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Digimon Existence is a Digimon Fan-Fiction Written by DSV686. It is about the origin of Digimon, under the belief that Digimon were around since the beginning of time.



The leader of the Digidestined and partnered with SnowAgumon He is the bearer of the Crest of Courage.


A mysterious kid who has a Keramon for a partner. He is the bearer of the Crest of Friendship.


Jason's childhood friend, acts as a comic relief character. He is the bearer of the Crest of Hope and is partnered with Hagurumon.


A quiet girl who is partnered with a Renamon and bears the Crest of Light.


The youngest of the Digidestined, she likes making her own decisions and acting older than she is. She is partnered with a child-like Biyomon, she bears the crest of Crest of Sincerity.


A hacker who is partnered with a Terriermon and bears the Crest of Knowledge.


A boy who rarely talks, but leads his partner Betamon with ease. He bears the Crest of Reliability.


A girl who hates Jason, she is Isis's older sister. She is partnered with a Lalamon and has the Crest of Love.

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