Sam Barrot (main character) Brendon Harword (main character) Marina Angel (main character) Charley Holdon (main character) Derek Harword (main villan in season 1) King Yggdrisal the 2nd (main villan in season 2 and 3) Silvera (main villan in season 2) Takashi (main villan in season 2) Takato (main villan in season 2 and main character in season 3)

Fetured Digimon:

Leomon,BanchoLeomon,BurstBanchoLeomon (BanchoLeomon Burst Mode)(belongs to Sam Barrot) Andromon,HiAndromon (belongs to Brendon Harword) Pichimon, MarineAngemon (belongs to Marina Angel) LadyDevimon,SkullSatamon (belongs to Charley Holdon) Elecmon,BlackGarurmon (belongs to Derek Harword) UlforceVeedramon (belongs to King Yggdrisal the 2nd) Leopardmon,Leopardmon leopard mode (belongs to Silvera) Magnamon (belongs to Takashi) Gallantmon (belongs to Takato)


The burst digivolution... In history was refered to as a myth but some Digimon Knew it was true. BanchoLeomon found out that only humans can unlock it for them so he goes to the human world in attempt to digivolve but, uknown to him King yggdrisal the 2nd has sent 3 members of the royal knights to follow him. But it was not Just BanchoLeomon who went to the human world to unlock it 4 other digimon went there looking for there own human partners to allow them to digivolve.

Season 1:

While attending middle school Sam,Brendon,Marina and Charley meet BanchoLeomon who tells them that whoever masters the burst digivolution first will have me as there partner. The winner is Sam and BanchoLeomon joins him but, at the same time 4 other digimon appear Andromon,Pichimon,LadyDevimon and Elecmon. They later on join there chossen partners but Elecon joins the evil Derek Harword (who is Brendons Younger brother) and makes Elecmon digivolve into BlackGarurmon and they try to take other the school. To counter his Sam harnesis the burst digivolution making banchoLeomon digivolve into BurstBanchoLeomon and the Others digivolve there digimon into there mega forms and defeted him. Weekend after the burst digivolution BanchoLeomon reverts back into Leomon and stays like this untill he can digivolve again...

Episodes 1-9

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