Level BioMega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Gabumon
Partners Yamato Ishida

MaxGarurumon has appearances similar to that of MetalGarurumon X, with the exception of the lack of overwhelming firepower and a helmet more akin to MirageGaogamon's. Instead, he wields two powerful blasters located at his hips, connected to a power pack on his back. These are able to be detached as well for situations that require more manoeuvrability. Attached to them are two curved blades that act like deadly shotos, providing MaxGarurumon with the close range edge that the MetalGarurumons lack. These blades are able to be disconnected from the blaster as well, with the handles of the blaster becoming the hilt of the blade.

To further make up for his lack of weaponry compared to the MetalGarurumons, he has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, and thus allowing him to manipulate metallic objects as well. He is able to make metals do whatever he wishes, be it to be shot at the enemy at a tremendous speed or to be used as a makeshift shield.

Furthermore, as his body is metallic, he is able to manipulate the magnetic fields around him such that he can fly. This ability, however, is impossible to control during battle as the need to know where the two poles are and whether to repel or attract toward either direction is hard to remember in the heat of battle, thus only limiting this ability to be used for straightforward flights.

Koushiro, however, is planning to find a way to overcome this handicap...


  • Max Blaster: Targets the two blasters located at his waist and shoots the enemy with them. These can either be fired with short bursts or one continuous beam.
  • Garuru Blade: Swings the blades that are located on the underside of the Max Blaster to attack. These two blades can also be detached to be used as normal swords.
  • Magnetic Pulse: Opens up his chest plate to fire a powerful energy pulse at the enemy.
  • Electro Claw: Charges his metal claws with electricity and slashes the enemy

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