Fan:Digimon Adventure V in Progress

(Cue a new digivolution sequence: Warp Digivolve!)

Agumon: Woah! Agumon, warp digivolve to...

(A burst of light from Tai's digivice takes him to Greymon, then Metalgreymon, and then to a new form. Armor materialises on him, and a shield/wing arrangement appears on his back. This digimon is...)

WarGreymon: WarGreymon!

Gabumon: Gabumon, warp digivolve to...

(Exactly the same thing happens for Gabumon, although his new form looks like Garurumon with more armor. Bladed wings appear on his back. This digimon is...)

MetalGarurumon: MetalGarurumon!

(Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Izzy: It's WarGreymon! It says here his attack is Terra Force - gathering the energy around him and focusing it in the palm of his hand! And MetalGarurumon has his Metal Wolfclaw attack. He shoots a poweful cold blast at his enemies, then blows them to pieces! Mega digimon! They digivolved to their Mega digimon forms!

Tentomon: That's great, 'cause we'll need them to beat Daemon!

Matt: Yeah, that's for sure!

Tentomon: Good luck! I'll wait here.

(WarGreymon gathers energy around his body, and slams into Daemon, knocking him back.)

Izzy: Way to go WarGreymon! You creamed him...I think....

Tai: Look, there they go! Get after him, WarGreymon!

Kari: Put his lights out!

(The three Mega digimon fight, moving further away from the area. The group follow in Matt's Dad's van.)

MetalGarurumon: Garuru Burst!

(Icy missiles blast from MetalGarurumon, freezing Daemon.)

TK: Frozen!

Matt: Solid!

[Daemon breaks free.]

MetalGarurumon: It didn't work!

(Daemon fires powerful beams from his eyes. The van tips over from the force of a blast.)

Matt's Dad: Everybody out! Get clear of the van!

(They run away from the van. Matt's Dad is helping Izzy's Dad walk.)

(And at the convention center...)

Joe: Jim, how's Dad? Is there any improvement yet?

Jim: No. Still exactly the same.

All: Uhh...

Gomamon: All right, I'm tired of fooling around! We have to defeat Daemon once and for all!

Mimi: Our parents always protected us. Now it's time we came through for them!

Palmon Mimi, if we do it together, we can beat him!

Mimi: Think so?

Palmon Mmm-hmm.

Biyomon: I'll try.

Sora: You will?

Biyomon: Mmm-hmm.

Sora: Ok.

Joe: We already tried.

Gomamon: So we'll keep on trying, Joe! Because digimon never give up.

(He jumps onto Joe's head.)

Gomamon: Like they always say, all for mon and mon for all!

Joe: You're right! We can do it! Let's get'm, guys! Aaaaaahhhhh!

(He runs off towards the battlefield.)

Sora: You'll have to excuse Joe. He's a little hyperactive. Aaaaahhhh!

(She runs off, following Joe.)

Mimi: Please take care of my parents, Jim. Oooooohhhh!

(She runs after both of them, with a slightly different battle cry.)

Jim: Good luck, you guys.

[Daemon fires]

Tai: Kari!

(WarGreymon is swatted away by one of Daemon's huge arms.)

Kari: Where are you, Tai?

(Angewomon is hit by falling rubble. Leomon gets hit by a massive hand and smashed into a wall. He slides down, as Izzy's parents look on in horror.)

Izzy: Mom! Dad! I'm coming!

Tentomon: Look, Izzy, all the others have digivolved too! There's Ikakkumon and Togemon and Birdramon! I'm going in!

(Cue digivolving animation.)

Tentomon: Tentomon, digivolve to...Kabuterimon!

WarGreymon: Everyone, attack at the same time!

Togemon: Ok, how 'bout a little Needle Spray!

Ikakkumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Angemon: Hand of Fate!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

MetalGarurumon: Giga Missile!

(All of the attacks hit - MetalGarurumon's attack is a large missile that launches from his chest.)

WarGreymon: And now, to wind things up! Great Tornado!

(He spins himself into a tornado and busted a hole straight through his chest. Daemon sinks to his knees in pain.]

Matt's Dad: That did it...

Sora: Ohh...

Daemon: You think you can defeat me?

[Daemon regenerates]

Mimi: Aaah!

Tai: What is that thing?

(The creature shoots out dark rings of power, flooring everyone.)

Tai: WarGreymon!

Daemon: Now, to devour all you so-called digi-destined!

Mimi: It can't end like this...

Matt: I've let everyone down again...

Sora: I wish I could've done more...

Izzy: It's impossible he survived that!

Joe: Maybe we should surrender.

TK: This is scarier than the movies!

Tai: I will never give up!

(Tai's Crest glows.)

Tai: Huh? My Crest! Everybody, look at your Crests! They're all starting to glow!

(Everyone's Crests glow. Light shoots from them and ties Daemon up. His third eye flares.]

Tai: Look at that! Mega-freaky! monster represents Myotismon's actual form...WarGreymon!

[War Greymon creates another Terra Force ball and ]

WarGreymon: Pass me the ball!

(MetalGarurumon throws the ball of the TV station towards WarGreymon.)

Sora: Nice pass.

[the Other Digimon join as they hit the sphere at Daemon before passing it until WarGreymon regains it.]

All: Shoot!

[WarGreymon throws the ball at Daemon's, making a direct hit. This causes Daemon to dissolve into data.]

Tai: Yeah!

Sora: We did it!

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