Digimon Destiny is a series that takes place 19 years after the adventure 02 DigiDestined defeat MaloMyotismon. There are 4 returning DigiDestined as well as 7 New ones, I'll Seperate it into episodes and add on when i get the chance

Returning DigiDestined

Davis Motomiya
Kari Kamiya
Ken Ichijouji
Yolei Inoue

New DigiDestined

Daniel Motomiya
Keith Kabuya
Sarah Inotama
Toby Shirosuke
Violet Katsuka
Len Hiratsu
Kaiden Uryuke


Fan:Digimon Destiny//Welcome To the game

New Character Summary's

Daniel Motomiya
Age: 13

Daniels the google boy of the series he somewhat responsible
but can lose his cool at times He has a crush on Sarah but tries not to show it

Digivice: Daniel has two digivice's The First he inherits from his father
the second Ken Makes for him its a Chrome Black with red and orange


Keith Kabuya

Keith is the calm cool headed one of the group him and Daniel
Disagree most of the time and some times he'd rather not stay with the group

Digivice: Keith's Digivice is Silver, and Navy


Sarah Inotama

Sarahs the free spirited one of the gang she's not afraid to express her
opinion on what she thinks is right

Digivice: Sarahs like Daniel Gets 2 Digivice's the first daniels mom give her
the second is Pink, White and red


Toby Shirosuke
Age 13

Toby can be a nerd at times And panics when faced with a dangerous
situation, but he makes up for it by thinking fast he also has a crush
on Violet

Digivice: Tobys Digivice is Gray, Red and white


Violet Katsuka

Violets the upbeat spunky one of the group she a bit Drawn back but
Sarahs helping her be less shy

Digivice: Violets digivice is Purple and green


Len Hiratsu

Len hot headed and can be really self-centered he thinks he's better
than everyone else but learns to be a team player later on

Digivice: Lens digivice is Brown and black

Partner(s): Tyrannomon, DarkTyrannomon

Kaiden Uryuke

Kaiden is a child who was being Manipulated by an evil digimon who
Lead the demon lords to they're destruction and used the power in their DigiData to Digivolve

Digivice: his digivice while he was evil was a giant computer system his regular digivice is white, purple And Gray


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