Digimon Adventure 2030 / Digimon Adventure: Generation 2030

デジモンアドベンチャ: 生成 2030
(Digimon Adventure: Generation 2030)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
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Digimon Adventure 2030 is the sequel to both Digimon Tamers and Digimon Adventure 2010 (which are both canon to eachother) by Digital Tamer. It is similar to Digimon Adventure 02 in it being a sequel series and previous characters appearing.

The series revolves around a new set of Digidestined, some related to previous Digidestined from the aforementioned series.


As a new, unknown, evil grows deep in the Digital World, Destiny chooses new Digidestined.

Status of Digimon in 2030

Digimon is now erased from the memories of all but the Digidestined from the past 20 years. Gizmo, however, has recreated it into a fictional franchise in form of Manga and Virtual Pets. He secretly still has access to the Digital World, but has never been back since 2020. He has only told this to Scientists, but only a few know, not even his old friends and partners in Digidestined know. Nobody has been to the Digital World from the Real World since 2020.

The Scientists and The Digital World

The 5 scientests who have been informed of the Digital World act as slightly lower Real-World Moderators. Their project K2 was mysteriously transported into the Digital World.

The New Real World Moderators

The location of the Moderators is unevenly between a rift in the Digital and Real worlds. Tay and Kai now lead them


The Digidestined of this series all own a Digimon Virtual Pet, which become their Digivices. When connected together DNA Digivolution is activated.


Main Characters

Kasaishin 'Saishi' Kinjo & KoroAgumon

Saishi is the son of Tay and Ru-Ru. He is 13 years old and attends the school Tay used to attend. He seems to have inherited his father's football skills. His Digivice is the original Red of the Virtual Pets.

KoroAgumon is the breeding result of Coromon and Agumon. Not much is different about it's appearance except it's a more orangey shade of yellow.

(コロナアグモン CoronAgumon)

His Digivolution line is:

Botamon --> Koromon --> KoroAgumon --> FiraGreymon --> MeltingMetalGreymon --> ApolloGreymon

He can also Biomerge Digivolve with Kaishi to become Agunigreymon. In one episode, he Armor Digivolves to become an Orange Skinned Flamedramon.

(フレイドラモン Fladramon)
Fan-Flamedramon (Orange)