This is a Digimon fan fiction made by Crest of Emotion. This fan fiction is not canon to any of the digimon manga or anime. In this story, digimon is a popular game, franchise and product. It is especially famous with its virtual reality game, Digimon Master Tamer.



Akira Ren - A 16 year old boy who bears the crest of Willpower. He thinks for others before himself and never gives up. Along with Eve and Ronin, they make up Team Digital Masters. His Digimon Partner is Sapmon.

Eve Heartenat A 15 year old boy who bears the crest of Emotion. He is like a little brother to Akira. Along with Akira and Ronin, they make up Team Digital Masters. His Digimon Partner is Kipmon.

Ronin Sun - A 16 year old boy who bears the Crest of Wrath. He doesn't like teamwork and believes he is the strongest. His Digimon partner is Ignite Agumon. Along with Akira and Eve, they make up team Digital Masters.

Hibiki Satoshi - He is a 16 year old boy who doesn't like to show his feelings, he appears cold But is actually quite caring. Together with Noire, they make up team Shadowray. His partner Digimon is Archanemon.

Noire - A 12 year old girl who doesn't remember anything except her partner digimon. Her partner Digimon is Chaos Coronamon. Together with Hibiki, they make up team Shadowray.


The Five Great Demon Lords - A group of five powerful Demon Digimon. They Challenge each of the Protagonists respectively. They consist of Black Daemon, Empress Lilithmon, Death Belphemon, Neo Beelzemon, and Tyrant Grandracmon.

Titamon and Milleniumon - Two powerful Digimon that teamed up with NEO to gain revenge on the Royal Knights and Olympus XII respectively.

NEO - A group of people who want to destroy the digital world. They created Man Made Digimon to combat Yggdrasil and Olympus XII. Their human identities are unknown but there Digimon consist of Kaisermon, Dextermon, Arkmon, Apocalypsmon Doomsday Mode and Ogudomon Doomsday Mode.


Akira, Eve and Ronin are playing the new Digimon Master Tamer game when they are dragged along with thousands of people into the Digital World, where their Digimon are reverted back to rookie form, and they have to survive the digital world. They form a team called Team Digital Masters. They form a rivalry with Team Shadowray. As thousands of people are slaughtered by Hostile Digimon, They try and find a way out of here. After returning to the real world, they find out about a group of people called NEO who want to eradicate the Digimon. NEO begins to destroy the digital world, and deletes Yggdrasil. This causes confusion and the Royal Knights and the Olympus XII begin to wage war on each other. Team Digital Masters and Team Shadowray convince the Royal Knights and Olympus XII to stop fighting and to fight Neo and their Man Made Digimon.

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