Superdramon is a medium size cyborg digimon. armed with a hand gun and a machine gun he is armed for anykind of assault.

digimon masters he was partner of the boy Markus, but were killed by a Dracholichmon(pronouced Dra-kho-li-k-mon). Superdramon were a mega digimon. a superdramon is also seen in the wrath of shadowpaladinfeathermon as a evil henchmen of Devin, acting like a enemy character. he was defeated ina game with one try Metaltsukomon killed him.

Digimon Frontier Guardians. Superdramon we're a bounty hunter, trying to kill all the digimon guardians, the purpose where to remove them, so an attack force sent by Shadowpaladinfeathermon. however the Guardians survived and predicted his moves forcing him to escape. Zorromon killed him when he were attacked by him the first time. he returns heavily damaged and repaired with metal parts. but were defeated by Wardramon (Mike).

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