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Chapter 16: The Birth of A Order "Joe, art thou ready to claim Tai from Devimon?" Ikkakumon asked, as we ran up the spiral mountain. "I will always be ready to get back something that I lost, that I'm supposed to protect. I fear that this night will end badly for somebody, I just hope it isn't for any of us. But for Devimon instead." I replied. Devimon saw the explosions in the sky occur, and was happy to see how dumb some of these kids can kid. It was going to end very nicely for him. "You see Tai, some of your friends have come to attempt a rescue on you. While they are coming, I will send Ogremon to eliminate them all. Then the ones who have come to save you will be the only ones left. I will let them take you back, but I shall hurt them to." Devimon faced his servant, Ogremon. "I will need you to come and raid the kids camp grounds, destroy everyone that is there. I will deal with the ones who have come to save Tai for myself. HAHA!" Ogremon left the castle at once, leaving Devimon alone to torture Tai. He took out a whip. Then hit Tai as hard as he could on the back. "Come quickly." Tai said to himself. Hoping that somebody, anybody would come in and lead a hand. He felt his shirt get a little warm from the blood that came from his back. The back of his shirt was now more of a reddish color then it was blue. He saw the explosions in the sky as well, only Ikkakumon could do that, so he knew right away that Joe was one of the people coming to his rescue. He wondered who else was coming. Devimon tortured him further. We were now halfway up the mountain, and the castle grew even closer and larger than it did before. Above it was a small cloud of red, showing that something was going on in there. "We're almost there. When we reach it, we will start destroying the castle. Then I will come in and save Tai. The only way we will fight Devimon is if he attacks us." I said. As we now neared the three fourths point, and the castle looked like a monster now. I was worried, what if I can't save Tai? What if something happens to one of the people down below. No, I need to think positive upon myself and the situation as a whole. Now nine tenths of the way up the mountain. Down at the camp out, everyone was waiting for Tai and Joe to return. Matt saw a shadow in the distance, and he alerted everybody of it. "I see a shadow, I will check it out." He said, and he got up. As he got closer, the more he knew it wasn't either of them. He still wanted to see who it was however. "What are you?" Matt asked, as the shadow loomed over him. The club raised up to above his head, and was ready to strike. Matt was in a panic, and started to run. He fell down over a trip, and got himself back up to his feet. The shadow was now just behind him. He was able to see that it was Ogremon. "Everybody get ready." Matt said, and all the other kids looked over to see who it was. Right then, all the problems started happening. "Palmon digivolve to... TOGEMON!" Palmon yelled, and ran up to be in front of Mimi. Matt and everybody else grouped around each other. Mimi was in fear, and hoped that Togemon would keep her safe. Ogremon went closer to Togemon, and Togemon tried to needle spray him, but failed. Ogremon spun all the needles around with his club, and sent them all flying towards everybody. The needles only stabbed a few people, but it hurt them. It hit T.K. and Izzy, and they both couldn't help with this battle anymore. Togemon tried to protect Mimi even further, but without success. Ogremon hit Togemon aside with his club, and now nobody was in between Mimi and Ogremon. Matt jumped out in front of Mimi, to try protecting her. Ogremon hit Matt in the face, and he was out. Ogremon took a fatal swing on Mimis chest. Mimi fell down to the ground, nobody could tell if she had any life in her left or not. Sora, being the only full bodied one, made Biyomon needed to get Joe as soon as possible, he needed to treat Mimi. If she was still even alive. When Ogremon saw Sora fly away, he left to leave the four people on the ground. They would go soon enough. "No." Sora said, who was very angry now. I didn't have any awareness of what was going on at this time down there, so Ikkakumon and I kept walking up the mountain. We reached the top, and we were ready for our attack. "Fire, Ikkakumon. Let this night be remembered. Let us set a fire upon Devimons layer." Ikkakumon followed my order,and shoot out three Harpoon Torpedoes. I ran inside, and Devimon was in the hall, torturing Tai. He stopped when the attack started. He pointed in my direction, and got a look of evil in his eyes. "It is you who is setting this attack upon my castle. I will end you and Tai all at once. HaHa." Devimon came towards my direction, holding Tai by his shirt. When he reached within a few feet from me, he threw Tai down on the ground. Right in front of me. "Now you can both go together." Just then, another three torpedoes were sent onto the castle. The castle started to fall apart on the corners. Devimon was getting angry at this now, and wanted to know what was happening. "What is going on outside?" he asked in a fit of rage, mainly to me. "It's my digimon, Ikkakumon. If you mess with me, then you will have to mess with the most properly spoken creature I know." That was my response, I was proud of it. "No more games, you shall both go now." Devimon shoot a beam at us, and we flew outside. We both rolled outside, Tai rolled past the edge of the cliff. I was able to barely reach the edge, and I got Tai at the last second. "I will not let you go." I told Tai. "If only we Birdramon with us right now." Devimon came up to our position, he stepped on my hand. He stood on higher ground, and let go of one of my fingers. Now I was holding onto four. "It is better to go down trying to save your friends then to rule a island until you pass." Devimon looked angry now, and he let go of another one of my fingers. Now I only was holding on with three fingers. "What is the point of ruling File Island anyways? Is forever fame that is only given to you because you're evil what you truly want with your life?" Getting even madder now, Devimon let go of another finger, now I was holding on with two fingers. 'You're just as weak as they come. Looking so scary with your black gears. As long as there is at least one of these sevens kids alive, good still has hope." Devimon got even angrier, and let go of one more finger. Now there was one left, just as I planned. "You know it doesn't matter. If you kill Tai and I, that's just two of the seven. There will still be five left. Five can still stand strong and defeat a evil force of one strong." I looked down at Tai, and let him know this was a part of the plan. He didn't look so mad at me anymore. Devimon, in a final fit of rage, let go of my last finger. None left, Tai and I started falling to our doom. Ikkakumon went back to Gomamon, and jumped down with the two of us. Just then Birdramon flew in and save us. Tai fell down at the end of Birdramon, and moved his greatly injured body towards the center. I landed right on Soras lap, by mistake. I got myself off. "Sorry. Didn't mean to." I said, getting myself away from her. Before she could chew me out. Gomamon came down next to Tai. Agumon was back at our camp grounds. "Thy art tired from all the digivolving. Art thee all tired just in general?" Gomamon asked. "I'm tired, but we have a serious issue to deal with." Sora said. I looked at her, with worry in my eyes. 'What is the issue?" I asked right away. 'When you left, Ogremon came back. He attacked, we are all pretty badly hurt. Matt got knocked out. Izzy and T.K. have small injuries, just a few needles in them. We can get those out, but Mimi had a problem. She was hit really bad in the chest, she might not survive. We need to give her attention right way, as well as Tai." Tai fell asleep right now, leaving away all concern of problems for the moment. "Mimi is a good friend, we can't lose her. Her shirt was bleeding, and blood covered the ground around her. That was when I left, so she is losing considerable blood." She said, and I listened. Five minutes later, we reached the camp grounds we had settled at. Right away, I ran up to Mimi. Tai ran up T.K. "Don't worry T.K., I will get these out of you." Tai did so, and T.K. yelped when Tai was doing so. Next, he went up to Izzy. "Izzy, now it shall be your turn." He now treated Izzy of his problem. "Tai, what's with the blood on your shirt?" T.K. asked worried. Tai then remembered his own problem, and I forced him to lay down. He had to lay down ten feet away from Mimi. Sora was next to Matt, that was until he opened his eyes again. "Just making sure Ogremons club didn't do anything big to you or anything like that.' Sora assured him, and Matt looked at her disgusted. since nobody at the time knew it, but he was gay. Also that had eyes for Tai, a small crush. Nothing more than a few thoughts of him every once in a while. But when he saw that Tai was down, he wanted to run up to him. But he didn't, he kept it in. "Sora, can you please distance yourself away from me a little bit?' Matt wanted her away from him, he thought females close to him was a attack to him. Unless if they were his friends, and Sora wasn't there quite yet. Maybe in a few more days, but not yet. But he knew Mimi on and off for a while, so he considered her to be a friend. So he didn't mind if she was right next to him. Sora did as he asked, and slowly got away from him. A little mad, because he just told her off when she was trying to be nice to him. I was next to Mimi and Tai, they got seriously injured. "You might not like this, but I have to do this to make you feel better Mimi." I said, as I took off her shirt. Thankfully, she had a bra on. But in this case, when I have to treat her, I didn't care if I had to see breast. She looked at me, and smiled. "So you are here to come help me out. Surprise, how I'm still hanging on. How's Tai, is he in a lot of pain right now." Tai nodded to me, and I told her. 'Yeah, he hurts a lot to. Devimon gave him a good beating. I will try to treat you both as best as I can." I checked her head, to see how hot she was. Instead, her face was covered with sweat. I then checked her pulse, and heartbeat. Both very low. "You are covered in sweat. So I will have to look through my medical bag. See what i can find in here." I saw the alcohol, and I decided that it might help in a case like this. 'Please forgive me, it will hurt a lot. So cry in pain if you have to, do whatever, it will all help in the end." I poured some of the alcohol on her, and she gave a little scream in pain. i put my hand to her mouth, and I then took out the semi cast thing I talked about earlier. I then wrapped it around her chest. Now I only had a fourth of the roll left in it. "That should help with the blood a small amount." I will go back to you in a moment." I got up, and went over to Tai. "Can you lay down on your chest for the moment?" I need to see how bad you back is." Tai did as I asked, and I took off his shirt as well. On his back us a huge cut. That expands from the top to almost three fourths down it. I pressed on it a little bit, to see how bad it was. He only screamed in pain just a little bit. So a sign that he was in less pain then Mimi. I poured a little alcohol on him the way I did with Mimi, and he didn't show nearly as bad of a sign of pain as Mimi did when I poured some on her. Okay, so he doesn't need nearly as much help as Mimi herself does. That's nice to know. Because there was only a fourth of the semi cast left, i had to look in the medical bag again. A box of band-aids. That would not even do anything to help with this situation. They would have helped more with Mimis problem than his. Then I found a roll of tape, okay, I seriously need to put in some new stuff in here. I mean, duct tape, come on. I still put same on his back were the cut was, better than putting nothing on his back at all. "It will hurt a lot when I first take the tape off, but you will recover fast. It will be better than having that wound be open, so you don't have anything get into it. If you do, then you might get some bug in your system. If that happens, then hope people know how to treat viruses from the digital world, because I might have no idea." I said in more of a king of warning Tai and ramble than anything else really. I sat back, watching Tai and Mimi as they were on the ground. "There is no way either one of you two are going to participate in the fight with Devimon." I said. "I will be fine, I just can't let Devimon get me any worse than he already has." Tai tried to reason with me. But I already had my mind set. 'No Tai, you shouldn't risk hurting yourself more than you already have. it just won't be smart for any of us. Mimi should stay here and recover until she this she is fine. But with Matt, Izzy, T.K., and I, we can still be able to take on Devimon." I told Tai in a matter of fact sort of way. Before Sora could get on me able the idea of her not coming, Mimi started to open her mouth. I held my hand out towards everybody, because Mimi needed to say what she was going to say. 'What is it Mimi?" I asked her. "It's all my fault he's gone. He had a life ahead of him, he was headed off to college and had everything good going for him." Mimi started, and I was confused. "What do you mean by it's all your fault? Who is this guy you speak of anyways?" Matt asked, and Mimi tried to tell her tale. 'Back when I was younger, when I lived in New York. My parents had this babysitter for me when they were off at work. He didn't do it for money or anything, he just did it." Mimi started. Izzy already had the first question ready. "What was his name, or do you remember?" Izzy asked, and Mimi gave her answer. "His name was Anthony. He was fourteen years older than myself. He started his services when I was really young, around the age of two or something." Sora had the next question in her mind. "Did your parents like him or anything like that?" she asked in a curious sort of way. "My parents were just fine with him, in fact, they would let him eat dinner at our house on many nights. Even when he was done with High school, and headed off for college, he still did his services. He said he would stick around until I didn't need his services anymore. But I wanted him to still come over, because he was a very nice guy." I now had my own question in mind. "What kind of college was he headed off to, and how old were you when he stopped his services?" I said. "He was studying to become a teacher. he said he didn't know why, but it felt like it was his thing to do." Mimi answered, taking a breath. She was going through the whole story, until the end. Good, because I wanted to know more. "We still don't know how old you were when he left the services as your babysitter." Matt chimed in, and Mimi gave him a face that told him she was just getting to that part. She was right, that was kind of unreasonable of him to throw a question on her like that when she was about to answer it. She was taking a breath, after all. "Let's see. When I was eight, his parents got killed. By gunpoint, somebody was trying to steal their possessions in a alleyway. After they wouldn't give in, the robber just shoot them. A few minutes later, when the robber was gone, he found their bodies. Who the fuck would do this. He started to freak out, and didn't know what to do. So he just called the cops, and when the news got on the next day, my parents called him. He came over right away, and wanted to know why they were calling." "How do you remember something so well from when you were nine. It's like it's all reciting inside of your mind." I said, impressed with her memory. But shocked that was able to tell the story so well. "It is all reciting in my mind.' Mimi answered, and I nodded, never hearing of such a thing from anybody before. Or maybe I'm just bad at social interactions. "They told him that they decided since he has been around the family for so many years, that they would take him in. He was still in college and all of that, but he would live here during the breaks to watch me still. Almost like adoption, but not really at the same time. They just gave him a place to live, eat, and sleep when he wasn't at college." "Is he still your babysitter?" T.K. said, I had to laugh at that a little bit. Which was horrible, because Mimi was telling us this heartwarming story, and then T.K. comes with this silly question. I mean, she was fifteen, and in starting high School. Just hard imagining a High School student having a babysitter. 'When I was ten, I kept on requesting he take me to his college. So I can see what it was like. He accepted, and drove me to see what it was like, but this is when the story goes down." Mimi answered, and I had a idea in my head on what was going to happen, but I asked just to be safe. "What happened on that day?" I asked, hoping I was wrong. "Just five months before I moved to Japan, I was in the passengers. We were half way between my house and his college. I was holding onto my stuffed animal. I was looking at the street, and I dropped my stuffed animal. I made a big deal about it, and even threw a fit. It was closer to his reach than it was mine, so he went down to get it. He handed it back to me, and he saw he was now driving when his lane was on the red light. He was violating the red light rule, and some cars drove along and hit his car. I ducked down, so nothing could hit me. While the big puffy air bag blew up, and it hit him in the face. I thought I heard a loud crack, and I knew it must have been a body part. Something just broke inside of his body. Glass broke and flew everywhere in the car. A bunch of it went inside his body, and when this horror was over, I tried touching him. He didn't move in any way, and I tried shaking him. He still didn't move in any way. The police arrived at the scene right away. My parents showed up right away as well. They wanted to see if both of us got out of it alright. I got out of it no problem, nothing even hit me, but the glass and air bag killed him within seconds." I held my head down, it was hard just to hear this story, but Mimi was have been affected by this in so many ways. I still think she must be traumatized by these events in some way. She was in a car crash, and she saw death happen to her. In some ways, it was both their faults, hers for making such a big deal about dropping a stuff animal. His for going down to pick it up when he was driving. "The funeral was a month later, and when it happened, I put my stuff animal in his coffin. I knew that some things are just not worth it, and this wasn't one of them. It was because of the fact I dropped it that he is dead now. My parents left New York a few months later, with me. They did it for my sake. They never stated it in public, but I knew they also agreed it was my fault. Because they started spoiling me rotten. I know I told you about all the stuff my dad does for me Joe, but he didn't start until this happened. Even if I said otherwise. But I might as well tell everybody else e this as well. But they give me as many things as I want, and said it is all fine. Gave me all the clothes, food, and toys I wanted. As well as stuffed animals, they said I was her princess. They said they can always find the money to do this with, but I know that's not true. They are in debt, serious debt over me. I know it's just because of his death, it was like a piece of all our lives being sucked away. I'm just a horrible human being!" Mimi started to burst into tears, and everybody was silent. Not knowing what to do, I came next to her, to give her support. "It's okay Mimi. You didn't know that this was going to happen to him. You weren't able to predict that a big thing like this was going to happen. Don't beat yourself up over it. Crap happens, and we just deal with it like nothing happened. That's how I feel about my mother leaving now. It affected me at first, but with each passing year, I pretend like it isn't a problem anymore." Mimi looked at me, and shook her head. "No you don't understand Joe, this is the reason why I'm so confused right now. I feel as though if a guy gets into my life, then they will end up dead like the way he did. But I don't know what would happen if a female comes into my life, if the same thing will happen or not." Mimi told me. "Just because your babysitter had this happen to him, doesn't mean everybody else you let into your life will happen to them. Male or female, it was just a sad event for everybody." I tried to tell her, but I didn't know if she listened. "I need to sleep for now." Mimi said, and she closed her eyes. I checked her pulse, to see if she was still alive, or if this was her goodbye to us all. She was still alive, thankfully. Everybody looked so surprised by this story. I got up, and had a look of determination in my face. "Come on everybody. Let this story be our strive for our cause." I said. "Our strive for what cause?" Matt got up, and walked up to me. I ignored him, and looked for something on the ground.I found it, a big branch. I picked it up. I looked through my wallet, and took out a pocket knife, and craved in it. I kept carving until all the brown painful stuff was off of it. "What are you doing?" Sora asked. And I would have ignored her and kept on going, if my brother didn't call me. 'Joe, what's the matter? You've been gone for so long." I thought about it for a second, and told him the truth. 'Ten days ago, I drove away after the date I had with Sarah. I ended up at this summer camp." Sora looked like she was going to run away from me when I said sate, like it was some sort of threat. why is she acting so strange around me, now of all times? "I found these six kids, and we got sucked into this digital world. We met some monsters, and since then we've been chased around being attacked by all these creatures." "This is crazy. Are you possibly talking about those monsters I saw during the Highton View Terrace bombing four years ago?" I was absolutely shocked by this. "What you saw those to I thought I was going insane." I answered. "I saw them, but I told everybody at school about it, they all laughed at me and called me monster boy until I graduated. That's why I didn't tell you. Because I thought maybe I was the only one." Jim replied, and I put my hand up to my face. "Did you say ten days ago?" he asked. "Yes." I answered. "Why exactly do you want to know?" "Because, in this time. It's only 9 P.M. July 30th. I assuming that with each day that passes by there, one hour passes by here. So you must have arrived at the summer camp at 11 A.M, correct?" He asked quizzically. "That's correct. Right to the hour." I told him. "One of these kids is really hurt right now, and I need your advice. Her name is Mimi, and she got hit by a club." "My advice is Joe, don't let her do anything until she gets better. If she does stuff before then, the pain will just get worse, and she might never get better if you do this." Jim responded. I was glad I had a brother who knows what he talks about. "I think I should hang up now." I told Jim. 'That might be best Joe, remember, just let her rest." Jim told me again, to make sure I got the message across. We both hung up on the phone at the same time. I let out a deep breath. "So who's this Sarah girl?" Sora asked me, with a glare in her face. Why was she glaring at me, I didn't do anything wrong. "She's just a friend of mine. Nothing happened." I told her. 'Yeah right.' She said in a angry mutter under her breath. Why would she care if I went on a date with a friend? I went back to work, when all the tree branch was carved up, I looked for something else. Something like a piece of paper, and I found one. I attached it to the top of the tree branch. "What are you doing?' Tai asked me. 'You will see for yourself soon enough." I told Tai. I then started to draw something on the paper, and after about a hour it was done. It was of all seven of us. I was the last one on the left side. I had my right hand on my glasses, and my left hand was resting on my right arm. Kind of like the way those amazing nerdy kids look. T.K. was next to me. His right hand was on the right side of his waist. While his left hand was on the left side of his waist. He looked so small next to me. Which was strange, since he wasn't the smallest person I've ever met. Sora was next to T.K., and her arms were crossed. Her legs were smally tilted back, but not to back. Tai was in the center. His left arm was out, like of like in a fist sort of way. He had a smile on his face. Izzy was next to Tai, and he was just standing like normal. his hand were just straight down, just being calm. Matt was next to Izzy, and he had both his hands inside of his pockets. Mimi was next to Matt, and was the last one on the right hand side. She was holding onto her hat with both hands. I the colored everybody in, which took almost another hour to do. When I was done, I lifted up the branch, and the paper was on it. I was able to make a flag. A flag to represent all of us, and what we stood for. 'What's that?" Izzy asked me, and I gave him a look. "It's a flag that is used to represent us. We are not just some kids who came here by mistake. We are now going to be called by something." I told them all. "What are we going to call ourselves?" T.K. said, confused. "This will be the day we all witness the birth of a order. The order of the digidestined.' I answered T.K.s question. "This flag is our symbol, and all of us represent this for what it is." I said, and looked at everybody. "I say we get ourselves a leader, somebody who can truly lead us. I say we should let it be Tai." I said, hoping people would approve. "But why should it be me?" Tai asked, mainly in horror over everything else. "Because I think you can do it Tai. If you can find yourself, then you can do anything you wish." I responded, and Tai glupped. "Fine, I will do it. If you will be the one to hold our flag for uis, so you represent what we stand for." Tai gave his offer. "I think we have a deal Tai." We shook hands. "We should face Devimon soon. like I said, Tai and Mimi stay behind. Sora, you should stay behind as well, to watch over everybody here. So Izzy, Matt, and T.K. will come with me. So Izzy, matt and I will have our digimon digivolve now. T.K., I hope yours does so when we face Devimon." I told everybody our game plan. Izzy, Matt and I fed our digimon food so they could be ready to digivolve. For this will be a long battle ahead of us. "Tentomon digivolve to.. KABUTERIMON!" Tentomon yelled. "Gabumon digivolve to.. GARURUMON!" Gabumon yelled. 'Gomamon digivolve to.. IKKAKUMON!" Gomamon yelled, and we were all ready. 'Now we should leave." I told matt, Izzy, and T.K. T.K. and Patomon came with me, while Ikkakumon ran its way up the mountain. I was holding our flag up really high. Matt was going on Garurumon with amazing speed. Izzy was on Tentomons back, and they were flying up the mountain. Devimon was on top of the mountain, waiting for the four of us. To get himself truly ready, he made himself bigger. He was now three times as big as he was earlier. "They think they can defeat me. I will show them wrong. HaHa" Devimon told himself. Even if we can't go home by defeating Devimon, and there are more for us to do, this will be the end of our problems for this monster.

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