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Level war-class
Type Reptile digimon
Attribute Virus
Family dragons
Prior forms Airdramon
Next forms Phoenixmon
Partners Kasper Shisuke

A vicious Digimon with it's long red body and steel gloves this dragon is simioular to Megadramon and not to mention Gigadramon. Inferdramon has purple wings, a red long body, and a mask covering his face simioular to Megadramon's mask. Inferdramon has one mystery, that a virus Digmon Digivolves to a vaccine, and how come a dragon Digivolves into a Bird? no one knows.


atomic arrow: fires a stone arrow who as soon as it leaves his mouth catches on fire and does great damage. fierce fire:hauls in air and breaths enormous fire balls. cyber hand: fires his hands and hits the enemy.

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