A rewrite to Digimon Adventure


While at summer camp, seven kids watch as seven mysterious items appear, and as they take them they are transported to a strange "Digital World". There, they are promptly greeted by seven strange-looking creatures who call themselves Digimon and claim to be the children's chosen partners. Soon they learned of the Digital World's plight, that an evil Digimon named Daemon is intending to rule the Digital World, with the only ones able to defeat him being the DigiDestined. Though they want to find a way home, the DigiDestined promised to save Digital World because they saw that Digimon, though made of data, were as intelligent as humans. Arriving from File Island to the Continent of Server, the DigiDestined battled the first of Daemon's minions Etemon, as they find their Crests.


Crest Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion
Crest Courage Botamon t Koromon t Agumon t Greymon t
Crest Friendship Punimon t Tsunomon t Gabumon t Garurumon t
Crest Love Nyokimon t Yokomon t Biyomon t Birdramon t
Crest Knowledge Pabumon t Motimon t Tentomon t Kabuterimon t
Crest Sincerity Yuramon t Tanemon t Palmon t Togemon t
Crest Reliability Pichimon t Bukamon t Gomamon t Ikkakumon t
Crest Hope Leomon t
Crest Light Gatomon t

Digimon Allies

Baby I Baby II Child Adult
Bokomon t

Digimon Villains

Baby I Trainee Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
Devimon t
Ogremon t Titamon b
Etemon t
DemiDevimon t
Daemon (Cloaked) t

Minor Digimon, File Island

Baby I Baby II Child Adult
Kuwagamon t 1
Tortomon t 1
Shellmon t 2
Seadramon t 3
Meramon t 4
Guardromon t 5
100px 6
Unimon t 7

Minor Digimon, Etemon saga

Baby I Baby II Child Adult Perfect
Raremon t
Triceramon t
Kokatorimon t
DarkTyrannomon t MetalTyrannomon t
Datamon t

Minor Digimon, Daemon Corps

Baby I Baby II Child Adult Perfect
IceDevimon t
MarineDevimon t
SkullSatamon t

Seven Dark Masters and Allias III Saga

Dark Master Follower
Dorbickmon t(Dragon's Roar)
Piedmon t(Nightmare Soldier)
(Nature Spirit)
(Deep Saver)
(Wind Guardian)
(Metal Empire)
(Jungle Trooper) Puppetmon t
  • Minor
Baby I Baby II Child Adult Perfect
LadyDevimon t
NeoDevimon b

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