Digimon Battle Heroes

Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
Director:Naoyuki Itou
Masami Hata
Studio:(Ja:) Toei Animation
(En:) Studiopolis/Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Licensor:(Ja:) BEAM, Happinet
Network:(Ja:) Fuji TV
TV Asahi
Disney Channel Japan
(En:) Disney XD, Kix
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Digimon Battle Heroes is a Japanese anime television series, and the seventh series produced as part of the Digimon franchise. It was produced by Toei Animation, and aired every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. on the Fuji TV and TV Asahi networks. With most of the original characters now in high school, the Digital World was supposedly secure and peaceful. This series covers a large scope of the Heroes' adventures taking them from the Real World, to the Digital World, the alternate dimensions, the cyberspace, to the future, and ultimately home once more. Unlike the previous seasons, Digimon Battle Heroes took on more radical changes for the character designs ditching the style animation always used previously in favor of more traditional animation similar to Stitch!, Mega Man Star Force, Digimon Data Squad and Digimon Xros Wars. Also, according to this series' composer, Ryota Yamaguchi, this series was to take in a wider age group, and was aimed to also appeal to late teens, however, without ending it as a hobby anime. This is why the story is much lighter and less darker than in previous series. Also, as requested by Digimon's sponsor, Bandai, in order to grab the older Digimon fans, Bandai wanted the reappearance of a Digimon from the old series, which was chosen to be Shoutmon, Agumon, and Lunamon.


Main characters

Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Ralph Naisuko (En:) Mike Sinterniklaas
(Ja:) Junko Takeuchi
(En:) Ben Diskin
Brian Beacock
(Ja:) Chika Sakamoto
Taiki Matsuno
The main character of the series, he is brave, kind-hearted, endearing, hardworking, calm, 15-year-old imaginative artist who created his own Digimon. He plays soccer, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and video games. He has a crush on Via, his love interest, girlfriend, and sweetheart.
Via Lotomoto (En:) Kari Wahlgren
(Ja:) Satomi Satou
Lunamon (En:) Kate Higgins
(Ja:) Hiromi Konno
The only main female character of the series, she is independent. She is half-Hungarian, half-Japanese young girl who likes Digimon and to play video games and to sing a song. Ralph is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling.
Ethan Kotamonto (En:) Marc Thompson
(Ja:) Masato Amada
TurboBeetlemon (En:) Steven Blum
(Ja:) Kōichi Yamadera
The oldest character of the series, Ethan is portrayed as a charismatic, eccentric, and goofy but lovable fat boy. He speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. He concerns himself with comics and horror and science-fiction movies, and sees the world in terms of good or bad, with no gray areas in between.
Frank Naisuko (En:) Frank Frankson
(Ja:) Soichiro Hoshi
Boxerdramon (En:) Terrence Stone
(Ja:) Kōichi Yamadera
He is the hothead of the group. He often lets his anger get the best of him and struggles to cope with some of the tougher issues his friends face. He would much rather rush into action than contemplate the best move. Throughout the run of the series, he works on his anger to some degree.
Kenny Einstein (En:) Sam Riegal
(Ja:) Kazuya Nakai
Raicanimon (En:) Kirk Thornton
(Ja:) Kenta Miyake
He is the intellect of the group. Kenny is a half-British, half-Japanese boy who surrounds himself with technological experiments and often endeavors to retain the enemies technology to make enhanced gear for the Heroes. He is responsible for creating the Digi-Cell (a cell-phone like communicator) and Battle Jeep (the Heroes' enhanced tactical vehicle) among other devices.


  • Oroko Saji/Dark Marauder: A main villain of the series. He is Ralph's rival for Via's affections. He is the leader of the Black Clan Army, a secret organization of evil Digimon that seek to take control of both Human World and Digital World.
    • DexShoutmon: An evil, demonic version of Shoutmon created by Dark Marauder.
    • Troopmon: A bunch of Troopmon who serves as part of the army and as the technicians.
    • MetalTyrannomon: A bunch of MetalTyrannomon served as part of the army.
    • Mekanorimon: A bunch of Mekanorimon who serves as part of the army and as the technicians.
    • Tankmon: A bunch of Tankmon served as part of the army.
    • Sealsdramon: A bunch of Sealsdramon act as part of the army.
    • Mammothmon: A bunch of Mammothmon act as part of the army.
    • HiAndromon: A bunch of HiAndromon act as part of the army.
    • Pteramon: A bunch of Pteramon act as part of the army.
    • Triceramon: A bunch of Triceramon act as part of the army.
    • Minotarumon: A bunch of Minotarumon act as part of the army.
    • Rhinomon: A bunch of Rhinomon act as part of the army.
    • Gorillamon
    • Megadramon
    • Gigadramon
  • Dexter Strockman: Oroko's assistant who is a technical genius and the scientist. He is African-American.
  • Chun: Oroko's muscle, and lieutenant of the Black Clan Army. He constantly seeks the Dark Marauder's approval and leads the Black Clan Army into battle against the Heroes.

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