Digimon Expanded Universe is a fan made digimon movie by Morgan Kingsley. The movie movie is about the first and second seasons digidestined dealing with their battles in a newer revised way from the original as well as some flashbacks to explain the universe and how it got to where it is. Many flashbacks being of the creation of the digital world, the Tamers, Frontier and other things that are now added in as prequels.

Plot Summary

The following is a description of the film as it is happening on screen.

The film starts in the year 2018, when a older version of Joe is reading a book that one of his somewhat younger friends wrote in his spare time. His friend is named T.K. and they are both forty seven and forty three in that order.

When Joe is done reading what T.K. had written, he ends up thinking that it is okay as a story but a terrible telling of a tale of what really happened. Through much conversation Joe is able to convince T.K. that they should write the story of what really happened. By doing so, this can be able to help them both find peace with what really happened.

The film then cuts back to the year 1988, when Joe is going on a date with a girl named Sarah. He really liked this girl and he wishes with all his heart that the date will go well. He talks to his much older brother Jim about what to do at the date and Jim says that no matter, Joe should be better than what Jim was. We then learn that Jim has had a very active sex life in the last two decades to the point he and Joe joke that Jim has five or six kids that he never even met.

Joe goes to the date and the girl he is going on the date with is revealed that her name was Sarah.


The following is a description of many of the characters in the storyline.

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