Digimon Forever/2

The whole plot

Part 1

A Digimon called Lillithmon is engaged to a Digimon called MaloMyotismon. Another Digimon called Chronomon doesn't agree. Lillithmon gets a boy called Sean to become an evil warlord with a Digimon called Astamon! Sean calls himself Dark Emperor! 7 kids, Wolfie, Cynthia, Kevin, Timothy, Benny, Ethan and Eliza are recruited by Chronomon to stop Dark Warlord!

Part 2

With Sean on their side, All odds are against them. And BlackWarGreymon is after something....... Wolfie and Veemon dissever how to become Ultimate but everyone else can and Veemon cannot, TBut after killing a fleet of Stingmon's tribe, Veemon gets what he needs. But BlackWarGreymon is closer to finding it.....

Part 3

BlackWarGreymon finds the Balance Gem to make it to a wedding ring for MaloMyotismon and Lillithmon but The DigiDestined have a new enemy to face... and he's on a different side of evil.

Part 4

Their new enemy plans to let the wedding go on. MaloMyotismon and Lillithmon are married. Wolfie and Paildramon kill BlackWarGreymon. WereGururumon is having problems with power maintaining and it just might to be able to kill him......... But The DigiDestined's new enemy, BlackMetalGarurumon is easy to beat, when everyones Digimon go Mega! MaloMyotismon and Lillithmon face the power of light and get purified! The data of BlackWarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fuses and creates Omnimon Zwart. The world is DOOMED

PPart 5

Omnimon Zwart gains enough power to delete the entire digital world! Omnimon Zwart deletes The Digital World. The DigiDestined are left floating. The Ghost of King Omnimon goes into Wolfie's Digivice. Veemon Triple Warp digivolves and the other DigiDestined Digimon fuse into a Giant Sword! Imperialdramon Paladin Mode + SuperSword! But as things look easy, this could the the last time they have an adventure together!

==Digimon Forever 2

Its been about 2 years since the DigiDestined saw their Digimon! Some new kids,


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