Digimon Ancient-Force

Chapter 3

"Lucas, STOP!" said Jo

"Why should I," said Lucas. "We need to help the others."

"You're going the wrong way," said Jo.

"Too busy trying to be the hero," said Terriermon.

"Oh, OK," said Lucas. "Where are they?"

"On a cliff," said Terriermon.

"I knew that," said Lucas.

"Just turn round and run," said Jo

"OK," said Lucas.


"I can't hold them off much longer," said FanBeemon.

"If you can get me up, I can help you," said Coronamon.

Vicky said, "Then lose some weight."

"Vicky's right, Coronamon. Lose some weight," joked Jake.

"Terriermon, GO," said Jo.

"OK," said Terriermon. "TERRIER TORNADO"

The sukamons went flying and some went over the cliff.

"You too took long enough," said Jake. "Just give us a hand."

"On the count of three," said Lucas. "One, Two, Three, PULL!"

"You did it, thanks guy," said Coronamon.

Coronamon landed on his feet. "Ready to battle."

"Out of the way," Coronamon said to FanBeemon and Bearmon.

"OK," said FanBeemon and Bearmon.

"CORO-KNUCKLES" shouted Coronamon as he ran towards the Sukamon with flaming fists. He hit them repeatedly.

Lucas' D-NEO went off. Lucas looked at it.

"What's it saying," asked Jo.

Just watch," said Lucas. "DIGITAL-LOAD"

All the remaining Sukamons got suck into Lucas' D-NEO.

"What was that," asked Vicky.

"Let's just say," said Lucas, "now we got more digimon to give us a helping hand."

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