Digimon Cyber Warriors is a fanfictional Digimon series. This fiction is a combination of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Data Squad, Digimon Xros Wars, and the video games: Digimon Story Lost Evolution, and the manga: Digimon Chronicles.


Main Characters

Cyber Warriors

Character Digimon
Den Rennyton Cooldramon
A brave, impulsive, optimistic, academic, 15-year-old boy who was chosen by Omnimon to lead his friends through time of the Digital World.
Anna Pufferson Aoudamon
A sophisticated, beautiful, cheerful, 14-year old girl from Hungary. She has a crush on Den.
Hayton Steelson Taximon
A chubby, charismatic, eccentric, 15-year-old half-Japanese/half-Cuban boy who is Den's best friend. He is also an over-eater, and many of his scenes in the restaurants display him ordering various healthy and junk food amenities from the robot waiters.
Filmore Wakwood BlackGabumon
A cold, quiet, reserved, 16-year-old boy from Canada. He sees Den as an important tool for his team but acts as a rival.
Zak Wakwood Monodramon
Filmore's twin brother, separated after their parents' divorce.

Typho Army

  • Typhomon: The Emperor of the Typho Army whose goal is rule both the Digital World and then the human world through the power of the Code Crown in his D5 master plan.

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