• Ralph Kudou: He is the son of Taiki and Akari. His partner Digimon is Discomon.
  • Discomon: He is a harkworking, optimistic reptilian Digimon that has the same appearance as Shoutmon, but has the green eyes, blue headphones, and blue markings on his forehead. He is the son of Shoutmon and Lunamon and stepbrother of Gumdramon.
  • Gia Kussolini: She is the blonde, beautiful girl that was born in Italy but moved to Japan. She is Ralph's girlfriend.
  • Maidenmon: She is a cute, and beautiful Digimon who is Gia's partner that is very similiar to Lunamon, but has yellow eyes, and wears a elegant gown.
  • Gus Knead Sinclair: Ralph's fat, good-natured, self-centered, kind, neurotic, suggestible, and well-mannered friend who was born in America but moved to Japan.
  • Wagonmon: A large, robotic Digimon with the wheels for the heels who is Gus's partner.


  • Monsoonmon: A evil Digimon who is main antagonist. He resembles energy creature in gray armor and has two arms and mutiple tentacles.

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