Digimon D-Destiny is a fan-fic writen by Truewolf28 and ilstated by Wh!te$tar about an evil empira that has take over 80% of the digital world and the seven great deamond lords and the dark-digimon tamer who have unlesed and controlling and evil virus and the only way of distroy the virus once and for all is the new digidesten they must use the power of the destiny symbold a group of ancient symbnols with have great powers and keep the digital world in perfect peace but because of the virus's out braket and the Millennium Empirea has forced chaos to brake loss


  • Digimon D-Destiny series 1 A New world

  • Digimon D-Destiny series 2 hero's of the new dawn

Ten years after the data squad close's the digigate an evil Ancient virus called the DDCA viurs (doms day critcal arc virus) the royal knight and Digimon Sovereigns do not have the power to defeet it so they made several digivies and each one has the power of the Destiny symbol and so the royal kights sent the digivices to the human world and the digimon sovereigns chose the DigiDestined and so they just sat there and wait.


New DigiDestined

  • Matthew "Matt" Damon and Dorumon

aged 15. Marcus and Kristy Damon cousin. Matt is like the leder of the group and he does't know when to give up making it a good thing sometimes and a bad sometimes and also act a lot like his older cousin Marcus Damon. Destiny symbol Light.

  • William "Will" Jackson and Agumon

age 15. Will is the brains of the group and when Matt gets every one lost Will can always tell whitch direction they are heading in. Destiny symbol Fire.

  • Raymond "Ray" Jackson and Veemon

age 16. Ray is Will's older brother and is often found trying to take Matt's place as leader. Destiny symbol Wind.

  • Ellen Damon and Impmon

age 15 Ellen is Matt's fraternal twin sister and is ofter causeing bigger trouble when it comes to fighting the enemy. Destiny symbol Darkness.

  • Richard "Rich" Artson and Gomamon

age 14. Rich is the youngest of the group and the joker of the group. Destiny symbol Water.

  • Amy Primeson and Dracomon

aged 16 a unknown girl that seems to know a lot a bout the past of the digital world. Destiny symbol Legands. Amy is also an ariest.


The Millennium Empirea


  • MoonMillenniummon

Moonmillenniumon is the wisest out of the three millennium brothers

  • Millenniummon

Millenniummon is the youngest out of the three millennium brothers

  • ZeedMillenniummon

ZeedMillenniummon is the oldest and most powerfull out of the three millennium brothers

  • Genarals
  • Lucemon (as the story goes on lucemon digivoles to chaos mode and the shadowlord mode)
  • Marsmon
  • MaloMyotismon


  • Golemon-Destert region (Digivloes to skullgreymon and then blackwargreymon)
  • EmperorGreymon-volcano and mountain region
  • Surfimon-ice region
  • HiAndromon-city region
  • Argomon (Ultimate)-swamp region ( digivoles to Argomon Mega)
  • Halsemon-jungle region

Halsemon was defeeted by series 1 chapter 12

  • SaberLeomon-feild region
  • ChaosGallantmon-Shadow region
  • Varodurumon-sky region

Varodurumon was defeeted by series 1 chapter 18

Dark-Digimon Tamers and the Demond Lord Army

  • Alice Winchester and FanBeemon

Alice is the leader of the dark-digimon tamrs and was the first dark-digimon tamrs

  • Duke Anderson and Bearmon

Duke in a way is Matt's rival and in a way helps him master the DESTINY HYPER CHARGE

  • Samatha Primeson and Vi-Elecmon

age 17.Samatha is Amy Primeson's half-sister and when there digimon fight the battle get more like a family fight

  • Lucas Victors and Hyokomon
  • David voltson and Bolgmon

age 15. Bolgmon is david's partner and is a double agent for david by infaltrating the The Millennium Empirea city region

Digimon leaders

  • Leviamon
  • Daemon
  • Belphemon Rage Mode
  • Barbamon
  • Beelzemon
  • Ogudomon

characters pic

give a spical thanks to Wh!te$tar for drawing these great pictures

Digimon D-Destiny: series 1-A New world chapters

chapter1 the new world

chapter2 Dorugamon awakes

chapter3 Rinkmon and Amy appears

chapter4 Wingdramon's storm

chapter5 there's no Geo just like my Geo

chapter6 king Rich lord of the lake

chapter7 Halsemon army of love

chapter8 Family quarrels

chapter9 The Brake Out

chapter10 The power of pride

chapter11 Back stabbers

chapter12 Vs Halsemon

chapter13 DESTINY HYPER CHARGE DoruGreymon

chapter14 MaloMyotismon generals of the dark

chapter15 An comander so close

chapter16 Dramon's pride

chapter17 secrets of the digi-spears

chapter18 Vs Varodurumon

chapter19 the city region the bigest home army

chapter20 a rize-ing war

chapter21 enter the darkness of Gigadramon

Digimon D-Destiny: series 2-hero's of the new dawn chapters

chapter1 Gigadramon and the giant city

chapter2 an old friends returns for round 2

chapter3 blazing army and tecno army form

chapter4 heavy metal,HiAndromon the cyber knight

chapter5 god of lightning

chapter6 vs HiAndromon, the great cyber knight

chapter7 Whamon Perfect thee aqua-king

chapter8 dark night, moon light warrior

chapter9 blood-knightmon, battle blood

chapter10 Vs Surfimon, storm surfer

chapter11 pure power, brake-up, mega-level

chapter12 matt fighting chance

chapter13 shoutmonX4B, matts guardian for life

chapter14 true power of the destiny sybols

chapter15 the death of the hero's of the new dawn

chapter16 hero's of destiny,returning fury

chapter17 alpha,matt's shadow soul

chapter18 team D-Destiny form's

chapter19 destiny compass

chapter20 running home

chapter21shining destiny of dorumon

chapter22 super digivole, alphamon

Digimon D-Destiny series 3-Millennium rules chapters

chapter1 golemon's waste land

chapter2 skullgreymon, fire and darkness

chapter3 secret oasis

chapter4 blackwargreymon, tyrant of the desert

chapter5 final battle of the desert waste land

chapter6 love battles

chapter7 born chaos

chapter8 royal knight

chapter9 knight of a crimson dragon

chapter10 spirit powers

chapter11 burning hate

Digimon D-Destiny:specials chapters

Primary region the toy army revolts part 1

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