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Digimon Chrono Surge (デジモンクロサージ Dejimon Kuro Sāji) is a fanfictional Digimon season. It's about a boy, Takeru, & his friends who travel through time & help past heroes throughout the history of the Digital World.


Main Characters

Character Digimon
Takeru Konramon
A teenage boy who was chosen to lead his friends through time of the Digital World.
Kazo Kokuwamon
A good friend of Takeru, always accompanies him on their quest.
Bailey Lunamon
A young girl who has a crush on Takeru.
Victor Monodramon
A mysterious young boy who can travel through time all by himself.


Other Digimon

  • Hubmon - A snake-like Digimon who accompanies Takeru & his friends as an information guide. During a battle, Hubmon usually coughs up a DigiMemory that could help the heroes.

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