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Pteramon t Level: Armor
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Technique: Missile Storm
Pteramon: "We're Pteramon. We're the Armor Level Dinosaur Digimon who were fly like a jet airplane. Our special weapon is Missile Storm and we can attack as easily from the sky or a ground."

Triceramon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Technique: Tri-Horn Blaster
Triceramon: "We're Triceramon, another dinosaur-type Digimon, but we're the Ultimate Level. Our special attack is Tri-Horn Attack, known as Tri-Horn Blaster, an laser beams from our horns to evaporize our opponents. And don't bother fighting back, our shells are the hardest of any digimon alive."

Okuwamon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Insectoid
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Double Scissor Claw
Jumba: "Okuwamon, an Ultimate level insect-type Digimon. It can use it's mighty pincers to cut through almost anything, or it can bring down it's opponents with it's Double Scissor Claw attack."

Parrotmon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Giant Bird
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Sonic Destroyer
Jumba: "If he doesn't get you with his razor sharp claws, Parrotmon will defeat you with his special attack is Sonic Destroyer."

Allomon t Level: Armor
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Technique: Dino Burst
Jumba: "Allomon, an Armor Level Dinosaur Digimon. That big dino is totally tough. His special attack is Dino Burst, a stream of flame that could evaporize his enemies."

Tapirmon b Level: Rookie
Type: Exalted Beast
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Nightmare Syndrome
Deleting Virus
Jumba: "That's Tapirmon, the Rookie Level Exalted Beast Digimon. The product of a medical sleep research computer program. His special attacks are Nightmare Syndrome and Deleting Virus."

Kokuwamon b Level: Rookie
Type: Machine
Attribute: Data
Technique: Power Surge
Mini-Scissor Claw
Jumba: "It's Kokuwamon, an Rookie Level machine-type Digimon that emits a million volt electrical charge. His special attacks are Power Surge and Mini-Scissor Claw."

Togemon t Level: Champion
Type: Vegetation
Attribute: Data
Technique: Needle Spray
Jumba: "Togemon, an Champion Level cactus-type Digimon that uses boxing gloves to clobber his enemies. His Needle Spray makes him a sharp fighter."

Ballistamon b Level: Rookie
Type: Machine
Attribute: Data
Technique: Heavy Speaker
Horn Breaker
Jumba: "That's Ballistamon, he's a Rookie Level Digimon that possesses bulky metallic armor and overwhelming power. His special attack modes are Horn Breaker and Heavy Speaker."

Veemon t Level: Rookie
Type: Dragon Man
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Vee-Headbutt
Rapid Punch
Agumon: "I've heard of Veemon. Supposedly, he's a fun-loving, adventure-seeking little Digimon that brings you good luck. But I thought he was just a legend."

MetalTyrannomon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Cyborg
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Giga Destroyer
Nuclear Laser
Jumba: "MetalTyrannomon, an Ultimate Level Digimon that evolved from DarkTyrannomon. He's one of 627's Digimon minions. His special attacks are Giga Destroyer and Nuclear Laser."

Boarmon t Level: Armor
Type: Mammal
Attribute: Data
Technique: Nose Blaster
Jumba: "Boarmon, an Armor Level Digimon that is unstoppable after his begin his charge. His special attacks are Nose Blaster where his tusks blow out high heat gases."

Silphymon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Animal
Attribute: Data
Technique: Static Force
Jumba: "Silphymon, a Ultimate Level Digimon who has the element of wind. His special attack is Static Force, an incredibly concentrate energy of light."

DarkTyrannomon t Level: Champion
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Fire Blast
Iago: "A computer program turned Tyrannomon into the evil DarkTyrannomon. Watch out for his Fire Blast attack."

Tyrannomon t Level: Champion
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Technique: Blaze Blast
Jumba: "Tyrannomon is Champion Level dinosaur Digimon that is one of the most powerful Digimon. His Blaze Blast attack incinerates his enemies."

Volcamon b Level: Ultimate
Type: Cyborg
Attribute: Data
Technique: Magma Bass
Tacklin' Time
Jumba: "Volcamon, an Ultimate Level Cyborg Digimon who uses his microphone to project his special attack, Magma Bass. You'll get a really bad vibe from this guy!"

BlueMeramon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Flame
Attribute: Data
Technique: Ice Phantom
Ice Fireball
Jumba: "BlueMeramon, an Ultimate Level Flame Digimon, who is the elemental of the cold his chilling attack will stop anyone in their tracks. His special attacks are Ice Fireball and Ice Phantom."

Shellmon t Level: Champion
Type: Sea Animal
Attribute: Data
Technique: Aqua Blaster
Jumba: "Shellmon, a Champion Level Digimon, who has the element of water when he can swim in the fast oceans. His special attack is Aqua Blaster."

Monochromon t Level: Champion
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Data
Technique: Volcanic Strike
Jumba: "Monochromon is a Champion Level Dinosaur Digimon. His shell is harder than diamonds. His special attack, Volcanic Strike, sends out millions of fireballs."

Cerberumon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Dark Animal
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Emerald Blaze
Inferno Gate
Jumba: "Cerberumon, an Ultimate Level Digimon who guards the mysterious castle. His sharp claws are made of Chrome Digizoid. His Emerald Blaze is hotter than a slice of pizza on the roof of your mouth."

Golemon t Level: Champion
Type: Rock
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Crimson Curse
Sulfur Plume
Jumba: "Golemon, an Champion Level Rock Digimon that is made almost entirely of stone. His special attack, Sulfur Plume, is a beam of volcanic gas that turns his enemies to ashes."

Flybeemon t Level: Armor
Type: Insectoid
Attribute: Data
Technique: Lightning Sting
Poison Stinger
Jumba: "Flybeemon, another Armor Level Digimon that is an insect-type. Their secret weapon is Lightning Sting, a destructive bolt of lightning that consumes their enemies."

Archelomon t Level: Armor
Type: Reptile
Attribute: Data
Technique: Ocean Streamer
Jumba: "Archelomon, an Armor Level Digimon that swims underwater. His special attack is Ocean Streamer, an beam of water that destroys his enemies."

Deltamon t Level: Champion
Type: Composition
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Triple Force
Jumba: "Deltamon, an Champion Level dragon-type Digimon with a metal head for one hand and a skull for the other. His special attack is Triple Force."

Toucanmon t Level: Armor
Type: Bird
Attribute: Data
Technique: Crazy Crest
Tentomon: "I know them, it's the Toucanmon. Gaudy looking creatures, but very timid. Their attack is Crazy Crest. Sounds rather silly, doesn't it?"

Andromon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Android
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Gatling Attack
Lightning Blade
Tentomon: "I know Andromon, he's a android Digimon who lives in the City of Loneliness. His Gatling Attack destroys his opponents."
250px Level: Champion
Type: Invader
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Fruit Punch Nova
Jumba: "Citramon, he's a Champion Level Digimon who's Fruit Punch Nova sends his enemies to the showers, well not exactly part of a balanced breakfast believe me."
Etemon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Puppet
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Dark Network
Concert Crush
Tentomon: "There is nothing entertaining about Etemon. He has the power to control anything electronic through his Dark Network."
Gorillamon t Level: Champion
Type: Beast
Attribute: Data
Technique: Energy Cannon
Iago: "That's Gorillamon. He's a Champion Level Beast Digimon that has a plasma cannon on his right arm or he has a special attack is Energy Cannon."
Drimogemon t Level: Champion
Type: Beast
Attribute: Data
Technique: Iron Drill Spin
Jumba: "Drimogemon, he's a Champion Level Beast Digimon."
Gigasmon t Level: Beast Hybrid
Type: Mineral
Attribute: Variable
Technique: Quagmire Twister
Tectonic Slam
Giga Storm
Jumba: "His name is Gigasmon. He's a Beast Hybrid Level Digimon that evolves from Drimogemon with much higher powerful energy. His special attacks are Quagmire Twister, Tectonic Slam, and Giga Storm."
Tuskmon t Level: Champion
Type: Dinosaur
Attribute: Virus
Technique: Horn Buster
Jumba: "Tuskmon, he's a Champion Level dinosaur-type Digimon that has the strong horns on his back. His special attack is Horn Buster, a laser beam that turns his enemies to ashes."
LoaderLiomon b Level: Ultimate
Type: Machine
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Boring Storm
Loader Morningstar
Jumba: "LoaderLiomon is an Ultimate Level Digimon. He can use the iron sphere on his tail to destroy his enemies for the living and his special attack is known as a Boring Storm."
RizeGreymon b Level: Ultimate
Type: Cyborg
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Trident Revolver
Rising Destroyer
Jumba: "RizeGreymon, an Ultimate Level Digimon with lightning fast speed. His special attack mode is the Trident Revolver."
Mammothmon t Level: Ultimate
Type: Ancient Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Technique: Tusk Crusher
Tundra Breath
Jumba: "Mammothmon, an Ultimate Level Digimon with the strength of the mammoth. His special attacks are Tusk Crusher and Freezing Breath, known as Tundra Breath."

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