Level war-class
Type Reptile Digimon
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire
Prior forms Machinedramon
Next forms Wardramon (DNA w/ WarPhoenixmon)
Partners Rasmus Yigami

Mechadramon is a Cyber Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Mechanic Dramon". As a cyborg, it doesn't need organic food, but instead consumes a special fuel similar to petrol.

When a group of Megadramon attack the DigiDestined, Rasmus' and his Metamon partner used the Crest of Time, empowered by golden light from the Crest of Angels, to digivolve to Mechadramon. Mechadramon was unable to defeat all the Megadramon, so WarPhoenixmon came to his aid, but he was already so damaged that when he attempted to fire his "Dragon Cannon", his arm was blown off. Afterwards, he was remodeled into the Cyborg Digimon, Mechadramon (Cyborg).