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Fan-Digimon Adventure 2010 Battle of 2020 Poster
"Digimon Adventure 2010: Battle of 2020"
デジモンアドベンチャーの冒険2010: 団結!戦い 2020年に開催!
(Dejimon Adobencha no bouken 2010: Danketsu ! Tatakai 2020 nen ni kaisai !)
"Digimon Adventure 2010: Unite! Battle Held in the Year 2020!"
Written by (En:) Digital Tamer
Directed by (Ja:) Digital Tamer
Continuity Next: Digimon Frontier
Previous: Digimon Tamers
Series: Digimon Adventure 2010.

Since the creation of the Digital World, a Virus had been developing hidden deep in the System, in 2020 it's transformation had finished and it begins to Digivolve. All the Digidestined have been called to stop the virus before it's threat to destroy The Real World immediately comes into action.



Character List


  • When Tay's Agumon Digivolves to ClawGreymon, Tai's Agumon says "What Greymon?", obviously referring to the fact the 2 Agumons have different Digivolution Lines. (Dubbed Version)
    • Also, when the 2 Agumon meet for the first time, Tai's Agumon states "Well, there could be One More" (Dubbed Version)
  • All at once, 3 methods of Digivolution are used; Digi-Modify, Digi-Armour Energize and Digi-Sig Activate. Including a new Animation for Armour Digivolution to fit in time with the other two.
  • When Omnimon (2010) attacks Elarvilamon, he states "I have never seen such a strong Fresh Digimon, it withstands all attacks." then Imperildramon Fighter Mode says "I could train some, they could become strong. For example, a Minomon?" This is a refrence to Digimon World Dusk, where to become a Platinum Tamer, you must fight Imperildramon Paladin Mode, Kuramon and Minomon. (Japanese Version)
    • In addition to this, Omnimon (Adventure) strikes Elarvilamon, only to be forced back and says "This is harder than the time I had to fight DexDorGoramon!" An obvious refernce to Digimon X-Evolution, which may be considered un-canon. (Japanese Version)
  • When Elarvilamon drains data and Digivolves, it uses the Digivolution Animation from Adventure. When it goes from Champion to Ultimate however, it uses Adventure 2010's sequence.
  • When the Kuramon Super-Warp Digivolved to Diaboromon, it used Adventure's Animation, only as if it were Rookie to Champion

Dub Changes/Errors

  • Tai's Agumon mistakenly says "Pepper Shoot" instead of "Pepper Breath" at one point.


  • In the Japanese Version, Veemon calls WarGrowlmon as WarGuilmon. This was changed in the Televised and Home Released versions.

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