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Guilmon appears to be relatively small when standing in his normal bent-over tyrannosaurus-rex like stance, but when standing erect, he is actually the size of an adult human. Guilmon is a red dragon-like Reptile Digimon with yellow eyes, wing-like ears, a long and strong tail, and carries the black Digital Hazard symbol on his chest. Guilmon is muscular yet a little slender with big legs, perfect for fast running. On each of his strangely large hands Guilmon has paws (something you wouldn't normally see on a Dinosaur or Reptile Digimon), and three fingers with long claws; and on each foot, he has two clawed toes and a claw coming out from the heel. One very indistinct feature of Guilmon is the stripes and triangle patterns on certain parts of his body.

On a sidenote, the original sketch of Guilmon that Takato used to create him did not feature the symbol of the Digital Hazard.


Guilmon is a virus-type Digimon, though his attitude and kindness most of the time could lead to thinking that he was a data or even a vaccine-type. His virus typing could possibly explain his first mega form, Megidramon Lionheart. Guilmon's fighting style (he gets angrier, and his pupils shrink, when he smells a wild Digimon) shows his virus nature, as he fights with much more zeal and ferocity than Agumon or other digimon protagonists, as his partner, Takato Matsuki, intended on when he came up with Guilmon.

Guilmon is a curious and naive digimon, the youngest of the partner Digimon, and also has a strong love for bread. He was created from Takato's drawings of Guilmon, and brought to life by the mysterious Blue Card.[1] At first, Guilmon had not been aware of the differences between humans and Digimon, calling his partner Tamer "Takatomon".

Though he doesn't look it, Guilmon is normally playful and friendly, proving to be quite popular with Takato's classmates for being a real live Digimon Snakes, Trains, and Digimon. Despite being portrayed as childlike, Guilmon occasionally shows deep insight. For example, when Takato didn't want Guilmon to digivolve, in fear that Guilmon would no longer be the same, Guilmon pointed out that Takato has changed over time as well, but he is still the same person.

Guilmon gets along very well with Terriermon and Calumon, but his first meeting with Renamon was as enemies. Guilmon later acknowledges Renamon's knack for "being right" in combat situations Reunion. Guilmon would either ignore Impmon or try to play with him.

Unlike other seasons, Guilmon is not the first Digimon to digivolve into the Champion level (Adult level in Japan), even though he belongs to the lead character. Terriermon digivolved first To Fight or Not to Fight, and Renamon shortly after O Partner, Where Art Thou?. Guilmon was the last to digivolve in A Question of Trust.

At first, Guilmon wasn't very good at listening to Takato, always breaking out of his cage, and fighting Renamon when Takato told him not to. Guilmon admired Takato's determination in Not as Seen on TV, and has since obeyed Takato's every word.

Guilmon is extremely powerful for a Rookie Guilmon Comes Alive. Guilmon is able to defeat Champion level digimon like IceDevimon despite Renamon having trouble as both her Rookie self and Kyubimon. Unlike most Dinosaur Digimon, Guilmon's scales are very hard and offer protection against Renamon's Diamond Storm attack.

In the Japanese version, Guilmon has a habit of speaking in third person. This includes referring to others by their name rather than "you" and referring to himself in third-person tone. He mostly seems to alternate between this and the use of pronouns throughout the series, although he typically only does this as Guilmon and Growlmon. He also stops his "Takatomon" habit much earlier in this version, only referring to him as such in a single scene in episode two, rather than continuing until episode 4, though he continues doing it a little bit throughout the rest of the English version.


  • Corona Flame: Shoots fire from his forehead.
  • CoroKnuckle: Punches enemies with his flaming fist.

Other forms

The name "Guilmon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Guilmon gains the ability to Digivolve into a number of more powerful forms (each with a different name). The rookie form, however, is his most common and preferred form.


Sunmon b


Sunmon is Coronamon's In-Training form. The name "Sunmon" comes from the word "Sun".


File:Firamon b.png


  • Flame Dive: Winds his whole body with fire and comes down quickly from the sky to tackle.
  • Fira Bomb: Uses his full power to shoot fire bombs from the forehead.


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  • Crimson Beast King Wave: Summons the spirit of the lion and releases a lion-shaped energy wave.
  • Red Lion Dance :Winds his fists and legs with fire and punches and kicks his opponents at a high speed.



  • Black Hole: Absorbs all of the enemy data with a Black Hole.
  • ': Megidramon howls while facing the enemy; the shock of the sound itself is critical to most weaker Digimon.


Gallantmon t

Gallantmon (デュークモン Dukemon?)

Gallantmon is the true Mega form of Guilmon. Gallantmon was the first Biomerged Digimon to appear. Gallantmon first appeared when Takato Biomerged with Guilmon in order to fight Beelzemon. In this new form, Gallantmon was able to defeat Beelzemon. Gallantmon's power proved a major asset in the battle against the D-Reaper. Gallantmon played a key role in confronting the D-Reaper and in obtaining the ARMS "Grani" as his mode of transportation.

In the English version he speaks with a merged voice between Guilmon and Takato and often retains the childish mentality of Guilmon in part, whereas in the Japanese he speaks with a single voice (Takato can speak separately, though) and is much more 'mature' in mindset, speaks in a refined manner, often referring to himself by saying "I, Dukemon" and can even be hotblooded in battle, particularly when he defeats Beelzemon.


  • Lightning Joust (Royal Saber): Gallantmon shoots out energy at the opponent from his Gram Lance.
  • Shield of the Just (Final Elysium): Gallantmon fires an energy beam from his Aegis Shield.
  • Dragon Driver: A joint attack with Grani - the two drive themselves right into their opponent.
  • Yuggoth Blaster: A joint attack with Grani - a blue tri-bolo energy attack that shoots from Grani's mouth.


File:Grani (Digimon)-1-.jpg

Zero ARtificial MonSter Grani (Zero ARMS Grani) (ゼロアームズ・グラニ zeroāmuzu gurani) is a special type of Digimon who also serves as a transport vehicle. It was named after Sigurd's horse from Norse mythology. Grani mainly served as a "steed" for Gallantmon to ride on, and had Mitsuo Yamaki's Yuggoth Program installed. Grani was originally a rudimentary digital lifeform, but soon evolved into a sentient Digimon. It was created by the 'Monster Maker' team with the aid of Hypnos as an 'ark' to bring the children home from the Digital World. During this time, Grani developed a bond with Guilmon and Guilmon's Tamer, Takato Matsuki. Later the ark was modified and brought to the Real World by Henry Wong's D-Power, and Gallantmon gives it life. Its destruction gave Gallantmon the power to transform into "Gallantmon Crimson Mode" for the final battle against the D-Reaper. Grani also saved Beelzemon after he was attacked by the D-Reaper.

Grani is voiced by Dave Mallow.

Gallantmon Crimson Mode

Gallantmon Crimson Mode t

Gallantmon Crimson Mode (デュークモン クリムゾンモード Dukemon Crimson Mode?)

Gallantmon Crimson Mode is the mode form of Gallantmon. Gallantmon Crimson Mode appeared towards the end of Digimon Tamers. Gallantmon had found himself overwhelmed in his battle against the D-Reaper. In his time of need, Grani gave the last of his power to Gallantmon triggering a mode change. In his newly digivolved form, Gallantmon gained wings and newly mended crimson armor, wielding a sword “Blutgang” in one hand and spear “Gungnir” in the other. While in mode form, the Digital Hazard within Gallantmon's Digicore is fully sealed, enabling Gallantmon to unveil his full potential. With this newfound power, Gallantmon Crimson Mode was able to defeat the D-Reaper's Agent-01. Agent-01 destroys his weapons after he easily destroys many other agents and knocks him into the Mother Reaper causing him to start to delete. Gallantmon Crimson Mode pulls himself together, flys out and punches his fist through Agent-01 destroying it. He goes on to attempt to rescue Jeri and Calumon but due to an error in the Red Card's effects due to Shibumi not taking into account the Digimon/Human hybrid he de-digivolves back into Takato and Guilmon before he can succeed.

During the final battle with the Parasimon, Gallantmon and his allies are outnumbered and being overwhelmed. Takato's determination to win causes Gallantmon to tap into the power that Grani gave him and Mode Change into Crimson Mode. Gallantmon Crimson Mode is able to easily destroy all the Parasimon in one shot with his Crimson Light attack ending the invasion and saving the Earth.


  • Crimson Light (Quo Vadis): Gallantmon Crimson Mode shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion.
  • Final Justice (Final Elysian): He obliterates his adversaries with the full might of his gungnir.
  • Invincible Sword (Royal Saber): Attacks with the full might of his sword Blutgang, the sword glows and releases a huge slash.