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Chapter 25.

Chapter 25: Judgement Day

We were trying to find a nice place to rest for the next few days. So that the eggs can hatch and or digimon can return to us again. It was so strange to go outside once again. I wonder how long we were in the Mines of Server. I could tell that it must have been a while, since I could see that the sky was darker than it had been when we came in. So either it was really late at night, or we had been in there for such a long time that Etemon has done some more damage to the place we are in. I didn't even realize it, but we were on the top of a hill. I was about to walk to walk of the top, before Izzy pulled me back. Everybody came around me. We all looked down the hill, to see what was down waiting for us.

"Woah. That village looks so big. Like the digital world version of New York City." Izzy pointed down with a finger, so we could all see it. He was right, in the distance, I saw a bunch of lights in the distance. As well as a bunch of digimon houses.

"Who wants to go down there and see what is in that village?" Matt asked us. I nodded, because I knew that it would be a good place to rest for a while.

"I think that it wouldn't be that bad of a idea." I said. "What about all of you?" I saw how tired everybody was. So I knew that somewhere in everybody's mind, they agreed.

"Let's try to find a place to go down hill so we can go over there.' Tai said. I looked towards my right, and I saw a small opening that we can go down on.

"Hey everybody, follow me. I know a way that we can use." I told them, and ran for a moment. Until I realize that everybody was so far behind me. "Sorry." I said, embrassed, as they all came back to me. They were panting.

"You know." Mimi said. "Maybe it's better that we just rest for a while before we try to go down there." She suggested. I knew that she was right. We rested for what seemed like a few hours, and we didn't speak the whole time. I highly doubted that anybody really wanted to start making conversation at the time. The Mines really put in a kick to all of our morale. I knew it affected the morale that T.K. had. After everybody was sort of ready to go on, we tried to make it down the hill. Like five steps down, I slipped a really bad deal. It scraped my knees, and I checked to see if anything happened, blood wise. There was no blood. Everybody was waiting for me to get up, and I started to go down the hill slower. So that would decrease the chance of a silly slip like that again. I saw that T.K., for a change, was in the front of the line. Besides me. He didn't speak to anybody while going down, while everybody else in the back carried out small talk. I also tried not to say anything, so he wouldn't feel alone. After a while of disturbing silence, we reached the bottom of the hill.

"Joe." Matt said. "Do you see that in the distance?" He walked up to me. Pointing to something. It looked like a smaller village, but right in front of us. "Do you want to go over there instead?" I thought about it for a second. I saw T.K. nodding towards me, desperate. I knew that he just needed to stop for a few days. It was also for the sake of everybody else in the group.

"I wouldn't mind going there for a while before to that bigger one." I said, as we started walking to it. T.K. went right up next to me.

"Thanks." He told me. I looked at him. Since he was so much shorter than me, I had to look directly down upon him.

"Don't stress it." I told him. When we reached the entrance of the village, a digimon was at the front.

"What business do you have here?" The digimon at the entrance said.

"We just went through the Mines of Server." I started to explain our situation.

"Now please tell me." The digimon who I never seen in my entire life said. "Why were you all in the Mines of Server? It's a dangerous place to go to unless if you know your terrain. Even then, it's not safe.' It said.

"We were in there to find these things called the tags." I tired to further explain.

"What are the tags?" The digimon asked. I was annoyed of this one trying to interupt every three seconds.

"These." I put my hand out in everybody's direction. "Give them to me, now.' I said, under my breath. I handed the digimon them. 'We need to find all seven them. One for each of us.' I started to explain our quest to the digimon.

"Now please tell me why you need to find seven of these." The digimon was looking even more unconvinced with each part of the story.

"Because a man named Gennai told us to defeat these great enemies." I said to it. Hoping that this would be good enough for them.

"Gennai. Great enemies. What would these even do to help you in your quest?" It asked, not letting me explain beyond one sentence at a time.

"It helps our digimon digivolve further." I said, feeling like I was making a much progress as a snail.

"I feel as if you're lying. Guards!" It yelled, and a ton of digimon if the same kind ran towards us. I knew that our chances of victory was little to none.

"No, don't worry." A voice in the far distance said. The guards all sidestepped, and we saw who was speaking. It was a digimon, much bigger than the ones at the entrance or guards. "You are the digidestined. Gennai told me of your expected arrival here."

"No master, these can't be them. Look at them. They are so small and weak." The digimon at the entrance told the master.

"Maybe small and weak now. They will get stronger and bigger as time passes long here." The master of the village said. "Come here. I think it's time for you to explain your motives. To somebody who will listen to you." The master said, while looking at the guard we just had to deal with. The master led us to a place, much bigger than the rest of the houses in the village. It looked like a consuel room. Hundreds of chairs, but only one was filled. That was the one of the village master.

"Take a seat." It said, waving his hand. Just then, seven human size seats showed up. The sizes varied, for each of us. I took the really big one, while T.K. took the small one. Then everybody filled up the chairs in between.

"What is this place?" I asked the village master.

"Just a small village in server. We don't get any visitors. That's why we have guards at the ready. So nobody strange can come inside. Can you please tell us all of your names? Since you are the digidestined that Gennai choose to save the digital world." The village master said. Looking at all of our faces, to see if any of us are lost so far. Nobody, thankfully, because I wanted them to listen to me for once.

"My name is Joe. I was the last one to come to the summer camp that led us to the digital world. I am the oldest of the group." I told the village master.

"I am T.K. This was the first year I was able to go to that summer camp." T.K. introduced himself second.

"I am Matt. I'm T.K.s older brother. He lives with our mother, while I live with my father." Matt introduced himself to the village master.

"My name is Tai. I have a little sister named Kari, but she is too young to come to camp. She won't be old enough for another three years." Tai told the village master.

"I'm Sora. I've been Tais best friend since Kindergraden. I also like to play Soccer." Sora introduced herself to the village master.

"I'm Mimi. I like how this place looks. I hope nobody here dies." Mimi told the village master.

"Well, my name is Izzy. I'm also really good at computers and other technology stuff." Izzy told the village master, hoping that would interest it.

"Alright." The village master said. "Now that I heard a little bit about you all, tell me you story. Tell me what Gennai requests of you. Tell me why you were in the Mines of Server. But please, don't rush. I want to know the details of the adventures you have had in the digital world so far. From the top would be better, if you would indulge me on that." The village master said. I looked down, rubbing my hands together. I assumed that they wanted me to do the talking. I just wasn't so ready for it quite yet. I braced myself for a moment, then started talking. But not in the really fast manner that I always do when I tell a story. I think they would want me to go slow.

"It all started in July 30th, in the human world. When I pulled up to the summer camp in my car. The camp director asked me to watch over these six kids for the last fours weeks of the program. Soon after I showed up to camp, it started snowing, which never happened during the summer. So I knew that something was wrong. Soon after, these things all fell down form the sky like shooting meteors. I thought we were all going to die. But it turned out to be these devices." I pulled my out, and everybody else handed theirs to me. I showed them to the village master, so it could see.

"Who has the different color devices?' The village master asked me.

"Mine is the black one. T.K. has the white one. Matt has the blue one. Tai has the orange one. Sora has the red one. Mimi has the green one. Then Izzy has the purple one." I told the village master. I hoped that it wouldn't ask what all the different colors meant, since I had no clue. It didn't, so I guessed it picked up on that. I sat back down, handing everybody else their own device.

"That leads up to when the giant vortex took us all away into here. We met our partner digimon right away. Then we all got attacked by a giant red insect and then they digivolved for the first time. Into the stage that they are at mostly.' I told the village master. "Tai, I think you should take the next part. Since that is when Greymon shows up." I told him, sort of under my breath, but not really.

"Then this giant red insect broke off the cliff we stood on, and we fell down into a river. That was when Joes digimon called upon some fish to help us out of the water. Not long after, we went to a beach, and found phone booths. This was when we were attacked by a giant sea monster. While I was being constricted, Agumon gave in and digivolved for the first time. Into Greymon." Tai explained. "Matt, I think that you should take the next part." Tai told Matt, and he listened.

"The next day, sir. We were waking around until we found a trolley car. While it was Tais watch that evening, a sea dragon of sorts came and fought us. While I went into the water to save T.K., that was when Gabumon digivolved for the first time. Into Garurumon, and defeated the enemy." Matt said, wondering if he gave the right amount of information. "You should go next Sora." Matt said, seeing that they were going in order.

"It was not soon afterwards, that we came upon a village. Full of Yokomon, the baby form of Biyomon. When a fire monster, Meramon attacked us, that was when Biyomon digiovled for the first time. Into Birdramon." Sora told the village master, who was still listening to our tale. "Izzy it's your turn to tell your part of the tale."

"When we were looking through a old factory a day or so later, we came across this android. As well as a enhancer that helped make Tentomon digivovle, who detfeated the enemy. It digiovled into Kabuterimon." Izzy said, knowing that he just gave the right amount of information. "Mimi, remember, it's your turn now."

"After trying to run away from gross Numemon coming out of a vending was when we went into a village full of toys and a giant teddy bear that Palmon digivolved for the first time. Into Togemon." I didn't even need Mimi to tell me that it was my turn, I already knew the routine by now.

"When it started snowing really bad, this was when Matt and Tai debated if we should climb up Infinity Mountain or not, I did by myself. When we were most of the way up, Gomamon and I got attacked by a unicorn digimon, rather odd. Then Gomamon digivovled for the first time. Into Ikkakumon." I told the village maser my own share of the story. T.K. started right after I was finished for a few seconds.

"Afterwards, a new enemy came. Somebody named Devimon. He separated us up into different island sections. Matt and Tai regrouped with each other. Izzy and Mimi regrouped with each other. Joe and Sora regrouped with each other. While I was alone, but when I met up with everybody again, Ogremon attacked us. This making Mimi very hurt. Joe, Izzy, Matt, and I decided to face Devimon on our own. That was when my digimon digiovled for the first time. Into Angemon." T.K. told the village master, who now rested fully on the chair it was sitting in.

"That was when we met Gennai for the first time, after Devimon was defeated." I said, deciding to take the rest of the story telling form here. "He told us to find these seven tags and necklaces. One for each of us. This was said to improve our power and help us defeat greater enemies in the future. We found the necklaces no problem, but it was the tags that we started getting into trouble.' I started explaining our new mission. 'Tai found his first, and that was when we met Etemon for the first time. I got mine second, after fighting Etemon in a stadium. Mimi recived hers third, after fighting off Etemons servants in a boat. The captain was destroyed also. Matt found his fourth, and we encountered Etemon himself for the third time. This time, with a differnet version of the giant red insect we fought when we first arrived onto here. That one also exploded. T.K. just got his when we got through the Mines of Server. Although not having to deal with Etemon, we still had a encounter with this powerful dragon. That is why most of our digimon are in their egg forms right now." I told the village master, who seemed to be humming to the story, as if pleased by it.

"Can I see the necklaces and tags?" Everybody handed theirs over to me, so I could hand them over to it. "I see." It said under its breath. "I have a idea what these mean, but I shall not tell. Since it would be interesting to see how you find out about them for yourself. I see that you're telling the truth, I will let you stay here for a while. But then you must go back on your quest to find the last two tags and defeat Etemon." The village master got up, and led us outside. Then to a different building altogether.

"This is the place you shall be sleeping in while you are here." The village master told us. "Now I shall leave you to your own devices." It walked away from us, and now we had no clue what to do. Besides walk inside.

In the pyramid of Etemon, he was doing some crazy experiment. He was trying to combine multiple Gazimon, and make a new power house. A new digimon that can bring terror and show his name even further than before. Many, if not almost all of his Gazimon have already died while doing this experiment. Etemon heard that the last ones n village were being transported. So now he was out of these kind of great supplies. He tried something else. Why not use ten instead of three? He wanted to try it out, so he put ten in the same experiment room. Then he pressed the red button. To start the running. The cranked up the volume of pressure all the way to maximum. He heard the screams of pain that his servants were making. All it did was just make him laugh even further. He lived to hear pain, he loved to hear others in mercy over him. That was when the light flashed away, and he saw what had come out of it. It was what looked like a huge black thing. It was a big werewolf, and it had a green shirt on, with rips all over it. It had this goo coming out of its mouth. As well as this metal thing on its arm. It tried breaking free, and almost did so. This was when Etemon knew he did it. He was going to use this against the digidestined soon. He had made the most powerful weapon in his set to use against them, and he could be able to tame it right away.

We were sitting in the building. Taking a break, as I planned on us doing since we came out of the Mines of Server. I was looking at my phone, deciding if I should call Sarah real quick before settling down. I decided to, away from everybody else. So I left the room, and dialed in her number. After a couple of rings, she did answer for the time for a while.

"Hello, who's calling?" Sarah asked. This was the first time I talked to her for a while.

"It's Joe. I was wondering if wanted to talk to me for a little bit." I said, hoping she would say yes.

"I guess I can spare some time." Sarah said. "How are the kids that your are trying to watch at the camp?' She asked, remembering what I told her since one of our first days in the digital world.

'They are holding up. This place is crazy, like all these journeys that we had to deal with these creatures around us." I hoped she wouldn't ask me to tell her everything. Since I really didn't want to tell the story a second time in one day alone.

"I don't know what to say. If I experienced this same kind of stuff, I would be freaking out like big time right now." Sarah told the truth to me. I was glad that these people were taking this pretty well. Compared to others.

"I wouldn't blame you. I was pretty freaked out when I first came here. I just did a god job trying to hide it around everybody else." I told her, hoping she would understand.

"I can see why you want to hide what you were thinking around everybody else. Since you are the eldest, and the leader." Sarah reminded me. I remembered that she was telling the truth. It was in cases like this, that I was glad somebody was there to talk to me.

"I was thinking, what would happen if these things came out into the real world?" I asked, not really to her. Mainly just kind of thinking to myself. That was when I heard somebody telling Sarah that it was time for her to get off the phone.

"I guess this means that our conversation is over now." I said.

"Sorry. Let's try to talk again sometime soon." She said in response. Then we hung up our phones at the same time. I came back out into the same room that everybody else was in.

"What was that?' Mimi asked me.

"I was just calling somebody to talk to them." I told her, and sat down on a couch. Matt made some Subway for us. Then we handed us each a foot long. He even gave me mine without reluctantancy. For once, in friendship sort of way. I was so tired that my eyes started to close without my even knowing it. Without even knowing it, I fell asleep right after eating my Subway sandwhich.

Izzy got up from the area he was sitting in. So he could just examine the place he was in further. He went into some houses, but saw nobody in them He thought that this was strange. Then he walked downstairs in the outside area, so he could see the area fully. That was when he saw a tall stone structure of a female digimon. Then a fountain in the corner of the area. The same kind of fountain that they had seen while in the Mines of Server.

"Do you want to talk with me for a while?" Izzy heard a voice. It was the village master, walking over to him.

In the house that everybody else was sleeping in. Mimi was looking outside the window. I woke up after trying to sleep for a few moments. Without much luck at all. I walked up to Mimi, just to have somebody to socialize with.

"Hey Mimi. What are you thinking about? What are you looking at?' I asked her, because I was curious.

"I was thinking about many things. I feel like a sad excuse of somebody. I tried to kill myself so many times since Anthony died. You don't know how I held myself responsible for all these years, and I still do. Like I told you a while ago, I wonder what it would be like if he was still alive. It changed everything about who I was. Back then, I though everybody was easy going and nothing could go wrong. But then after that, nothing was the same. I changed my style of clothes since then. I changed my taste in almost everything that there is to have taste in. I wonder is somebody good for me can show up and help reduce the pain I have. I need as much help that can get from this person, whoever they are, with the whole thing. I get that I may sound immature and whiny by talking this all the time. I will try to leave this subject behind for good after today. But I want to talk to you something else. Just you." Mimi told me. I nodded. I understood her, she could talk about this as much as she wanted. But if she wants to leave this life behind now, then that is also good. I wonder what she wanted to talk to just me about.

"Mimi, why talk to just me about this? Why did you decided that I should be the one?" I asked Mimi, scared to hear what she had in store.

"You know that you were the mentor of somebody in school?" Obviously I remembered that, it was the most consistent thing that happened to me since I was in the ninth grade.

"Yeah, so." I said, confused. I was wanting to know what she was trying to tell me here.

"Well, the truth is." Mimi started to say something to me, then stopped. "I was the person that you were teaching and helping." Mimi told me, I was shocked. Never once did I ask her what her name was. The person I was teaching, that is. But how was I not able to pick up on the simalarities between Mimi and the female.

"I don't see how I was not able to pick up on this. I mean, you both act exactly alike and everything." I explained my confusion to her.

"Jim was the one that wanted me to tell you this, if I didn't tell you this earlier." Mimi was telling me why she was telling me this now, and not three years ago. When I was starting to teach her.

"Why did Jim want you to tell me this?' Now wanting to know what he was thinking. Or what they were talking about just in general.

"Because I told him just how much I hurt your feelings at school. How I was so popular and in the thing. Then you were so not popular and in the thing. You get what I mean?" Mimi was trying to explain further to me. I was still trying to piece the things together. I was till having no luck here.

"Please tell me more. I'm still in the dark here." I was letting her know.

"The thing is. I was able to see that you were had a very sad look on your face every time I came over to see you. It was like we were both glad to have another tutoring session, but then I walk in. Then you just look like you were trying to think of other things. Like my presence offended you. Get what I mean now?' Mimi told me, hoping I would understand. I think that I just got what she was implying.

"I get it. Sorry for looking so sad. I never wanted to be popular or anything. So I never knew why I was acting that way towards you." I said, understanding. I realized that it was true. I was always sad when Mimi walked in, like it hurt me to try teaching her. Maybe deep down, I had some thought in my mind. What would it be like if I was popular. What would it be like if I was in the thing? Maybe because Jim was in that so well, without even trying. He did have one thing better than me, even if my dad treated him worse. He did have many people care over him, and that was at least something.

"Do you know where Izzy is? I see that he is not around right now." Mimi said. "I really don't care. It's just that you might. If you know me, then you know that I don't give a darn about him, he's a punk." Mimi said further. I looked around the house, scared for a second. He wasn't around. What if he left us or something? No, he knows what he is doing, I wouldn't be worried over what is doing. I just sat down, because I was so tired. So tired that things around me started going around in a blur, like somebody with the reading disability. I was starting to fall down while trying to reach the couch, and since everybody else was asleep, Mimi had to be the one who almost carried me the whole way. Mimi was sitting next to me.

"As you can see, I'm very tired." I told her. I put me head in her lap, and she smiled a little. I was acting like a little kid. "I feel like I need a bedtime story. I never had one before in my life, because things with my parents and everything. I kind of already told you that already when we were first in the digital world." I explained to her. Mimi took off her glove, and put her hand on my head.

"Oh my god. You're burning up. You need to take care of your own health before you try to go over the top taking care of everybody. I'm just surprised right now, you're acting like a baby. Not in a bad way, just that you are realizing that you are a human. That you need to just stop. Mimi was rubbing my hair. "I feel like I'm acting like your mom or girlfriend right now." She told me, and we both laughed with this comment. That wasn't really even a joke. As she was rubbing my hair, I was starting to close my eyes. "Just take it easy. First thing tomorrow, eat something good." Then after a while of rubbing my hair, I feel asleep for real this time. She got up, and rubbed her legs off a little bit. She laughed, and smiled. She did something she would consider to be truly useful to the group. I was so sound asleep that I didn't even know that she got up from under me. She walked to a different area, and fell asleep herself.

Izzy and the village master were watching the fountain pour out water. Then watched the statue stand there, frozen. Like a person being turned to stone from the head of Mudusa.

"I wonder if this lady statue is supposed to represent something or not? Because I feel as if it does." Izzy was saying to the village master.

"I don't remember what my tutor told me before, but I think it is supposed to represent knowledge or something. I know how you are with the computer, it helped you grow smarter. Smarter than you normally would have been if you didn't have one to help you out. I think that you may have been able to figure that out on your own. Then agaib, any source, no matter how good or bad, makes you smarter. Even if it serves no purpose, you learn to always stay away from that kind of stuff." The village master told Izzy. It was right, but Izzy had never really thought about it that way.

"What was this place like when you were younger, if you don't mind me asking you." Izzy said, trying to make sure he wasn't pushing it to far with his questions. He hated being himself. Everybody thinks he's the smart quiz brain who is able to tell you everything. Since he had a computer with him and everything. When in reality, he was just a very average person. He wasn't overly smart or anything like that. He wasn't a quiz brain. He wouldn't even know half, heck, a quarter of the things he did if he didn't have his computer. He wasn't a insane quiz brain or anything like that. He was just the kind of normal guy you would see on the street everyday. He has no shame in admitting that T.K. knows more than he does right now, maybe than he ever will. He had no shame in admitting that Joe knows more than him, and he still would have even if they were both the same age. Since he studies his head to death just to be away from the pain that life around him brings. Getting smarter was Joes way of getting out of things, and Izzy knows it. He showed more interest in things than Izzy ever did, even back then. Okay, maybe Izzy was smarter than one person in the group, and that was Mimi. He was never overly fond of Mimi, in fact, he just downright hated her. She is a useless piece of garbage that just deserves to get thrown in the dumpster. In fact, Izzy doesn't care what her birth plate says, or what anybody else says. In his mind she is and always will be the youngest member of the group. Even more so than T.K. Which is another reason she is such a pushover. Despite it sounding horrible, he doesn't really even care if Mimi dies or anything. She deserves it, in his mind.

"I know what you are thinking about right now, Izzy." The village master took him out of his thoughts.

"I forgot you were even there." Izzy said.

"You're right, not to sound mean or anything, But you're really not as smart as people say you are. Again, not in a mean way. Just that you must be so bothered by the fact that people always go crazy about you being the brains of the group and everything. When you're not. You just want to have people see that you're a normal guy, which is just what you are. I get it, really." The village master told Izzy. Izzy was glad that somebody understood him for once, and not the others and what they think of him.

"So you said that this statue is supposed to represent knowledge of some sort. Interesting, I wonder what kind of knowledge it's supposed to be." Izzy said, sort of thinking to himself at the moment.

"I'm not sure what it would be. Maybe like the kind that shows that no matter how hard you try to do something, and no matter how many times you fail at it, you will always find your way." The village master suggested, but Izzy wasn't too sure for himself. But maybe that was the case.

"So you said that you had a mentor here before. What was it like here when you were considerably younger? I mean, I don't want to get all up in your business. If you would like to tell me, then it would be nice to know some of your life." Izzy said, still afraid that he was going a little bit too far even for his own good.

"Well, the reason that I don't want to tell you about my past is that, I don't know anything about it. It's been so many years, and so many memories since then that I just can't seem to recall. You will feel the same way when you get much older, trust me. It will not be fun. Even the best of these memories will slowly slip away into nothing. So you can only remember what just happened, or the stuff from only a few years back." The village master told Izzy the truth of his problem.

"Sucks for you. I never really considered looking at it that way." Izzy told it, in a sorry sort of way. Just then, they both saw the fountain glowing a small purple color. They both walked up to it, and they heard the fountain calling Izzys name. Wanting him to come in.

"Oh my gosh. This hasn't happened in many years. It's a call, to show a vision to you. Put your head inside, and see what is waiting for you to see." The village master told Izzy. He did as the village master asked.

I was asleep, having one of the worst dreams yet.

-In my dream, I saw the hospital that my dad was working in. It was during the workday, and one of the nurses was running out of his room crying.

"What's wrong right now?" One of the other doctors said.

"I was just fired!" The one crying yelled. My father walked out of the room.

"Nobody cares about your sob story! Get out of here right now!" My father yelled, and the nurse left the hospital in a breakdown.

"The rules are as follows on claim #31." My father started to explain. "Doctors and nurses can only treat patients of the same sex. So males can only treat males, and females can only treat females. If you don't, then you will be instantly get fired." One of the doctors walked up to him.

"You know, I quit. I'm tired of you trying to dictate everything that happens in a hospital." The doctor shoved my father back, and walked away slowly. My father grabbed him by his shirt.

"How dare you stand up to me?" My father asked angirly. "You deserve to burn in the depths of hell for standing up to me. Now leave." He pushed the doctor back to the point were he fell down to the ground. The doctor left the hospital, while taking off all the doctors clothes. My father was looking at everybody else.

"What is your problem? Just get back to work, your fools. I will fire everyone of you who doesn't get back to work within the next five minutes. Because you are all slow insolances." He went back to his room.

In his room, he was looking in his cupboard. He took out a picture. It was off him, and a woman. With two young boys next to him.

"Those where the days." He said to himself. Why does Jim and Joe always try to hide away from me? I'm a good parent, after all. Why did Natalie leave me so long ago. I really did do my best to help raise them. Besides, we were only 19 when we got married. Then 21 when Jim was born, we were so young. I was left to raise the for almost a quarter of my life on my own, and a quarter with her at my side. And half with just raising these kids in general. People just don't care, however." My father was saying to himself. I didn't know that my mother and father were so young when we were born. I was sadden, and sickened by the fact that he thought he was a good parents. But I guess his years might be a factor to why he is so bad.-

I woke up, and sighed a little bit. That was interesting to see. I was wandering around the house a little bit. Now I was starting to worry quite a bit now. Izzy was still gone, maybe I should go out a little bit. That was when I left the house. Gomamon came up towards me.

"What art thee doing?" Gomamon asked.

"Just wandering around." I told Gomamon, and that was true. Matt walked up to me, with Gabumon by his side.

"Hey Joe. I was wanting to go out for a little bit. Maybe we can kind of hang out a little bit." Matt said, and I nodded.

"It's a quad." I said. I was referring to me, Gomamon, Matt, and Gabumon. That makes four.

Izzy had his face in the fountain. He was seeing different images of Earth. Like of a vampire digimon in a terminal, taking it over. A ghost by it side. Then Izzy talking to his parents, and him running out of his room. Somewhat crying. Then Joe going to a funeral. Sora and Mimi battling at top of a sightseeing building. They were battling a fire steel-like digimon. Matt and T.K. walking around the city, and finding the same vampire digimon. Then finding some of its servants wandering around they city. Then the vampire sleeping in a coffin. Then them coming out of the coffin, to see a man, He was wearing a robe that covered his looks, and had ten rings on. One for each finger, all a different color. Lastly was Tai walking around with a small girl that looked just like him. So maybe him and his little sister. They were talking to a cat digimon, and a digimon that looked like a wizard or something like that. That was when the images that Izzy was seeing started to wear off fully. Izzy looked at the village master, to get some input.

"What was that?" Izzy asked confused. Those were all images on Earth and digimon were in it. Digimon don't come to Earth, though. Izzy was needing of help.

"Those are possible images of the future. But these are not official. So don't take them seriously. But it helped you learn something. You just don't really know how it helped you. You will know someday. The village master said.

"I wonder how long it will take for me to find out the meaning." Izzy said under his breath, not really even to the village master. Then he saw his necklace glowing out of nowhere.

"I guess that you found out the answer to your question sooner than you really expected." The village master told Izzy. The something started to call out of the water fountain, it looked like something Izzy has seen before.

"These look like the things in almost all the other kids necklaces." The village master said. Izzy grabbed it, and it went out of his hands. Instead, it went into his necklace. The purple color went away, and it stayed in.

"Really. That's all it took to get my tag?" Izzy said, surprised. "I don't deserve it. T.K. had to deal with half of our digimon dying, and Angemon being destroyed in the fire with a black dragon." Izzy was explaining to the village master. Izzy was trying to throw his necklace away in the ground. But the village master grabbed his hands, to stop him.

"Don't make wreckless moves like that. It will hurt the group more than you think it really would. So don't do it." The village master tolr Izzy, and Izzy put his hand down.

"I guess you're right." Izzy said, saddened by the stupid move he almost made.

"Maybe it is time that you should try to head back to everybody else. Please, go with caution. Etemon is a powerful enemy. He may be heading here right now, and we just don't know it." The village master said, and Izzy nodded. He started walking off.

Matt and I were walking around, trying to find Izzy.

"I was talking to Sora a while back. After Mimi got her tag, and that one Gazimon joined our side." Matt was starting to tell me.

"Well, not trying to get in your business, but what did you two try to talk about." Well, he brought it up, so it was only natural ask about it.

"The truth was, I came out of the closet to her. Now I'm doing it one at a time." Matt said, and it was nice to know more about Matt.

"Thanks for telling me. I was kind of questioning it, with the way that you looked at Tai and everything. Maybe I was just making a lucky guess. When did you know the truth about you being gay and everything?" I was wanting to know if this was a recent development, or something he knew for many years.

"I was kind of questioning it for many years, but I was sure of it within the last year. But as I said, I was debating it since I would say I was twelve or thirteen. Don't ask why people that young would be wanting to know about that kind of stuff." Matt told me.

"Dude. It's alright if you were questioning it for a long time. Was there anything else Sora and you were talking about?" I was wanting to know if they talked about any of the other members in the group. Or maybe even possibly me, which sounds very selfish. I can't get over the fact that I was sounding so much like a brat.

"Sora said something very interesting about you, and I was kind of expecting it." Matt said to me. I wanted to know what kind of horrible insults she was giving me. I was wondering if these were even true to me in any way.

"What did she have to say?' I asked, waiting for the damage to be caused.

"She told me that she lik…" Matt said, and then Izzy and Tentomon walked up to us. Woah, did I just really hear that. No I was just imagining it. I needed to clean out my ears, and get over it. It was obvious that I wasn't hearing things correctly. There was no way that she could like m... I can't even say it. Okay, I need to drop the subject.

"Hey, Izzy." I said. "Where have you been all this time?" I asked, since he made everybody so worried.

"I was talking to the village master. I got my tag just now, after having this vision of stuff back on Earth. The village master said that it was possible future." Izzy said to us, and then stopped talking about it like that was final. That was when we all head a voice that only brought shivers down our spines.

"How are you all doing? I should not keep you waiting any longer. Meet my new slave, a werewolf I made out of my own Gazimon." Etemons voice rang in the dark, and I knew that we were most likely doomed. We only had four digimon left, Gomamon, Gabumon, Tentomon, and Biyomon. I doubt that was going to help to much with this fight. Suddenly, a large werewolf started running down a huge hill right towards us. The werewolf was right in front of us now, and Matt, Gabumon, Gomamon, Tentomon, and I all stepped aside. While Izzy was too late. He was pushed aside by the force of the werewolf. It was now attacking the guards, and killed each one within a few seconds time. Then went inside the houses, and killed all the digimon inside them.

"It's so good to be one step ahead of your opponent." Etemon laughed so hard that I would bet villages a few hundred yards away can hear. With some of the things that the werewolf was destroying in each house, the houses started going up in flames. The village master came up to us, with all the other kids following them. They were woken up by the loud noises. Tai was screaming in horror. I remembered Izzy, and what happened to him just now. I ran up to him, with Matt and Sora following. Matt grabbed ahold of him, and Izzy got up on his own. He wasn't hurt too badly by this.

"What is that?' The village master asked. "I never seen a thing like that before in my entire life." Etemon was still laughing , as each house was going up in smoke. Like something you would see in a war movie. Then you kind of dismiss it, but when it happens to you, you see the true horror of what is going on. That kind of stuff.

"You never seen this kind of creature before I see." Etemon said. 'It's my own invention, to destroy you all." Etemon told the village master.

"That's not allowed." The village master said. Etemon looked at the village master.

"All rules in the book got thrown out when these idiot kids showed up into the digital world." Etemon held his hand out, then clinched them together. Like a gesture, although I wouldn't be sure of what. "Time for you to attack the kids." Etemon commanded its new work machine. The houses burned down to the ground, as the digimon in the village were reduced to ashes. Then the ashes flew away in the air, so pretty much into nothing. The werewolf ran towards us, and we all ran to the side. Izzy was trying to run away also, but he fell down. I think the attack earlier from this werewolf was already bad enough on him. The werewolf stood over Izzy, and we watched as Tentomon jumped in. The werewolf pushed it aside. Then it scratched Izzys face really bad. Like we could see blood starting to come down really bad. Then the werewolf proceeded to scratch Izzys stomach. Izzy was in so much pain, he couldn't even scream. His mouth was stuck together now, so he couldn't even if he wanted to. He was crying, and the tears got on the cuts. This made him want to scream more. As the werewolf was about to deliver what I was certain to be the final blow, Izzy took something out of his pocket. With his best attempt, he threw it to me. I picked it up, and put it in my pocket, to look at later. That was when Izzys tag begun to glow. That was when we saw the digivolution we had all been waiting for this whole time. Tentomon begin to glow.

"Tentomon digivolve to… KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled. That was when the second one happened.

"Kabuterimon digivolve to… MEGAKABUTERIMON!" Kabuterimon yelled. Izzy was the first to make his tag glow, and he just got it. The two digimon begin fighting each other. We all stood and watched in awe as the two clashed. Then after great effort, and losing at least half of his life force, Megakabuterimon was able to win the fight. Etemon was shocked. He held out the hand he didn't use before, and snapped his fingers. That was when the insane happened. That was when every black gear throughout the entire digital world camp out of the ground. He snapped his fingers again, and every single gear exploded at the same time.

"I would rather have something be in nobodys use over something everybody can use. I am just mad that you were able to destroy what I made." Etemon was now walking towards us.

"Yeah, but it was after you destroyed all the digimon here and the entire village itself! You might as well consider yourself the winner of this battle. I admit it." I yelled towards Etemon, not wanting to deal with him anymore right now.

"I don't care if I win one battle I care about winning the whole gosh darn thing you see. Now get out of my way." Etemon yelled at us all, and I saw what was in his hand. A crowbar. What was he going to do with it? We all stood our grounds, so he wouldn't try to harm us any further than he already has done. But Etemon pushed all of us aside, and the Gazimon that has been traveling around with us jumped on top of Etemon. Then bit his neck. Etemon screamed, and the Gazimon jumped down before Etemon could do anything. Now he stood right in front of Izzy. We just stood in horror as he put in the final blow. He stabbed the crowbar right into his chest. Making blood come up a couple inches, then fell down.

"Now, I am the winner." Etemon told us, and walked away. I tried to go after him, but the village master stopped me.

"He's right. There is no point in trying to drag on a battle that is already over. Let him be sastified over this win, then you can make your next move. Tai grabbed Izzy, and was begging for him to say something. I was stunned. I came towards Izzy and Tai, and felt izzys chest. To see the heartbeat. Nothing, stopped in time.

"Joe, tell me!" Tai yelled. "What is it?!" He was screaming now. I was scared to tell the,. But they deserved to know, I can't lie about this.

"I'm sorry to tell you this." I started. "But Izzy's dead." I told everybody the bad news, and waited for everybody to let this sink in with. It did pretty quickly.

"No!" Tai yelled. "Why does this have to happen!?" He dropped the lifeless body on the ground, and ran away from us. "Izzy!' I heard him scream in the distance.

"How many more must die?" Mimi was started to break down to. Like I never seen her before. "He may have been a punk, and I may have hated him, but he didn't deserve this." She started to cry to. I tried not to cry. I tried to stay strong for everybody. The village master was silent. I didn't even realize it, but Tentomon was started to disappear. Into nothing. Like what Gennai told us when one of us dies, the digimon quickly follows. Then they can never come back, not even as a egg. Tentomon was now gone as well. T.K. heard the noises of the fire getting louder, and he couldn't handle it anymore.

"Shut up you stupid fire! You don't deserve to be here right now." T.K. ran after Tai, so they could both cry away from us. Sora was holing her hand to her face. Doing her best not to show anything, but she couldn't. She to was breaking down. Matt was the only one who didn't make any sort of noise. He just stood there, not saying or doing anything. I took the paper of out my pocket. I looked at it. It was a phone number. To the Izumi household, his own. I took out my phone, and called the number. After three rings, they answered.

"What's up?" A female voice said.

"This is about Izzy." I started.

"I'm sorry, but Izzy is at summer camp right now." The female voice said, who I assumed was the adopted mother.

"I know. I'm his consuler. I just have bad news. Your son Izzy. Well he's d…" I couldn't even finish the sentence. I didn't have to, they knew what I meant. I heard the phone drop, as the parents both screamed in horror. Though I couldn't see what was happening, I knew what was going on. The female ran up to the male, heartbroken. Since they were now childless. The male was hugging her, trying to say everything was okay. She was saying it wasn't and he knew this was to be true. He knew he was telling a lie also.

Back on Earth, fifiteen year old Ken was in his living room. Playing Legend of Zelda. When something flew right through his window. It was a device of sorts. Silver. He picked it up, and for some reason, it felt right. Like it belonged to him. Even though he just saw it. He put in in his pocket. He saw that the time was getting sort of late, so he went t bed. Not even ten minutes later, he heard a ring of the door. He got up, to answer it. His parents followed him, and they all answered it at the same time. It was two men, wearing all black. With black glasses. Ken knew right away that they were agents. Which he knew was not a good sign, in fact, it was the worst you could get.

"What's going off officers?" The mom asked.

"It's about your older son, Sam." One of the agents said.

'What happened?" The father asked.

"Sam just died a hour ago. We found his body. He had commited suicide by shooting himself in the head." The other agent said. Ken looked down, then walked back to his room. He heard the agents tell his mother and father to make sure he didn't get in trouble. To make sure he would be safe. Ken took the device out of his pocket, and put it next to him. He was now in bed.

"Good night, Sam." Ken said, to a being that would never answer again. His brother was only seventeen, barely a adult. Why would this happen? He went to sleep, knowing that when he woke up the next morning, his life would be forever different.

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