The 8 Digimon Field Palaces are 8 areas in the Digital World beased on the 8 Digimon families.Six out of eight palaces have been invaded(each Demon Lord took over 2 areas).Here are the 8 areas/palaces:

  • Draconian Palace(朱火宫)-Dragon's Roar-Invaded
The Draconian Palace is very hot & steamy,especially w/ the volcanoes boiling their hot lava.
  • Tributary Palace(碧流宫)-Deep Savers-No
Many bodies of water exist here,making this place cool & refreshing.
  • Bestial Palace(棕山宫)-Nature Spirits-Invaded
Many Digimon that reside here are very agressive,so be careful when they attack at random.
  • Ferrous Palace(灰铁宫)-Metal Empire-No
Everything here is made from the elements on the periodic table,from hydrogen to even farther than cesium.
  • Midnight Palace(玄夜宫)-Nightmare Soldiers-Invaded
Here,it's always nighttime,from the sunrise in the morning(aka."midnight sun")to the twilight in the evening.
  • Luminscent Palace(金光宫)-Virus Busters-Invaded
Everything is the same as the Midnight Palace,except that it's low sunshine all day.
  • Ivy Palace(翠藤宫)-Jungle Troopers-Invaded
Many lush plants grow here,just like the healthiest botanical garden ever.
  • Tornado Palace(白凤宫)-Wind Guardians-Invaded
This is the only place that every type of cloud & storm are together in the same place.

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