Zero ARtificial MonSter DRAGOON, which stands for Digital, Recon, Assault, Gathering and Optional Observation Network system, was originally created for combat purposes, unlike the original Grani. While the original Grani had been created as the Ark, DRAGOON was made to aid the Tamers when they travelled to the Digital World to save their Digimon.

As the Monster Makers and Hypnos had found out soon after the end of Digimon Tamers that Guilmon's hideout hid a Digital Portal, Janyuu Wong decided that he could not allow the Tamers to discover it, as they would have no protection whatsoever from wild Digimon. Thus, the Monster Makers banded together once again, using the Ark's original specifics as well as Grani's, modifying it so that it will serve as the protector of the Tamer's until they reunited with their Digimon.


Things did not go according to plan as Takato discovered the portal, and although Yamaki managed to convince the latter to follow him first, Henry stumbled upon it soon after. Henry alerted the others, but could not resist the temptation to enter the portal. Rika soon followed suit. The two met up with trouble in the form of a Cerberumon. Though the most of the other Digimon were around, they were no match for Cerberumon without the other Tamers. DRAGOON soon arrived, and was able to help defeat the former.

Note: To be continued...

Abilities and Attacks

  • Yuggoth Blaster: Charges the beam in his open mouth and fires. Not much difference from Grani.
  • Can fire lasers from the tips and the bases of his wings, in a continuous beam or small bursts at a time.
  • Can act as a mobile base and transport
  • Can view what he sees from Hypnos in the Real World when connected during a data storm, AKA when Hypnos has enough power to scan the Digital Plane.

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