In the age of where Data-type Digimon, (Preservers) Virus-Type Digimon, (Infectors) and Vaccine-Type Digimon (Neutralizers) were at war with one another, Three Adolescents each aquire a Digivice said to evolve Their Digimon to any attribute, as They face Malicious Digimon in the Digital World and Real World.


  • Naoto (Nathan) Kawakuchi - The De Facto Leader of the group and member of the Neutralizers. His Digimon is Bukamon which can evolve to Crabmon, Gizamon, or Gomamon.
  • Mariko (Melissa) Kawakuchi - Naoto's younger sister and member of the Preservers. Her Digimon is Tanemon which can evolve into Floramon, Betamon, or Palmon.
  • Ryouichi (Randall) Ishimoto - A Depressed 14-year-old and member of the infectors. His Digimon is DemiMeramon, which can evolve into Candlemon, Demidevimon, or Tapirmon.

Episode (Entries)

1. The War Begins - before being sent to fight off the Infectors, Nathan comes across a device with a digi-egg, which hatches into a Pitchmon, then a Bukamon. and when an Infector with a Hagurumon tries to steal Naoto's device, Bukamon advises His Partner to press the Yellow button on the device, which evolves Bukamon to Gizamon, defeating the Infector's Digimon. Naoto with renewed resolve brings Bukamon to the Neutralizers' HQ.

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