Digimon Eternal Champions is a fan series featuring Caleb,Dylan,and their partners.Impmon and BlackTyrranomon.

When Caleb and Dylan are chosen to compete in the D.B.C (Digital Battle Championship),all is fun and games until Kai and Icarimon show up and begin to slaughter digimon and tamers both.An old Wisemon gives them Digivices and sends them on a journey to gather a team and defeat Icarimon and Kai.

Early into the series,Caleb meets Trailmon and Commandramon,who become quick friends him and Impmon and join Caleb's team,the Defenders.Unlike Caleb,Dylan meets more team members later into the series,a Dracomon and Dorumon Grow attached to him and join his wing of the Defenders.

More will be posted about this series but this is it for now.

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