Digimon Adventure Force is story created by VampireFan1996. After mysterious earthquick on earth 3 peoples find mysterious creatures called Digimon's. Who came to protect earth and Digital world from dark forces.

Main characters

Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
MyTomWebb Tom Webb Dorumon'
Dorumon (ドルモン?)
19 years old journalist , who want to find very good article. Tom came from very rich family. Tom have youngest sister Diane.
MyKateGraham Kate Graham Muchomon
Muchomon (ムーチョモン?)
17 years old student from very rich family. Kate have dream of becoming fashion designer. She is only female of the group.
MyNickWebb Nick Webb Gabumon
Gabumon (ガブモン?)
Tom father. He is family man who works with computers. Nick and his wife Clare was married for 21 years. He is oldest member of group.
MySamuel Samuel
is mysterious person.

Other characters

Clare Webb

Clare Webb is Tom mother, who own hair salon. She have two kids Tom and Diane.

Diane Webb

Diane Webb is Tom youngest sister. She is 14 years old and boy crazy teenager.

Mr. Svenson

Mr. Svenson is Tom boss.


Leomon is mysterious knight of Digital world, that came to find a Digidestinated to recruite them against battle with IceDevimon. Leoemon is going appear in very first episode.



IceDevimon is main antagonist. His debut going by second episode. It's still unknown if he going by antagonist for one arc or for whole season.