Digimon Divinity is a fan-fiction series featuring 6 new Digi-destineds,the six known Olympos XIIs,& 4 of the Great Demon Lords.The story mostly takes place in West Shinjuku,the same place where Digimon Tamers took place,but the plot is similar to the one in Digimon Adventure 02.It all started when a digital gate opened in the park,& a Digimon was calling for help.Since only Kyle & Haily were there,only they knew about it.Later,Kyle got Sunmon & Haily got Moonmon.Few months after that,Takumo,Karen,& Chris saw the digital gate open,& it was the same Digimon calling for help again.Because all 5 of them had seen the gate open,that resulted in the state that they would become Digi-destineds that will help the Digimon that was in the portal.But when it comes to H.T.'s case,he saw the actual Digimon asking him for help.Because of that,he became a Digi-destined later in the series.


Digital World

The Digital World,however,is very different from the other Digimon series.Digimon live in various habitats based on their "family"(eg:Jungle Troopers,Virus Busters,etc).There are 8 areas total,& all those areas are being destroyed & conquered by the 3 Demon Lords.In the beginning of the sory,6 out of 8 areas have been invaded already.The Digi-destineds go to the Digital World through the portal in the park.Now that the Demon Lords are making their "move" on Earth,the DGDs don't go to the Digital World as often.



Digivolution in this series is similar to digivolution in Digimon Adventure.The highest level that the D-Shine digivice allows Digimon to digivolve is the Ultimate/Perfect.With the help of the prisms that the Digi-destineds inherit,their Digimon partners can digivolve to the Mega/Ultimate level(aka:the 6 Olympos XII Digimon).Here is the digivolution chain:


Field Palaces


The Digi-destineds use prisms to help there Digimon partners digivolve to the Mega/Ultimate level.Here are the prisms associated withe the Digi-destineds.

  • Takumo-War
  • Karen-Wisdom
  • Chris-Sea
  • Kyle-Sun
  • Haily-Moon
  • H.T.-Speed


The 3 main villains here are Barbamon,Leviamon,& Lilithmon,but know how to controll innocent Digimon to attack the Digi-destineds.They mostly appear in the middle of the seies & on.The only Demon Lord that managed to stay throughout the series until the end is Barbamon(well,he is the leader of among the Demon Lords in this case).

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