Well it starts with new Digi-destined and it all started with a boy named Josh and he was always a sporty boy and he was friends with the older Digi-destined,then one day he got a Digivice and he wondered what do with it so he asked his friends what this mysterious device was and they told him he was Digi-destined and saw a picture of a egg on his Digivice and then he wondered what digi-egg would hatch maybe a Hawkmon or a Agumon.

Then later it hatched it was a Poyomon.Then the next day he invited he three best friends Lila,Ryan,and Harper they all knew about Digimon after they saw Poyomon.Then after seeing Poyomon they got Digivices and Lila then got a Digivice and and then the egg hatched it became Yuramon,Harper then later got her own Digvice and the egg on the screen hatched to Yukimibotamon,and then Ryan got a Digivice also his egg hatched into Pichimon

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