Digimon Data Force

デジモン エグゼ
(Digimon EXE)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction, Comedy-drama
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Digimon Data Force is a fan anime series where the Real World is set in Japan. It focuses around 5 humans who get transported to the Digital World and happens around the same time as Digimon Fusion, they occasionally meet the characters from it, too. It carries elements from Digimon Tamers, as they go down the hole and enter the Digital World.

Main Plot

A mass evil has fallen on the Digital World, and 5 teenage kids are called from Japan in the real word to destroy it, although they are not trapped in the Digital World. They must team up with other children to defeat this dark force.


Rodney Darkowski & Exedramon
The leader and oldest of the group. His partner Digimon is Exedramon. Rodney is an energetic and hot-tempered Kid at school and is often taunted for having interest in the Digimon Card Game. His best friend lives in America. Though most of the people at his school are his friends, the majority of them aren't too great friends, he also has a crush on a girl who later gets transported to the Digital World. His DigiGadget is red with white markings. Rodney is 15 years old.

Exedramon is a ferocious dragon Digimon with extremely high aggressiveness due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades. However, he is friendly towards hiss comrades, and his friendship with other Digimon. He is also somewhat of a lady's man, flirting with a girl's favorite Digimon.

Billy Waterson & TurboKabuterimon
He is a big guy who is one of Rodney's best friends. Billy is a sometimes dim-witted but lovable and calm kid who speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. His intense opinions, his appearance and his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lend themselves to comedy. He was getting used to playing the Digital Card Game again. Billy is 15 years old. His DigiGadget is blue with yellow markings.

TurboKabuterimon is Exedramon's best friend; a noble, taciturn warrior who resembles a robotic rhinoceros beetle with tires around his arms.

Sonia Montana & Lavendermon
Rodney has a crush on Sonia and near the end of the series, she was sent to the Digital World to help Rodney, Billy, Donnie, and Craig defeat an evil Digimon. Sometimes she is so bossy, ignorant, and feisty but have feelings. Sonia is 14 years old. Her DigiGadget is lavender with white markings.

Lavendermon is a cute and girly Digimon who falls in love with Exedramon. At the end of the series, she shares a kiss with Exedramon.

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