Digimon Frontier: Climax of Elements is a Digimon fanfic. It focuses on the children of the original DigiDestined from Digimon Frontier.



Some of the children have spirits based on the Digimon villains that were captured by the DigiDestined when they were young.

Supporting Characters


Each member of the DigiDestined has their own Trailmon to travel around the Digital World. The Trailmon are the same ones that their parents rode in the Trailmon Race (except Shadow).

  • Worm the Trailmon - Eric & Chris' Trailmon.
  • Mole the Trailmon - Maggie & Teresa's Trailmon.
  • Franken the Trailmon - Jake's Trailmon.
  • Raccoon Dog the Trailmon - Matt & Bruce's Trailmon.
  • Angler the Trailmon - Nicky's Trailmon.
  • Shadow the Trailmon - Joseph & Daniel's Trailmon.

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