Digi Explorers is the DigiDestined Group.

All the members of the Digi Explorers are children of the DigiDestined from Adventure and Adventure 02.

The DigiExplorers tries to explore the Digital World (that's why they called DigiExplorers) and defend it, too.

They're split up in 4 groups; North Eastern, North Western, South Eastern and South Western. The names are the places that the groups are explore and defend. North East has two members, because that's the smallest area. North West and South East has both three members, and finally, South West, the biggest area, has 4 members and is also the main group.

Groups & Members

North Eastern

Daniel Motomiya & Zoe Ichijouji

North Western

Darryl Ishida, The son of Sora Takenouchi and Matt Ishida
Jenn Hida, The daughter of Cody Hida
Asuka Izumi[1], The daughter of Izzy Izumi

South Eastern

Katsuo Kamiya[1], the son of Tai Kamiya
Hikaru "H.K." Takaishi[1], the son of T.K. Takaishi
Thran Kido, the son of Joe Kido

South Western

Da-Yo Tachikawa, the son of Mimi Tachikawa
Koh Motomiya, the son of Davis Motomiya
Julia Kamiya, the son of Hikari Kamiya
Maya Ishida, the daughter of Sora Takenouchi and Matt Ishida

Episode List

01. And So, It Begins Again..
02. Split Up And Ask For Problems?
03. Digivolve To Champion? First To Rookie!
04. Vee Power!
05. Don't Make The Cat Mad!
06. Flying!

Notes and References

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Thanks to Digi9346 for the name!

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