by Parthasarathi Singh (The Acromantula :D)

"And you're the seventh pesky Digimon we've fought! Give us a rest once in a while!" yelled Marcus Damon, as he punched what looked like yellow poop with eyes and hands. "Sooooozzryzzzzzzz," said the Sukamon, apparently in a state of defeat. "Duh! Now, you tell me why you were fighting with that Kuramon over there! Explain yourself!" said Marcus flaring up at once. "HE WAS TRYING TO HACK ME!!!!" shouted Sukamon with infinite might that was surprising for a piece of yellow poop that could talk. "What!?" said Marcus apparently shocked that he had attacked not the assailant but the victim. "Ah, Marcus, Marcus!" said a familiar voice from behind. ["Yushima!" "Kamemon!"] said Marcus and Agumon respectively at the same time. "Really Marcus, you really shouldn't just start punching Digimon and people just because they are having conflicts. You haven't changed much since the last time we met, during that battle to save the fate of these two worlds, although your hair has quite," said Yushima, pointing at Marcus's now slighlty Spencer Damon-esque hair, which still had a Marcus-ness about it. Both of them were interrupted by a slightly glassy, computerised sort of noise from behind. Now, a robotic sort of voice, as though played through a DigiAnalyser

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