The Digi-destineds use a D-Shine digivice in Digimon Divinity.It has a rectangular shape,a square screen in the upper-right,2 buttons to the left of it,& 3 buttons on the bottom.These digivices can be used to absorb Digimon spirits & store the prism associated with the Digi-destined.In addition to digivolution & storing prisms,it can also be used to examine things.In epiosode 23,Karen used her digivice to examine a piece of Gazimon's fur.Here are the colors of the Digi-destineds digivices.

  • Takumo:red-orange base & gray buttons
  • Karen:golden base & magenta buttons
  • Chris:sky-blue base & dark blue buttons
  • Kyle:orange base & yellow-orange buttons
  • Haily:pale-yellow base & light blue buttons
  • H.T.:teal base & brown buttons

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