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  • Styven Rabowski: The protagonist and hero of the series, he is greatest Digitestined in the world. His Digimon partner is Firedramon and he is given a red Xros Retector to enable Shoutmon to DigiXros with other Digimon. He always wears a blue t-shirt with an dinosaur-like symbol and black jeans and trainers.
    • Firedramon: A hardworking, friendly reptilian dinosaur/dragon-like Digimon with a strong desire to help others. He wields a sledge hammer that doubles as a blunt weapon. His human partner, Styven uses his Xros Retector to combine him with other digimon, in a process known as DigiXros.
      • FlareGreymon: The DigiXros of Firedramon and Agumon, forming a strong dragon/dinosaur-like creature.
      • FlareGreymon X2: The DigiXros of Firedramon, Agumon, and MetalKabuterimon, forming a strong mechanical robot.
      • FlareGreymon X3: The DigiXros of Firedramon, Agumon, MetalKabuterimon, and JetGarurumon, forming a strong dragon-shaped warrior.
      • FlareGreymon X4: FlareGreymon ×3 armed with the Solar Sword. In this form, the Solar Sword becomes engulfed in a blue-and-red aura.
  • Angie Polosi: Styven's girlfriend and love interest who is kind and beautiful Hungarian girl. She also performs in dance routines with her Digimon. She always wears a pink t-shirt and white skirt. Her hair looks similiar to Marina from Pokemon Chronicles.
    • Heartmon: A white reptilian Digimon with a strong feminine resemblance to Firedramon, with a pink heart-like symbol on her chest.
  • Agumon: A dinosaur Digimon who is a best friend of Firedramon and Styven.
  • MetalKabuterimon: A robotic version of MetalKabuterimon with stubby legs, and a rocket jets mounted on his back. He resembles Ballistamon.
  • JetGarurumon: A metal wolf-like Digimon with the axe-shaped spikes on its back.
  • SolarToyAgumon: A small, robot/dinosaur-like Digimon with sunglasses who forms the hilt of the Solar Sword, and Solar Bazooka.
  • Veemon:
  • Sumomon:
  • Leomon:

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