Digimon DYW

Japanese logo for Digimon DYW
(Dejimon Dī Wai Daburu)
Genre:Action, Adventure

Digimon DYW (デジモンディーワイダブル Dejimon Dī Wai Daburu?), pronounced Digimon DY-Double (as well as short for Digimon Detective Youth Double), is a fanfictional series in the Digimon franchise. It seems to have some of the elements from Kamen Rider W & Digimon Fusion.

Plot summary

In a distant city in Japan, mysterious DigiMemories appear all over the place, each with its own individual Digimon inside it. Unfortunately, most of these DigiMemories serve as life-threatening devices, in which the Digimon of a DigiMemory can have massive control over the person using it, thus turning that person into a dangerous criminal. To stop this social disaster, the self-proclaimed hardboiled detective Tawake Monoza & the mysterious Hikuki, who possesses the "true DigiMemory", form an elite team of young detectives to investigate crimes that involve people being possessed by Digimon. Whenever two of the young detectives both use their DigiMemories, they can DigiXros their Digimon to form even more powerful Digimon to fight the Digimon menaces & keeping the city safe.


Detective Youth

Character Digimon
Tawake Monoza
Monoza Tawake (モノザ タワケ?)
The leader of the Detective Youth & user of the Joker DigiMemory; a young self-proclaimed hardboiled (actually half-boiled) detective.
Hikuki (ヒクキ?)
Second-in-command of the Detective Youth & user of the Cyclone DigiMemory, as well as Tawake's partner. Hikuki is a mysterious young boy who possesses the "true DigiMemory". He also loves to read books.
Netsu Minamoto
Minamoto Netsu (源 熱?)
User of the Heat DigiMemory in the Detective Youth & Ken's partner.
Ken Zokusei
Zokusei Kin (属製 金?)
User of the Metal DigiMemory in the Detective Youth & Netsu's partner.
Runa (ルナ?)
User of the Luna DigiMemory in the Detective Youth & Hikito's partner, as well as the only female member.
Hikito Ganemaro
Ganemaro Hikito (ガネマロ ヒキト?)
User of the Trigger DigiMemory in the Detective Youth & Runa's partner.


Other Characters

  • Hubmon: Mentor of the Detective Youth who often explains the power of their DigiMemories.