Strikedramon b
Level Champion
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Monodramon
Next forms Cyberdramon
Partners Ryo Akiyama

In the Digimon Continuity Series, Strikedramon appears in two fics with different personalities: Brave Tamer and Quest for the Digimon.

The one that appeared at Brave Tamer is the Strikedramon before the jogress[1] with ZeedMillenniummon.

This article explores the Strikedramon after Digimon Tamers, who has new personality compared to the one in Brave Tamer and his other forms (current ones). As Ryo's partner (be it in his Monodramon or Cyberdramon forms) has different personalities in Digimon Tamers, Cyberdramon being a raging Digimon who simply wants to battle and Monodramon having a playful personality much like Guilmon, I created a new personality for the Champion form of Strikedramon.


Strikedramon, unlike his other forms, has inherited most of the skill, intelligence and fighting abilities of both Monodramon and Millenniummon, the Digimon that jogressed together to form him. He is what some would describe as the perfect partner. His intelligence is equal to that of a super computer, able to calculate things like velocity and ETA at just a glance. However, his has very major flaws and cannot socialise easily.

He is a cold Digimon, keeping everything inside. His flaw of lack of an acute sense of awareness means that he only focuses on a single target and often forgets what is around him, making it rather easy to ambush him and limiting the potential his intelligence could be used for. Rarely projecting any emotion but calm, he is one that cares for none but Ryo Akiyama. Ryo's wants and needs are the sole driving purpose of his current form's existence. He is also a great strategist (though he will willingly sacrifice anyone for a cause save Ryo as long as victory is achieved), much like his partner, whose ability was shown when he managed to defeat Millenniummon[2] with just mere Rookies not excluding Agumon.

The only thing actually keeping him on the good side is because Ryo is there. Were it not... the consequences would be dire as Strikedramon's intelligence can make him another Millenniummon, minus his overwhelming power.


  • Strike Fang: Covers his body in flames by burning up the metal plates on his body, and rams the foe. It is similar to Flamedramon's Fire Rocket attack, except that it is light blue in colour.
  • Strike Claw: His claw lights up with a blue flame and attacks the enemy.
  • Striking Barrage: Surrounds himself with blue flames and does a barrage of kicks and punches.

Notes and References

  1. Jogress is actually the Japanese term for DNA Digivolution, but means a permanent version of it in the Digimon Continuity Series
  2. Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer