The story is the prequel of Fan:Digimon Xros Wars:Lost Memory. After about 15 year after the end of Taiki adventure on Digital World he marry Nene Amano then they have a son named Fan:Renta Kudou, he tell his son a lot about Digital World and Digimon. Then he give his Xros Loader and Nene's Xros Loader to Renta. Renta give the Lavender Xros Loader to his friend, Fan:Syon Minami. One day after Rentagave the Xros Loader to Syon, Renta,Syo and Renta's new friend, Fan:Koto Genda was sucked into adimensional hole. Then they arrive at the Digital World. Renta meet many Digimon including Brakemon who had become his new partner. Suddenly there was an attack, it was from Grax Army then the Xros Loader evolve to a Fan:Xros Driver so the adventure begin.


Fan:V Driver

Fan:Grax Army


1.Drive to Digital World

2.Grax Army Attacks

3.Brakemon's Story

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