Lee Aaron And Veemon

Lee is a 15 year old boy who posseses the crest of miralces and kindness and later on gains Danny and Harry's digiegg's of courage and freindship Lee is one of the only two gays in digimon he finally tells joe his digimon Veemon is a lovable and curious digimon.

Joe Kendrick And Terriermon

Joe is a 11 year old boy who posseses the crest of destiny Joe is the second of the only two gays in digimon he is in a relationship with Lee after he later discovers about Lee's sexuality his digimon Terriermon is a wise digimon but loves to have a laugh

The Captain And Leomon

The Captain is the leader and the oldest of the digidestines he posseses the crest of Knowledge the Captain is more like a teacher than a leader to the group and through out the series no one mensions his name

Harry Devon And Gabumon
Danny Devon And Agumon

Evil Digimon


Ultimate 5


Ally Digimon



Episode 1 Dark Hole

On the 1st January 2010 at midnight a giant hole ripped in the sky. Out of the giant hole a Gorillamon appeared. Along with Gorillamon two small lights came out of the dark hole and landed in Hull whilst Gorillamon stayed in New York. The two lights travelled to two boys one travelled to a boy called Lee Aaron the light landed in his hand. The light changed into the Digiegg of Miracles. Out of the digiegg another light shot out to the floor and turned into a Demiveemon then the Digiegg of Miracles turned into a digivice. The other light travelled to a boy call Joe Kendrick which changed into the digiegg of destiny the digimon that shot out of the digiegg was Gummymon. The next day their Digivices both beeped and a messaged appeared on both “meet me at the school, quickly” when both arriving at the school they asked each other “what are you doing here” but before either of them could answer a man came out the building and said “I’ll explain soon enough”.

Episode 2 DigiDestines

Back in New York Gorillamon has taken out the American army who have been trying to stop him. Meanwhile Lee and Joe are told about Digimon and DigiDestines. They take the responsibility and travel through a Digiportal on the computer to New York which. Demiveemon and Gummymon digivolve into Veemon and Terriermon. .and battle Gorillamon. Gorillamon beats them but veemon and lee and joe and Terriermon biomerge digivolve into Exveemon and Gargomon and battle Gorillamon and destroy him. Back at base the captain describes to lee and joe about digivolving.

Episode 3 A Friend From Another World

Lee’s digivice starts beeping one night waking him up after he picks it up a map shows on it showing him a digiportal which has opened in Madagascar. Lee thinks he can take the new digimon on by himself so he travels to the Madagascar to discover that instead of one digimon its three Monodramon. He biomerge digivolves into Exveemon but is over powered and dedigivolves because of his injuries. Before the monodramons finish him off a WereGarurumon comes out the portal and destroys all three monodramon and quickly leaves without a word.

Episode 4 Digiworld

The next day Lee asks the Captain about the digimon who saved him in Madagascar. The captain tells them that they are two other digidestines in the digitalworld. After discovering this Lee and Joe decide to go to the digitalworld with the captain to see the other digidestines. On their arrival they discover three towns have been destroyed by a team called the ultimate five. They meet up with the two other digidestines and their digimon and the captain discovers that his digimon leomon is chasing down the ultimate 5.

Episode 5 The Quests

Gabumon and Danny Devon and Agumon go in search for Leomon and the ultimate 5. meanwhile Lee and Joe decide to go on their own quest to discover how to digivolve into ultimate level. They discover a digimon called Wizardmon who tells them about Calumon who can help them digivolve into ultimates but when they arrive Calumon tells them that they need to understand their power first. And captain, Harry and Danny are attacked by a Elephantmon.

Episode 6 Heated Up In Tokyo

Lee and Joe are contacted by the captain who tells them to go back to the real world without him after a long conversation about staying to help Leomon the two go back to the real world. Later that night they discover that a Meramon is attacking Tokyo. The two meet up in Tokyo after biomerge digivolving to destroy Meramon a dark beam shoots out of the digimportal and strikes Meramon which digivolves him into SkullMeramon the digidestines are beaten and SkullMeramon walks away and continues to destroy Tokyo.

Episode 7 It's a Miracle

After dedigivolving because of low on energy the two boys follow SkullMeramon they digivolve again and try to slow him down but when Gargomon Shouts to Exveemon “we need a miracle to defeat him” a golden portal opens and the digiegg of miracles appears Exveemon touches it and Digivolves into Magnamon and defeats SkullMeramon meanwhile the captain meets up with Leomon and the two other digidestines go to help other digimon around the digital world.

Episode 8 Leomon digivolve to

Leomon and the Captain find Their arch enemy Devimon after Leomon battles him and wins the same dark beam that digivolved Meramon hits Devimon and digivolves him to Myotismon after a second battle Myotismon beats Leomon and the captain calls for Lee and Joe’s help. When they arrive Joe Biomerge Digivolves to Gargomon and Lee Biomerge Digivolves to Magnamon During their battle Kimeramon comes and helps Myotismon. This forces Leomon and the Captain to Biomerge Digivolve to GrapLeomon.

Episode 9 A Team of Three

GrapLeomon battles along side Magnamon and Gargomon after they beat Kimeramon and Myotismon the two flea away back to their hideout the three of them go back to the real world and discuss future plans of how to stop the Ultimate 5. The episode ends when a digimon with a cloak on discovering a digiportal to the real world.

Episode 10 The Digiegg of Pure Evil

Lee and Joe are told by the Captain to take a day off. The two of them decide to be out of the ordinary and take a break in the digiworld. On their break they take a walk through a forest and discover a digiegg that gives off a power to powerful for their digivices to register. As they walk away from the digiegg they are attacked by a Snimon after defeating the digimon they go back to the real world and tell captain about their discovery.

Episode 11 The Worst Discovery

Harry and Danny explore the digiegg of darkness which Lee and Joe discovered After Danny touches it a Dark blast shoots out and strikes his Digivice the blast then shoots into Agumon and Digivolves him into SkullGreymon. SkullGreymon then travels through a Digiportal and attacks India Harry and Gabumon follow him. Lee and Joe go to India to help Harry and Captain later meets up with Leomon they all digivolve and prepare for their greatest battle yet.

Episode 12 A Rapid digivolve

Magnamon, GrapLeomon, WereGarurumon and Gargomon battle SkullGreymon after beating him Harry digivice glows again and digivolves Skull Greymon into BlackWarGreymon. After BlackWarGreymon beats the digidestines a golden portal opens up under Gargomon and digivolves him into Rapidmon they four of them take one last stand and manage to save Agumon. After the battle they return to the digital world only to discover the digiegg of darkness has vanished.

Episode 13 Lee's Secret

The digidestines are informed by a Hawkmon that he saw a Phantomon take the digiegg of darkness the captain discovers that the digiegg must be in one of three places so they split up Lee and Joe go to a town full of SnowAgumon Lee and Joe rest and are treated like kings and when they are left alone they talk about their thoughts and Lee reveals his sexuality and feelings to Joe but then are interrupted when they discover that a SnowAgumon has been infected by the Digiegg of darkness and digivolved him into MegaSeadramon.

Episode 14 Getting The Head Straight

After the battle with MegaSeadramon Lee and Veemon disable their digivice tracker and leaves to get his head straight. Joe goes out to find him while Harry and Danny battle Mummymon another one of the Ultimate 5 after Mummymon is defeated he is picked up and taken away by Kimeramon. Lee continues to walk trying to get his head straight but is confronted by all the ultimate 5.

Episode 15 A Great Battle

Lee is taken prisoner by the ultimate 5 and captain and Leomon find him and contact the rest of the team after they all arrive they digivolve and jump to his rescue after they free Lee him and Veemon digivolve to Magnamon and have a battle to the end at the end of the battle Myotismon and Kimeramon are destroyed by the digidestines and when they return to the real world Joe and Lee agree to keep Lee’s sexuality a secret.

Episode 16 It's His Destiny

The Digidestines are called to the digitalworld and discuss a plan of how to finish the ultimate 5 but their conversation is interrupted when their attacked by a Boltmon, Piedmon and Spinomon. After digivolving to their ultimate stages they are beaten but MetalGreymon uses the Digiegg of courage and digivolves to WarGreymon and WereGarurumon uses the digiegg of friendship and Digivolves to MetalGarurumon and GrapLeomon uses the digiegg of Knowledge and Digivolves to SaberLeomon after still not beating defeating the three evil digimon Rapidmon digivolves using the digiegg of Destiny to Rapidmon (Armor) and defeats the digimon.

Episode 17 The Digiegg of Kindness

The digivices pick up a new digiegg so Lee and Joe set off to find it while the others find the ultimate 5’s (now with only four) base. Lee and Joe find the cave were the digiegg is but are attacked by Phantomon Joe turns into Rapidmon and battles while Lee goes to get the digiegg. Lee claims the digiegg of Kindness and digivolves into Magnamon and Destroys Phantomon. After the battle the captain tells them they have found the ultimate 5’s hideout.

Episode 18 Ultimate 5 to Ultimate 1

The digidestines dive into the ultimate 5 base and confront them after being challenged they digivolve and battle WereGarurumon destroys LadyDevimon and MetalGreymon destroys NeoDevimon and after they are distracted Mummymon reveals himselfs from the shadows and laughs tehn holds the digiegg of darkness in the air and teleports to the real world.

Episode 19 Egypt

Mummymon travels to Egypt and the digidestines follow. Mummymon uses the power of the digiegg of darkness to digivolve himself into Pharaohmon this allowed the digidestines to digivolve into their mega stages. Rapidmon Digivolves into Rapidmon (Armor), MetalGreymon into WarGreymon, WereGarurumon into MetalGarurumon and GrapLeomon into SaberLeomon. Also Magnamon uses the power of the digiegg of kindness to digivolve into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode after a long battle Pharaohmon the Monodramon admits to being the ultimate 5’s slave so he could harness their power and takes the digiegg of darkness and holds it high in the air and power streams come from the digiportal over Egypt and Monodramon Absorbs the power and Digivolves into Millenniummon.

Episode 20 The Darkness power

Millenniummon Wipes out the digidestines in one blast. As they try to get up Millenniummon flies away leaving them in Egypt. The digidestines return home to think of a plan while Lee and Joe walk home they come across a digimon called Impmon who tells them that Millenniummon is going to attack London the team meet up and travel to London to have a final battle but on the way they are attacked by a Gaiomon

Episode 21 The Last Battle part 1

The digidestines split up to look out for anything out of the ordinary and Lee and Joe have a discussion about Lee’s feelings for Joe. Joe kisses Lee at the end of the conversation but during the kiss Millenniummon attacks London so the digidestines digivolve and battle but lose and as Millenniummon is about to destroy Joe Mummymon hits [Millenniummon]]. When they look at Mummymon he is stood along side Matadormon the two digivolve together into Beelzemon.

Episode 22 The Last Battle part 2

After the first part of the battle already MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon and SaberLeomon have dedigivolved because they don’t have enough power. Rapidmon (Armor), Imperialdramon Dragon Mode and Beelzemon battle Millenniummon during the battle when the digidestines nearly lose Harry and Danny give their digiegg powers to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode which give him enough power to digivolve into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode they continue to battle and beat Millenniummon but before they can destroy him he unleashes more power and digivolves into ZeedMillenniummon.

Episode 23 The Last battle part 3

ZeedMillenniummon wipes out the three of them in one blast. Rapidmon (Armor) is dragged into ZeedMillenniummon’s portal out of love Imperialdramon Paladin Mode stands up and a beam shoots out of golden portal and it’s the digiegg of love. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode uses it to digivolve into UlforceVeedramon and goes into the portal that sucked in Rapidmon (Armor) and inside is met by the evil dragon digimon Megidramon.

Episode 24 The Last Battle part 4

UlforceVeedramon and Megidramon battle and UlforceVeedramon wins the two leave ZeedMillenniummon’s portal the Captain gives Beelzemon the power of knowledge which he uses to digivolve into Beelzemon Blast Mode. After ZeedMillenniummon is nearly defeat Rapidmon (Armor) and Beelzemon Blast Mode combine their powers and turn into a data stream which UlforceVeedramon absorbs to digivolve into UlforceVeedramon Super Ultimate and uses his Ray of Victory which is twice as powerful as UlforceVeedramon’s and destroys ZeedMillenniummon they digidestines return home after the battle

Episode 25 The Aftermath

The Digidestines Harry and Danny Decide to return to the digital world with Captain but now only have the ability to digivolve into Ultimate because they gave their crests to Lee and Beelzemon dedigivolves but instead of turning into Mummymon and Matadormon he turns into Impmon who decides to stay with Joe. Lee and Joe also now become lovers but keep it a secret from everyone but Veemon and Terriermon and also at the end of the show all the digiportals are seen on the computer screen moving towards the centre and vanishing

Episode 26 The Digiportal



ExVeemonfrom Veemon Biomerge digivoled with Lee
Magnamon from ExVeemon with the digiegg of Miracles
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode from Magnamon with digiegg of kindness
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode from Imperialdramon Fighter Mode with digiegg of Courage and Friendship
UlforceVeedramon from Imperialdramon Paladin Mode with digiegg of Love


Gargomon from Terriermon biomerge digivolved with Joe
Rapidmon from Gargomon 
Rapidmon (Armor) from Rapidmon with digiegg of Destiny 


GrapLeomon from Leomon
SaberLeomon from GrapLeomon with digiegg of Knowledge


Garurumon from Gabumon
WereGarurumon from Garurumon
MetalGarurumon from WereGarurumon with digiegg of Friendship


Greymon from Agumon
MetalGreymon from Greymon
WarGreymon from MetalGreymon

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