Digimon Adventure: War of the Worlds is a fan fiction by RHM996. No offical chapters have been release but a breif intro/ prologue has been released


6 month ago

It has been 3 weeks since the day of a million lights and when the Digiworld and the real world started to live in peace. But a mysterious figure appeared in the Digiworld a few days after the day of a million lights and in haste Ken left to investigate this... he has not returned. It was also not long after this that the Digimon existing in the real world disappear. Well, not all of them the japanese original DigiDestined and the second DigiDestined's digimon stayed, for some unknown reason they were not affected by what ever caused the mass return of the Digimon

Present Day

Now we also know that whatever was affecting the Digimon is affecting the non-DigiDestined humans too. No one can remember the Digimon them selves. But when Tai and Matt get a call from Genai they find an opportunity to go to the DigiWorld and they go and trigger the new set of DigiDestined to be picked. Now with the original DigiDestined the new DigiDestined must search for an ancient but fimiliar power to restore hope to the DigiWorld and defeat the mysterious figure!

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