harpoon Torpedoes!" Ikkakumon yelled, and shoot out six torpedoes. The Kawagemon was now falling down, injured. It was starting to crawl towards Greymons direction. Well, we all decided to let Tai take care of the enemy for us.

"Nova Blast!' Greymon yelled. And instead of the black gear coming off of the Kawagemon, the black gear hit self destruct. Then blew up. But befoe that, he hit Ikkakumon, and he dedigivolved from the impact. Etemon looked at us, with four of his own Gazimon at his side.

"Fine. You win this one. I guess you guys can have my Gazimon you have accompanying you right now. For it doesn't care about helping me anymore. As I can see. I will head off for now, and we will fight again later." Etemon left, and afterwards, Piximon looked at us.

"You all worked together to defeat the Kawagemon that set you all back earlier. I can see that you are learning to work as a team more. I think despite how short I've been teaching you, you can leave me now. You've passed my test and lessons." Piximon said, now looking at his fully destroyed facility.

"What are you going to be doing now?" T.K. asked Piximon.

"I will now start mentoring as I need here somewhere else. I will build a new secret facility somewhere else. I should be heading off now." Piximon said, and left us to be. We all stood there, wondering what we should do now.

"How about we just spend the night here, then we can do something else tomorrow. I see that we've now gotten four of the seven tags. We just need three more of them." Izzy said, and I agreed. We could just rest here, ad move of the next day. He was also right, we now have four tags. We just needed three more. Piximon was right also, we are starting to learn to work together now. Which is a big problem we had earlier. We still had a longs way to go until we achieved that, however.

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