Digimon Ancient-Force

Chapter 2

"Good. It was just a dream," said Lucas.

"What are you talking about, Lucas?" asked Jo. "The Digital World is real."

"What's that thing on your head, Jo?" asked Lucas.

"Oh, it called Terriermon and isn't it cute," said Jo.

"Hey, less with the cute would you say," said Terriermon.

"It talks," said Lucas.

"What would you expect," said Terriermon, "for me to walk on four legs and bark."

"Well, no," said Lucas.

"Good, well that's sorted out," said Jo.

"Were's Jake and Vicky?" asked Lucas.

"They went to get some water and food," said Jo.

"What, all alone," said Lucas.

"No, silly," said Jo. "Their digimon, FanBeemon and Bearmon, and your's, Coronamon, have gone with them."

"Wait, why would my digimon go with them? asked Lucas.

"Cause while you were in 'Dream Land', dreaming of me on four legs, barking, Coronamon got bored and went with them," said Terriermon.

"Now, Terriermon, no need to be rude," said Jo.

"Um, little help please," said a voice.

"Who said that?" asked Lucas.

"Lucas, it's coming from your D-NEO," said Jo.

"What, never mind," said Lucas.

Lucas spoke into the D-NEO.

"Hello, who's there?" asked Lucas.


"Hello, Bearmon. What's up?" asked Terriermon.

"Not now," said Bearmon. "We need help. We're all in trouble, especially Coronamon."

"What happened to him?" asked Lucas.

"He's hanging off a cliff," replied Bearmon. "Jake and Vicky are trying to get him back up, but he's too heavy and FanBeemon is protecting us from the Sukamons."

"OK," said Lucas, "we're on our way." and Lucas hung up.

"Wait, we're helping them?" asked Jo.

"Of course we are," said Terriermon. "It's not like the Sukamons are going to get bored and go away."

"Enough of that," said Lucas. "Let's go."

Lucas grabbed Jo's arm and ran towards the problem.

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