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Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Into the Mines of Server

It was the day after Matt got his tag from the well near Piximons layer. We were all trying to find a good idea on where the next tag might be.

"How about we just walk around a little bit, and see who's necklace glows first. That's what we've been doing since we gotten our necklaces." T.K. suggested.

"Yeah, but with me, it just came to me more than I came to it." Matt said, and I shook my head. Matt wasn't really getting the picture.

"No Matt, you still came more towards it than it did you. Because it was found near the layer of Piximon before the necklace glowed. Because it was in the well that was right to it. So I think T.K. is right, we should just walk around until we find one of our necklaces glowing." I told Matt, and he put his face down. As if my input was a sort of insult towards Matt. Or attack, as I might think he could have taken it. "How about we try to come up with a agreement of what we shall do with like a vote." I said, and everybody was sort of half paying attention.

"Who thinks we should wander around more until one of the necklaces glow?" I asked, ready to count up the vote. I saw that five of them gave the idea a positive. So I got up, and grunted for a moment. "I think that means that we should go and start now." I said, and everybody was ready to get up. Tai and Matt were in the front of the line, sort of leading us. While Mimi was in the back of the line, not really crazy about doing anything right now. After a while of just walking around, we reached the entrance of something that looked very gothic. It was covered with some spider webs. The entrance of the place was totally dark, and I couldn't see what was inside past three feet in. It was under a hill, that it looked we won't be able to climb. I looked back at everybody. "Do you think it might be a good idea for us to go inside?" I asked, and everybody shook their heads. Thankfully this was the case. Because I was a little too scared to go in there myself. But what sucked fucking ass for us right now is that T.K's necklace glowed right at that same moment.

"Does this mean that we need to go into this cave to find my tag?" T.K. asked.

"I'm afraid that this is so." Izzy said, and I walked up to the door. On it was a embedded mark, that I couldn't see what it was.

"What's the thing on this entrance?" I asked, and Gabumon came up to me, and took a look at it for itself.

"I think that back in the older days of the digital world, the digimon covered up their villages or settlements with marks. That you need to find what the word means in order to get in. So almost always the only digimon that could enter are the ones settled to that place. This was to prevent intruders from coming into their place, and possible attacks. But about a couple decades ago, digimon stopped using this system. So prepare yourselves for what might be able to find in this place. I will try to figure out what the word is." Gabumon came up the door, and tried reading the door. Until a blur started to show up out of nowhere. It slowly developed into the old man that assigned us to find all the necklaces and tags. Good, because I wanted to ask some things to it. Besides, I hoped that he could find the word or phrase that could open this entrance. Since we had to go in to find T.K.s tag

"Hello, it has been a long while since we have met last." The old man said, and we all had our full attention set to the old man.

"Well, you see." I started to explain to the old man. "We've already found four of the seven tags. So we just need three more of them. But the problem is, T.K.s is in this cave. We don't know the code to the cave, but we have no clue what it is." I told the old man, and he floated all the way to the entrance, having Gabumon need to move out of the way.

"You all are very unlucky. These are the Mines of Server. The most dangerous place in all of Server. Nobody knows what is in this place, but go with caution. Anyways, I will try to advise you what makes this place so dangerous. So listen to this story, and I hope you learn some things about the geography of the digital world." The old man said, and he held his hands out. "Take a seat around me." We all sat down, as he demanded. A few seconds later, he was ready to start his story. As he could tell that we wouldn't come up to distract him.

"This is the start of the story. As Gabumon had told you just a few seconds ago, digimon covered up these villages or settlements with a word or phrase. A while ago, somebody was able to crack the code to this settlement. A settlement of many different kinds of digimon, not just like the villages. Where only one kind of digimon are being raised in. most digimon would all agree that this wasn't a digimon however. It destroyed the entire settlement, as the stories told. The thing stayed in the mines ever since this story was made. Some digimon refuse to accept that this story is true. But something still keeps everybody out of the idea of entering these mines. It is considered to be so powerful, that it would make even Devimon weep in fear. Most digimon can't tell us what can defeat it, or what it is. Because almost none of the survivors from that time are now gone. But for whatever reason, these mines now a word of dread now in Server. I wonder what might be in it that makes this such a sad place." The old man told his story. "So now that you know my short story, I will tell you all something. Go into there with a mind of extreme caution. Don't be careless of what is in it, just because of all the things you have been able to do lately. You said you want to know what the word is to open this door." The old man looked away from us for a moment. He made us to all get up from sitting down, so we could all pay attention.

"Let me see here." The old man, and found out what he needed to say very quickly. "I got it." The old man said, and cracked his fingers. "The phrase is: Paris Hilton is a prep!" The old man said, and the door opened.

"Now you shall go in the mines. T.K., the fate of the digital world lays on you finding your tag in here. Sora and Izzy, let me tell you. The fate also lays upon you two finding your tags, but later from now. Whatever the task is, it can't be as hard as these mines here." The old man faded away after he said this, and we were left alone.

"Well, I guess it's time for us to go in." Tai said, and I sighed. We all went in, after taking a good long look at the area, and sun. For the last time in a long time.

Inside the mines, we were all surprised right away. Inside the mine, there were a bunch of pillars. All of which broken. Inside them were digimon skeletons, and I wanted to leave already. I saw a bunch of holes in the ground. Izzy was walking ahead of us, and almost fell into one. Matt ran up to him, to prevent him from truly falling. He grabbed ahold of his hand, and pushed him backwards a little. To where he was holding Izzy, in a very weird way. Matt let go because he didn't want to look weird by doing that.

"Sorry for doing that.' Matt started. "But I had to, in order to prevent you from falling into that hole." Matt pointed down, so Izzy can see what he was talking about.

"I guess you're right. You did what you think you had to." Izzy told him, and regrouped with all of us. Because he learned how stupid it was to go off like that. In a place like this to. We started walking, and we started making mistakes within a few minutes. For instance, Tai stepped on some bones of a dead digimon. Then a loud echo cleared across several miles, everybody fell silent. Some rubble cam down from the ceiling. Well, as much of a ceiling as there could be when you are in a nearly destroyed place like this. It took us what felt like a hour just to reach the front stairs. We started to go up the stairs, and part of them were starting to give way. Some of them, as soon as we stepped into them, just broke down. Then left a hole in the ground replacing what was originally there. Tai started to take a step on one of them, and it gave way right under his footsteps. He fell right down, but I was able to catch him before it was to late. Izzy and Matt started to pull on my back, for extra support on getting him up. Mimi, Sora, and T.K. stopped what they were doing, just to watch this. At another point, Sora walked right in front of a dead body of a digimon, and screamed really loudly. The Gazimon traveling with us had to jump on to of her soilder, just to make her stop screaming. One of the broken pillars at the front entrance started falling apart to the ground fully. That left a loud thudding noise that kept on going for about a few minutes. It almost blocked off the entrance, so we almost had no way of ever getting out of this place, Unless if we wanted to get out on the other side. Or wander around that destroyed pillar until it would feel like we were as good as dead. When we did reach the top of the stairs, which felt like it took even longer to do so than it did to reach them in the first place, we all decided that it was a good time to take a break.

"We need to learn how to manage ourselves better right now. It feels like every wrong thing that we could possibly do is backstabbing towards us soon afterwards. I don't know how we can be able tot go through here if this keeps up." I told the group. Most of them looked down in shame.

"Guys, he's not attacking us. He's just telling all of us what the truth is. He's right, we can't possibly hope to go through here if we still act the way that we do." Tai reassured my point, and it felt nice to know that somebody knew that I was right on this matter. We stayed there for a little while longer, looking around at the ceiling. Looking at what should have been a once beautiful place to tour in. Now made into despair, and gives me the creeps honestly. I sat there, perfectly imagining what the place could have been like back several decades ago. I could see digimon, of all sorts, buzzling in and out of here. On business trips, and visits to see family members. If digimon even had families, that is. I could see the paint job being of some sort of either golden or very light blue. It just felt like those colors would be the best fit for place like this. I could also imagine the pillars representing some sort of hero on each one. But I wouldn't be able to guess what kind of hero these pillars would each contain. Besides the fully destroyed one. I thought I saw some sort of resembalance towards a Leomon, that was big and strong. Most likely not the one that we had to deal with on File Island. I can also see some digimon guarding each pillar, which would also be the guards of the entrance to this place. I doubt that this place was once called the Mines of Server, it just earned this name after these sad events occurred so and so many years ago. I got up, just to sretch out my legs. Although it didn't feel that long since we had decided to sit down to take a break, it felt to me like many hours. I was starting to get a little restless. I took out my phone from my pocket. I thought about calling Sarah once again. One problem was, when I turned it on, the light was so bright around the room. Most everybody noticed and looked over at me within a couple a seconds. I didn't want everybody to hear into my conversation with Sarah. So I turned my phone right off. Besides, the talking might leave a really loud echo everywhere we go, so maybe it just wasn't the best idea in the first place. Put the phone right back in my pocket. Where I found my wallet. I looked into it, everything I belonged was still in there. So it was nice to know that somebody didn't like try to steal anything. I put that back in my pocket, well the other one. I then touched my ring. I took it out, and almost put it onto my finger. Then I remembered that I couldn't, for I haven't done the purpose of it. Finding true love first, which was I knew what my mother would truly want from it. So I very sadly put that also back in my pocket. I came back to where everybody was sitting, and sat back down.

"I just had to get up for a moment. Anyways, what do you guys want to do right now? Start making progress in here, or stop for the night?" I asked them, awaiting each of their answers.

"I want to keep going on this mine. So we could get out of them relatively fast, and not take forever." Izzy chimed in first. As how we did when we decided between looking for the tags and necklaces or not, I kept a total count inside of my head. So far, we have one for moving on in here.

"You see, the thing is, we don't what the time is, or how far we've been in here by now. So when you look at it, it doesn't really even matter what we do. So I'm fine either way." T.K. put in his vote. It was for either one of the two. So I guess I should count that as a vote for both ends of the argument.

"I don't think we should move on for now. I mean, look at the trouble we've already put ourselves into. We just got up the frontal stairs. I don't see what more good of progress we can make by going on when we're very tired." Matt said. I counted that as a vote for us to stay here. I again, like last time, didn't want to put a vote in until we reached the end. Then I would decide. Or when we reach a majority, then I put my vote in for that, because it's already the winner. I awaited Tai, Sora, and Mimis vote.

'You know, I think we should move on. Just to make some headway in here. Then maybe later, when we can start making good progress again, we can stop for a bit. Like T.K. says about time, we don't know how long we've been in here for. So we would just rest until we don't need to anymore." Tai said, and I counted that as another vote on moving on. So now we had three for the idea, and two against. Because I counted T.K. as one vote both ways, like I said earlier.

"It looks like I can already see a majority going for us moving on. So I guess that just means that we should just do that. My vote is to go on, no matter what the tiredness may bring. Also no matter what may happen to us in the end." Sora put in what felt like perhaps a forced vote. But I still counted it.

"It's been decide. We will continue on in these mines. Sorry Mimi, for you not putting in your vote, but we already have a majority. So it wouldn't really even count what you said anyways. Not trying to say what you think doesn't matter or anything like that." I told Mimi, after I told everybody else the verdict. So got up, and not having settled down for the day or anything, didn't have to pick anything up. So we could just move right along with no problem at all. We slowly walked down a huge hall, that had holes in the wall. Holes that had bones, and strange writing on it. The writing was looking like it was trying to show us some writing. I don't know what the writing would be, though.

"It's French." T.K. told me. "It stands for this. People have meaning. The digital world has meaning. Life itself has meaning. Every thing living has a meaning. Existence itself has meaning. But all added up, the great city we call by Legolath. Where we stand at. This place doesn't have meaning." T.K. told me. Legolath, interesting name. I can't tell if I heard that name from somewhere before or not. Like maybe from a book or something. "I know a good deal of French, so that was how I was able to translate that. What do you think of that saying? True or false." I had to think about it for a moment, and I guessed I would say true. Depending on the situation.

"I think you could make a convincing argument about it being both. I would guess." I told T.K., and he slipped to the back of the line afterwards. So our little talk ended right there. It felt like as soon as T.K. told me what the words on the wall meant, I heard a loud noise. Like a roar. Or even worse, a really loud breath. Like from something powerful. Or something that is right close to us. It was starting to scare me a little bit. I dare you to walk in a really almost fully destroyed place, and hear a loud roar or breath. THEN not be scared in some way. I bet a hundred dollars you can't. At least Izzy agreed with me on this, due to his reaction.

"Whh… whhaa…. Whhaatt… what was that?" Izzy said, obviously not trying to hide the fear he within him.

"I don't know. But I think that it would be best for us to not question anything. We should just move on." Matt told us. Then, after a few steps of walking further on in here, we saw something. It looked as if a shadowy figure was running around us. Maybe mocking us, like we were just a bunch of fools who had no slue what was going on. Or maybe had no clue what we had in store for us. Soon, it covered up our line of vision for a long moment. Then it went away.

"Please tell me that I wasn't the only had saw that." I said right away.

"Calm down everybody." A voice all around us said. "Soon, you will be in the great room. Then you will be one step close to meeting the bane of this beautiful place. Prepare yourself." The voice added on, and I was seriously starting to freak out. Everybody else was to.

"Get's group up in a small circle. Like how the group did in Fellowship of the Ring." Izzy suggested, and we did exactly that. We stood in this formation for what seemed like hours. But we were just to worried to get out of it until I saw a small light. It was flickering in what looked to be the end of the great hall.

"Guys, do you see that light over there?" I said, pointing in the direction of it.

"I do." Mimi started. "But are we exactly sure that we want to go towards it? It sounds like a very bad idea to me." She finished, gulping. You know, how people do when they are very nervous.

"Well, it sounds better than just sitting here any longer. If we just sit here like pray, that weird voice might come back to us." T.K. told Mimi, and I couldn't tell the expression on his face. Because everything around us was just pure darkness.

"We might as well. It's better to make progress in here rather than just not do anything until something happens. But let's be quiet about our walking. We don't want to disturb the setting of these mines even further." Matt said reasonably.

"Let me be in the front of the line. I can be very quiet when walking inside of darkness. It's part of our digimon line. I can help make everybody else be quiet in their walking." The Gazimon said. I forgot that it was even with us for a moment. Well, we did let it lead us. Since we really no other option, or better choice on our hands. The Gazimon was right, if I didn't know that it was with us, I would have never heard it coming towards us. That was how quiet it was. I even noticed that we were a little bit less loud with our walking as well. I wondered how it was able to put this kind of thing on us. I looked down, and assumed that I had my answer. I saw a small light underneath all of our feet. I tried touching it, just out of sheer curiosity, and nothing happened. My hand just passed right through it. I wonder what kind of comparison would be good to describe the feeling that it gives off. We were nearly halfway between the area we just where at and the light when something happened. I looked up, and noticed everybody else was doing the exact same thing. We saw a huge part of the ceiling falling down, almost a good bit on us. But the Gazimon was able to do something even further for us, and our speed increased. As we were running down the hall, the ceiling was falling down at a even faster rate. It was almost catching up to us, and even did rip up T.K.s shoes quite a bit. He just grabbed ahold of them, and threw them away. Since they were useless now. Now he just had socks to run on. This was able to increase his speed by a great deal. Well, this should be good practice for him when he does go out for track next year. Some parts of the floor even started breaking down into holes, so it could trick us. Then we would fall right into it. But we still were able to notice the holes being made being they showed up. So that wasn't that big of a problem for us, or as big as it should have been for us. It took us about two minutes of full on running in order for us to reach the light. That was when the ceiling of the great hall fully caved in.

"Well." I began. "That was quite the run. I bet we all got in a good exercise in from that." I looked around, the area we were in was just one word. Beautiful. In one of the corners, I saw a fountain of water. Izzy and T.K. ran to the water, to see what it was like. In the looks and everything.

"Guys, come over here. This fountain is amazing." Izzy said, and we went over there. Slowly, one after the other. As if it was in the order of who decided it was safe to go to the area.

I was stunned by the art that was on the fountain. On either side, we saw a female human standing tall. Pouring down water from a urn. These females had long hair, although I don't know what the color was. Since the whole thing was made of dark grey stone. They had a amazing dress on, that went all the way down their entire body. But it never got wet when any of the water hit on it. I put my hand out, to touch one of them. Scratch what I just said. None of the entire stone structure got wet by the water pouring on it. It was as if it was resistant to the water. I wonder what kind of digimon could make such a beautiful work of art. I put my hand in the water. Then filled my hand up with some, I put my hand to my mouth, and drank the water. No problem to it, it was perfectly purified. I drank some more, to see if it was true.

"Guys, it's safe. Why not have a drink right now?" I said. Everybody went for it, and had several handfuls of water. That was when I noticed a book somewhere in the rubble. I wondered what it was. I snaked past everybody, to get it. Tai noticed me leaving them first out of everybody. He followed in quiet pursuit. Wanting to know what I was checking out. Tai and I reached the book, and worked to get it out of the rubble. It took some time and effort, but we managed to do it.

"Want to try reading it first?" I asked Tai. He nodded, then shook his head in following pursuit.

"Sure I will. But I want to wait until everybody else has found us until I do so. If you are fine with waiting for that long." Tai answered. We didn't try to find them. We let them all find us. So they could look at the marvels that this place is. As well as the extra marvels it could behold if it was still the way it was several decades ago. Matt was the first to find us, and come over to our location. Sora came a little moment after he did. She looked away from me the moment she sat down, and put her attention towards Tai. T.K. came what felt like a few minutes afterwards. Mimi wandered in on us a small bit after. While Izzy couldn't come to us for a long time. He was too busy looking at the amazing structure that some of these things contained. Like for instance, the statue of what looked like to me, a king. It was pure gold, and the thing must have been at least twenty feet tall. He held a hand out, it was his right hand, The beard was so nicely built that it looked very real to me. His helmet even looked sort of, interesting. It covered up the entire surface of his top head, hiding his hair. On the bottom of the helmet, on both sides, it made a curve. Something in the sorts of a V, or maybe a U shape. It was strange, how nothing in the digital world we've seen has possible indication that humans have or ever will exsist. Until we reached this room. Then it only artwork of humans, and no artwork of digimon. It bothered me, and I didn't even know why it did. Well, after a very long time, Izzy came towards us. He was obviously the last one of us to sit down.

"Guys, Joe and myself found this really weird book. I want to attempt to read some of it for us." Tai said. Then he made that kind of ahh-huun noise, which I know was pretty poorly described.

"Business here is going even better than it ever had been before. Even that scary guy at the end of the block things so as well. I wonder what kind of secrets this digimon has." Tai started reading. Then took a short break. He had to find a page that was till readable. Through all the damage it must have gone through before we ever even got here.

"I wonder what kind of things the king is going to bring over today. He said he brought some stuff over from Transalton today. I don't trust this place. For it has that really scary mansion sitting on top of a hill. Deep inside a forest that nobody ever dares enter into. Who cares, that's a whole separate continent. I don't even live there, so I guess it's none of my business." This was what the next entry read. Tai, once again, had to search for another entry. One that was still legible after all this time.

"It has been while since we had seen the king last. He had said that he was off to File Island, to do some sort of business. But I never heard word of him since that night. I'm starting to worry. But I shouldn't, for I know that the king is good enough to watch his own back." The next entry that Tai read contained. He tried to find something else, later on in the book. Hopefully indicating something about the destruction of this amazing place.

"Today was a different day than most. I am writing this as my home and beloved place is being destroyed. By a fire breathing monster. I don't know what it is, for I've never seen or heard of a digimon that looks like this. I can only describe it in two words, just the evil it radiates. Total darkness. I need to finish this, so something can read this in the future. I know that my time ends here. If you are reading this, then…." Tai finished.

"Well, that this the last entry that I can read. The entry was burned, like every other entry I couldn't read on here. So we know of one thing now, that this creature, whatever it is, can breath fire. Well, that isn't so helpful, considering the things we've run into." Tai said. I looked down, and saw some bones inside of the rubble. I checked it out, then rubbed them a little bit. It felt, interesting, I can't really describe the feeling that I developed towards it when I touched it into words, however. I was able to pick ome of it up, interesting. But it just dissolved right in my hands, into the air. Like sand at the beach, or water on top of a highly elevated place.

"Do you think that we should try to move on even further?" I asked everybody. Before any of the answers came, all light within the rooms went out.

"You have read my writing, I see. You now know that the monster at the end of this dungeon maybe to powerful for any of you to handle. Even teamwork will most likely not get you through this battle. Come and see me in the lower room, if you want to know more about this place." The shadowy voice that we heard earlier spoke again, and I just realized that it wasn't evil or anything like that. It was just trying to give some sort of advice. The lights all around the room went back on. That was when we saw something crazy happen. In the center of the room, a bunch a stairs came out of nowhere. It led down an entire flight, to a place I would have never predicted to be there.

"I think your question has just been answered for you, Joe." Matt said, in amazement. I was just personally too stunned to do anything for quite a while. But then Matt preceded what he said earlier, by nudging me in the back. "Go on, you can be able to lead us down there. I trust in you." I did that same noise thing that Tai made before he started to read the almost fully destroyed book. Then I was able to get inside the front of the line. I led everybody down the stairs. At the top of them, I took one of the torches provided, with my right hand. I was crouching, so my head wouldn't hit the top surface of the path. Tai took out one of his cigars, and lit it. That gave a very small amount of extra light. But I guess any amount will help in a place like this. The stairs went on for what felt like forever. My legs were aching after a few minutes of continual decent. I heard in the back round that nobody dared even spoke. The torch was starting to die out, great. In the middle of the insanely long stairway, at that. So I decided to speed up how I was walking just enough to the point where I think I could reach the bottom without having the torch die out. Soon afterwards, or as I assumed was soon, we reached the bottom of the staircase. We went inside a very dark room, until lights shown everywhere. Blinding me for half a second. I noticed something strange about the setup of this place, however. Everything in this one room was in perfect condition. While the higher floor was mostly destroyed. With the exceptions of the beautiful pieces of work done. Everything from the entrance to the end of the great hall was just a wreck, and almost anything was going to add more destruction towards it. We walked in the room, surprised. Also, in possible awe of everything we are taking in. It was like last floor, just with extra stuff. As well as everything being in perfect condition. So you could see what this place must have truly been like when it was popular. At the wall, hundreds of books were stacked on top of each other. Like any book that you could thing of on the top of your head, boom, right there and ready for you to read. It was so outstanding to see some of these books obviously being around for hundreds of years, and remaining in perfect intact, Like how it would be if you bought one from a store at a high price. At the end of the room, we saw a large shadow. Well, large, like in six foot six. As it got closer, the image of a shadow fell away completely. Instead, we just got a normal looking digimon. It was a much older version of Leomon, that was still all black. It had red eyes, which would scare me away almost always on first sight. Just something about its presence made it so that I just couldn't.

"Hello digidestined. I hoped you've all seen what has come of this place. This is the last safe room in here. After this, everything is do or die." The older Leomon said.

"Sir, why is this room still intact?" I asked, just simply mind blown by the setting of the place. I mean, you should have just seen it for yourself.

"You see, this is the one place in here that the monster did not get into. Since it is a secret room within these mines. I've only found out about it after it came and destroyed everything this place once was, or could ever be. " The older Leomon replied.

"Are you by any chance alive?" Izzy asked.

"No, Mr. Izzy. In fact, I was killed while this was happening. This is what a ghost form of Leomon looks like. My sprit cannot be freed until this dark force, whatever it is, is destroyed." The older Leomon answered Izzys smart question.

"Exactly, how long ago did this monster destroy this place?" I asked, wondering if its age might have something to do with why everything at the front was wrecked so easily.

"It was about thirty-eight years ago. A very long time in the digital world. And a very long time even for Earth, as I may understand." The older Leomon said. "Anyways, it would be pointless for you all to ask me what this dark monster is. For even all these years later, I still don't know the true answer to that question. It hides in darkness, and it hasn't come out from their since the destruction of this place. It might never come out, maybe something in here is of value to it. Something it wouldn't let go of." Oh no, I already had a idea what this monster we are going to face is I needed to tell T.K., since it was his tag that remains here. It is his job to defeat it, but I don't know how he could possibly do this job. If Patomon can't digivolve to Angemon, and use its beam weapon. Okay, I may be going a little bit too fast for even what is good for myself. Let me explain what I think it is. You know hoe dragons like golden things, or just things of high value. Remember all the things that were just up these stairs alone that were all gold. I could be a entire lifetime of things I needed with that statue of the king alone. No wait, we could all buy a lifetime needs of things with that king statue. Then the fountain that never gets wet, and everything else. Then all the stuff in here that it could find at any moment. Then everything else that we still have yet to see. Just wow that added up could be worth hundreds of thousands. Or even a couple million. So I think whatever is in here, it might be a dragon. Not a digimon, since nobody's claimed to ever seen it before. Not even Gennai, the old guy that we met after we defeated Devimon, and before we came in here. So maybe something that came to the digital world by mistake, which would explain the darkness.

"I think I solved the riddle." I said. "T.K., I need to talk with you for a moment. Alone." I led T.K. to the furthest corner of the room, to eliminate some of the amount that everybody could hear us with.

"You see T.K.' I said. I hoped he would listen to my words. Since I didn't want to repeat them. "I think I solved the riddle of the monster deep insides these mines." T.K. looked excited by this finding.

"What do you think it is?" He asked. I made a sighing noise, and rubbed my hands to my head.

"I think that the monster at the end of the mines is a dragon. It would explain a lot. Think about it. What did the Hobbit say that dragons loved?" I said, awaiting his answer.

"If I recall correctly, it said that dragons loved gold." He answered slowly, still not getting the point.

"Yes. That is the one thing that they desire most. But, look at everything the last floor alone had to offer. Tons of it, with the king statue. Dragons could live centuries, so it may still be asleep for all these years, in some mountain of gold that it found. It makes perfect sense. Then they could just stay here for the rest of their lives, and not do a thing about it. Because all their problems would be solved." I told the full answer to T.K. "Do you get it? It's a pretty smart idea."

"Now I do. The thing is, why would you want to tell me this first of all people. Why not Matt or Tai, who are much more involved in the group. Or even Mimi. Maybe Izzy, who is trying to open himself up more with the events of these. Heck, even Sora, although don't ask me how a fire bird can defeat a dragon. That's why I said her name last." T.K. responded, very slowly. As if he had to think every single word out before saying it.

"Look." I said. I needed him to understand his importance in this ordeal. "It was to find your tag that we are here in the first place. Plus, you have Angemon, who defeated Devimon the last time he showed up. If you get Patomon to go up to Angemon, then we might have a chance of defeating this possible dragon. Because let me tell you, none of us other kids can alone. Hen you might be able to find your tag if you were the one who defeated it. Don't worry, we will help you. I understand your fear, and it becoming a egg again. But you need to think positive. It won't happen again. You are the one who needs to save the day. You are the reason we are here. You need to be the hero." I said. Rushing out every word quickly. Before he could try to stop me, be I hoped me being on fire showed him I was serious.

"What if it turns into a egg again?" T.K. asked, concerned.

"It came back not soon afterwards. I wouldn't worry about that." I told T.K., in a 'everything will be just fine' sort of way. "Let's go see hoe everyone else is doing." We walked back to the place everybody was at. The older Leomon didn't even notice that the two of us were gone. Until it saw us.

"You guys missed out on the entire story. What was going on?" The older Leomon asked.

"Nothing was wrong. The two of us just needed to talk for a moment. Nothing against you, personally." I told it, and it looked at us for a small moment.

"If you insist on this being the case." It said, in a calm fashion. It was almost, soothing. "Well, I was done talking anyways." It said, and then the whole group got up. "You may rest here for a little bit, but soon, you will have to face the monster. We all parted to a different part of the room, we were all tired. I heard my phone ringing. It was Jim. I wonder how he was able to talk, with being in the hospital. I answered, just in case.

'Hey Joe, how's it going over there? I got hurt really bad. Gang beat me up. Can you imagine?' Jim said, slowly. As if every single word that came out of his mouth was gut wrenching.

"It's fine." I said, walking around the room like crazy. Until I sat down. I didn't notice it, but I was right next to Mimi. "So, how long are you going to be in the hospital?" I asked, wondering if the three days have increased.

"Just a few days, shorter than I expected. How are the other kids doing?" Jim asked. Wanting to know about them.

"Alright. Well, there's this guy named Matt, who I knew a little before camp. Our relationship wasn't good at first, but it got better. He now accepts me as a member of this group, and I am happy to know this." I started, waiting to see if he would have any sort of response or not.

"Are there any others I should know about.' He had a sort of sad toe to his voice, as if he wanted to know them all.

"Well, he has a little brother named T.K. He is the youngest one of the whole group. I didn't think much of it, but he is pretty nice and mature for his years." I told Jim, and took a second to think. Was that al there was to say about T.K.? I don't think so, but I couldn't come up with anything.

"Okay, so that doesn't tell me about them all. You said you had six with you when we talked that one time. Now, please tell me about the rest of them." Jim said, but in a calm way. I could tell that despite him might sound snappy, he was still patient.

"Sorry. Just paused for a second. Next, there is this also pretty small one named Izzy. He is the most unaware person here, and that is not a insult. He is mainly on a computer. But we all did learn quite a bit from him a few nights ago. So that was nice to hear." I continued. Then stopped for a moment. I decided to talk about Tai next.

"Interesting to hear that somebody does that when you are all kind of in danger. Who knew, right? Anyways, who else is there?" Jim asked. Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about Tai next.

"Another one is named Tai. He plays soccer, and is pretty goo at what he does. I think he's pretty alright. Well, he does have one setback. That is that he never bites his tounge when he feels even remotely insulted." I said. Thinking about the time when he just told on me like that in the baby Agumon village. When we just first had to deal with Etemon.

"That can be a problem. I know of many, many, people who are just like that. I feel for you. If I'm correct, that means you've talked about four now. What about the other two? Please indulge me with them." Jim said, wanting to know as much as he can.

"Well, that just leaves us with the two females of the group. Let's first talk about the jock, Sora. Well, I know she's friends with Tai. I noticed something strange about her tough. She blushes around me a lot. I don't know why, but it's almost like every time she see me, she does it. I wonder why she would do such a thing." I said, seeing that everybody was heading to bed. That is also a time when she does it a lot to. Whatever. I knew all I left was Mimi.

"Well.' Jim started. I knew with his past dating life, he must know what this means. 'I know what is going on with you around her. You just need to pick up on it for yourself. Take your time, slow bro. Then maybe, the engine can start, and the it zooms down roads like at a hundred miles a hour." He was cracking up now. I wondered why he was though. "But you still have one more to tell me. The injured one from a while back. I want t know most about her. Mimi, please tell me about her." I was surprised, he wanted to know most about her. Interesting. I saw that Mimi looked up from where she was looking when she heard this comment by Jim. Like she was ready for something.

"Mimi, well." I was about to say, when I got interrupted by Mimi herself.

"Let me talk to him." She said. I handed her the phone, confused. Why would she want to talk to him? She waved me away, telling me to go. I left the two alone to talk for a while. I wonder why Mimi so quick to get on the phone when he mentioned her. I walked over almost to the other side of the room, to the area Matt was at.

"So, Jim, what is going on?" Mimi asked him. He thought about it.

"Nothing really. Just sitting in a hospital bed. I heard that you got hurt really bad a while back. Are you doing ant better now?" Jim asked. Mimi laughed it off for a moment.

"I am getting better. I can start moving around like normal now. So I guess that the worst of it is behind me.' Mimi laughed. Jim didn't reply. Like he was listening to her laugh, like it made him feel better. She stooped, like she was doing something wrong. "Sorry for laughing so much." She said.

"No, don't be. In fact, I like it better when you do laugh. There's just something to it that makes it, pleasing." Jim told her, and she felt better because of that.

"So." Mimi said. Trying to think of some stuff to say. So she can talk to him longer. "I heard Joe telling you about that whole blushing problem Sora has with him." Mimi said. Not wanting to talk about Joe and that subject in general, but she had to.

"It's only a matter of time before he picks up on her feelings for him. I mean, if I were him, I would have been able to pick up on it a long time ago. Has she ever come close to telling him?" Jim asked, wanting to know. Because he wanted his little brother to be as happy as he could. I knew that Sarah rejected him, and that might also make him lose part of his morale. Jim didn't want his brother to end up like him, somebody who has to be in a hospital bed over a stupid breakup. He also wanted Joe to be with somebody who wouldn't leave him due to not being fun anymore. He didn't know this Sora girl, so he would have to wait until he meets her.

"I don't know if she's come close to telling him. There has been a few times, however, when she does almost hug him. She stops every time, so he won't get too confused. She also talks a lot more, friendly around him. It is kind of weird, but he still has no clue. What a slowpoke." Mimi laughed again. Jim sighed. He really liked her laugh. It makes him feel calmer just by hearing it.

"Joe's always been like that. I bet it's driving that Sora girl up the walls. Have you ever met Joe before you guys saw each other at camp?" Jim asked, and Mimi nodded. But he didn't know that.

"Yeah, he used to me my mentor at school. It really bothered him, because he kept on telling me to stop trying to cheerlead. He always told me to just be true to myself, although I had no clue what he meant. He kept on saying that popularity isn't important to things like these. While in school, that's everything. You know this is true. The worst part was, every time he said it, he sounded sincere. Like I was hurting his feelings or something. I want to tell him I'm sorry, but I just don't know how." Mimi told Jim, and he made a deep though like of noise.

"I think you should just tell him the truth. If you think he sounded hurt, he most likely was. He was your mentor after all, and you were more in the thing than him. It must have been like a real stab towards him. I understand how he feels about that. I was no better in the school social media. Well, now tat I think about it, I was. Wow, I was a bad person back then." Jim said, not even realizing that truth. "No wonder why dad treats me this way." Jim said under his breath. He hoped Mimi didn't hear him. He didn't want to ruin his name towards one of the members because of stuff in the past. Just simply in the past also.

"What do you mean by that is why your dad treats you that way?" Mimi asked, wanting to know about this guy. She wanted to know everything about him, become somebody close to him.

"The reason I'm in a hospital bed is because my dad. He beats me up, and does things to me for the longest time. I feel violated just even speaking of this stuff to somebody I never met. But I love it at the same time. He stabbed me in the kneecap, and it hurt like fire coming onto your skull. He left, then came back and pretended he didn't know anything. Then called the emergency room, and pretended as if he just witnessed this. That liar makes me want to throw up." Jim tried to tell her the story. But she gasped, because she heard of the stuff Joe had to deal with. They bot have dealt with it, maybe this can unite them even more than before.

"Just like Joe. He deals with this as well." Mimi told Jim, hoping he would be glad by this news. She was wrong.

"I'm sorry, but I think our conversation is over now. Let's talk again, when I think about what you just said.' Jim hung up, Mimi was surprised, why would he just do that? Whatever, she had a nice talk with him. She came over to me, and handed me my phone back.

"What's wrong Mimi?" I asked. "Was it not as fun as you expected it?"

"No it was great." Mimi said, but very quiet. "It's just, he hung up on me." Mimi left him alone. JI could easily tell the sadness in her voice. Why was she so sad by this? My brother just hung up on her. It's not like she expected anything amazing from him or anything. Right? Anyways, I went to sleep. As I was able to see everybody already kind of winding down to normal tiredness.

-In my dream, I was think back to the time when I was on that island. When Devimon separated all of us to different places. It was when I woke up after being reeled in by Sora. I was talking to Jim on my phone, as par usual. Then Sora asked me to be leader, and I accepted. After we both had that incident when we looked embarrassed by the comments we each made. I was left to wondering, why did she want me to be leader so bad? She sort of explained it, but there must be more to it. Maybe she doesn't have good self confidence. I mean seriously, I'm at like top of world. Then she just acts like this, like I have to drag her across the playing field. Maybe I'm being way to mean about it. We walked up the hill, and saw the Bakemon. Yeah, I remember that part. Now I feel like a total dumb-bum walking into a trap like that. I really failed in my leader job, well, up at that point. Then there was the scene when we were on the butcher block.

"Joe, I have to tell you something." Sora said, and she was about to say it. The Ikkakumon and Birdramon came in to save the day. That was when I did that chanting, and saved the day. So I did pay off as a leader in the end, I guess.

"Sora, what did you want to tell me?" I asked, wanting to know. Besides, I didn't get the answer. I deserved it as well.

"Nothing.' She relied. What was she wanting to tell me. Gosh darn it, it's like mystery 101.-

I woke up. Seeing that everybody else was already decending up the stairs. I came up to them quickly. I was panting for air, because I was going at full speed. When we reached the top of the stairs, something happened. Gazimon started coming towards us. Hundreds of the, The one we have traveling with us jumped right into my medical bag. So they wouldn't find it. Or get lost with them, and never find us again.

"Now it's time for us to all digivove." Gabumon said.

"Agumon digivove to… GREYMON!" Agumon yelled.

"Gabumon digiovle to… GARURUMON!" Gabumon yelled.

"Biyomon digivolve to… BIRDRAMON!" Biyomon yelled.

"Tentomon digivovle to… KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled.

"Palomon digivovle to… TOGEMON!" Palmon yelled.

"Gomamon digivovle to… IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled. Patomon was ready to do so as well, but I put my hand on T.K.s arm.

"Not yet. Not until the end, that's when we need it most. If my prediction is correct, that is." I said and then it was time to start running. We ran across the rest of the mines, which with us and them, got destroyed even quicker than the first part. Both the top and bottom part started falling apart like wildfire. It was crazy to behold. A large portion of the Gazimon chasing us went down under. Some of our own digimon, while trying to fight them off, started felling down as well. Or got crusghed by the rubble. I saw that Greymon, Garurumon, and Togemon all fell down or got crushed by now. That wasn't a problem until we reached the last room, with walkings no bigger then six inches wide. We had to run with one foot in front of the other. Then that started falling apart right underneath our feet. So many of us almost fell down as well. But Birdramon kept catching us with her feet. Until we were all on her. Kabuterimon, Ikkakumon both devolved to fit. While Patomon was sitting on T.K. Our Gazimon came out of the medical bag, and it sat on my lap. We reached the final gate when the thing I knew was coming showed up.

"Now T.K." I told him. And he jumped down. He reached the stairs, out of the hole underneath came a big black dragon. It was even bigger than probably half the houses in a block combined. It scared off all the remaining Gazimon running towards us, and they pushed passed the exit. Not even trying to do anything to us anymore.

"Patomon digivovle to… ANGEMON!" Patomon yelled, as we saw the angel for a second time. This time, it wasn't as surprising. I knew it was coming this time. The dragon breathed fire, setting half of the mines on fire. The heat was starting to really kick in at that moment. I felt the sweat coming down upon us all, and I could see it to.

"Barrier." Angemon said, putting a blue circle around us. So we wouldn't burn up anymore. He also expanded the circle to across the stairs. He then pointed his pole over towards the dragon. The dragon was breathing fire on the Angemon, and I saw the angel erupt in flames. His face turned towards us.

"Run. Don't look back The barrier won't hold you good for a long time." Angemon said, and we listened to it. One after the other, T.K. was the last to come. For he was watching what his digimon was about to do.

"Beam of Light!" Angemon yelled. This was the name of his main attacking move. We saw the beam come right towards the dragon, as he was burning into nothing. While the dragon was slowly getting destroyed. We ran outside, and saw the whole thing. Angemon was the first one to burn up fully. The dragon had a very small amount of power left, but then got destroyed soon afterwards. Then we saw the mines get fully destroyed. As the light cam across the whole thing, and then, they were bother gone. Then a small thing showed up. It came towards T.K.s necklace, and put itself inside. I looked at it. It was a circle, with small trinangles around the top. With what looked like a shining light on the bottom. I assumed maybe it was the sun shining.

"I got my tag.' T.K. said, looking like he wanted to throw up. "But with the cost of half of our digimons lives. I shouldn't even be here. I'm just a waste of time and space. I should just leave, and never come back." He started breaking down. I never seen the guy do this before. I wasn't his fault that this happened. Just then, and egg showed up. No wait, four of them. On for Tai. One for Matt. One for T.K. Lastly one for Mimi. I was in awe, so we didn't lose all of them.

"See T.K. It wasn't your fault. You shouldn't leave the group, and never come back. It wouldn't be right. We need you more than you think we do. Look at everybody, we got a few eggs to look after. We know where you are feeling." I told T.K., as we all looked back at the place we just went through. Well, five down, and two to go. But we need a break. A good and long break. We should find a resting spot or something tomorrow.

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